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7326 N. Chicago Ave
Portland, OR 97203, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Saturday
    Aug 5 2017
    Closing x end party


    closing reception for JULY SHOW ft Renée Lopez x Ricardo Hiro Nagaoka ! + Renée Lopez will be giving an artist talk. come check out the show and hang out and hear about the amazing work.

    +ending party; Nat Turner Project summer residency w/ C3:Initiative is coming to an end. so we are partying and going out in style. see you there


  • Saturday
    Jul 1 2017
    Sharyll Burroughs and Jaleesa Johnston exhibit & Sharyll Burroughs artist talk


    hang out and check out the artwork of Sharyll Burroughs and Jaleesa Johnston again, june show closing reception and Sharyll Burroughs will give an artist talk

    Nat Turner Project, an uncompromising radical space - filling a void in portland.

  • Saturday
    Apr 8 2017
    10,690 Wild Flowers Discussion + Workshop


    c3:initiative is pleased to host Forward Together, Momentum Alliance, and the Western States Center for a discussion about reproductive justice in Oregon and an artist workshop with exhibiting artist nicole gugliotti as a part of the exhibition, Social Objects.

    nicole gugliotti's project, "10,690 Wild Flowers" explores and honors how each person's story of accessing abortion in the U.S. is unique and important. The ceramic flowers in the piece are handmade by viewers in collaboration with local reproductive justice organizations and are currently displayed and for sale at four locations in Portland, including c3, Planned Parenthood Columbia, and the Downtown Womwn's Center. Proceeds benefit the Network for Reproductive Options, Oregon's independent abortion fund.

    Join us to learn more on Saturday, April 8th, 1–3pm at c3:initiative (7326 N. Chicago Ave, Portland OR, 97203)

    About the exhibition: "10,690 Wild Flowers" is presented as a part of Social Objects, an exhibition organized by the Socially Engaged Craft Collective (SECC) for the 2017 National Conference on Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). This exhibition includes works from 14 members of the SECC who represent a wide range of practices and approaches and features a variety of clay­based interactive projects, performances, and games that focus on the continual influence of craft within the contemporary.

    About Socially Engaged Craft Collective: Socially Engaged Craft Collective (SECC) is an expanding network of artists who create a wide range of socially engaged art projects that are rooted in the history of craft objects and materials. The SECC aims to promote artists and to expose other artists, educators, and those who are interested to the wide spectrum of socially engaged craft. In addition to highlighting artists and their artwork, the SECC hosts an online platform (https://sociallyengagedcraftcollective.org/) that is an open resource of knowledge, news, and professional opportunities.

    Please visit www.c3initiative.org for more information on the exhibition and upcoming programs.

    Also be sure to keep connected with the collaborating organizations on this event: Forward Together: http://forwardtogether.org/ Momentum Alliance: https://www.momentumalliance.org/ Western States Center: www.westernstatescenter.org/