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Burgerville - Convention Center, 1135 NE MLK Jr

1135 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97232, United States (map)
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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Jan 24 2018
    Picket Against Retaliation!

    The Burgerville Workers Union is growing and Burgerville’s anti union campaign is going too far! After workers at the Gladstone Burgerville publicly launched their union committee just last month we’ve already filed three Unfair Labor Practice charges against them. From firing organizers to sending goons to break our pickets, Burgerville has shown their hand in aggressively retaliating against us. Workers have the right to organize and stand for what they deserve! We’re calling on Burgerville to stop their illegal union busting campaign!

    Join the Burgerville Workers Union in demanding an end to retaliations. Come out to the picket line and let's show Burgerville that Portland is a union town!

    We will meet at the statue of MLK Jr. outside the convention center at 4:30pm to march on Burgerville by 5:00pm.

  • Friday
    Nov 10 2017
    Musical Picket at Burgerville for Negotiations

    Join the Burgerville Workers Union on a song-filled picket line! In the year and a half since going public the union has only gotten stronger, but corporate still refuses to negotiate. Come out in support of Burgerville workers and show the company what they're up against until the day they start treating their workers with respect.

    Meet at 5:00 at the MLK Statue outside of the Oregon Convention Center before marching over to the Convention Center Burgerville at 5:30, where we'll sing, dance, and shut them down!