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Terry Schrunk Plaza, 1200 SW 3rd

1200 SW 3rd
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    Jan 21 2018
    Indigenous Womxn's March: Honoring Red Fawn & Indigenous Womxn Warriors

    It is time to decolonize the "Woman's March" and empower the Womxn who have given their livelihood for us to march forward.

    Portland's Woman's March has been cancelled, but the matriarch will continue taking the streets on our Indigenous lands wearing red. WOC leaders, organizers, magic workers, brujix (witches), TransSisters, Sex workers, #BlackLivesMatter, Muslim Sisters, #NoMoreMMIW, Two Spirits, Queens, Queer Royalty, Womxn Veterans, Alterabled Womxn Warriors and Womxn ally's come march with us!!!

    We are taking space to put out an ask for help in raising funds and awareness for Red Fawn. She is a political prisoner from the NoDAPL Movement at Standing Rock. She has been held captive for over a year and is currently needing funds for her legal needs and to support her sister who has been taking care of her son, while Morton County still has her detained as she awaits trial.

    Berta Caceres is another Indigenous Womxn Warrior who will be honored and carried with us. She was murdered for being an Indigenous Activist protecting the sacred water of her Indigenous lands. We will be uniting the Eagle & the Condor

    Calling Water Protector Womxn, Aztec Womxn Danzas & Indigenous Womxn dancers in regalia to the front!!!

    Drummers & singers NEEDED!!!


    More information will be available as we move forward, please message us if you are interested in endorsing, volunteering or organizing. Candi Brings Plenty 2spiritnation@gmail.com

    #FreeRedFawn #BertaDidntDieSheMultiplied #IndigenousWomxnsMarch

  • Saturday
    Jan 20 2018
    National March for Impeachment (Direct Action Alliance)

    J20: Rage Against The Regime

    Portland, it has almost been a year since we stood 10,000 strong against Trump's inauguration.

    We now live under a fascist regime, a regime that empowers white supremacists to march in the streets, a regime that encourages prejudice and discrimination in the institutions of our own government.

    Our democracy has been hijacked and too many of our leaders have turned a blind eye while our law enforcement agencies have abandoned their creed to protect and have turned their weapons on the people.

    Our city has been through the ringer, from the anguish of a terrorist attack by a white supremacist to Nazis and Klansman marching in our streets. But our community stood up, and our community fought back; we did not stay silent, we did not back down. From renter protections, to divesting from DAPL, to having a new police chief, when the people of Portland fight back, we win.

    We are marching to make a loud and clear statement to Trump, his cronies, and his police state:

    We are the majority and we are not going away. We stand united against Trump.

    Do not under-estimate the power of a woke, outraged and organized community. We have never been more steadfast in our resolve.

    We start locally, we don't stop until we take our country back.

    Join us!

    This event will be updated soon!

    If your organization would like to be involved with, or sponsor this event, please contact us at: directactionalliance@gmail.com

  • Down with fascism-Queer liberation now! #DropJ20 (Queer Liberation Front)

    Join us on the anniversary of a openly racist, queerphobic, xenophobic man becoming the president of the united states. this year we will take to the streets in solidarity with the J20 defendants and other political prisoners.

  • Sunday
    Nov 19 2017
    Trans Day of Remembrance March & Interfaith Vigil

    Please all Transgender folk and Cisgender allies join us in reverence and solidarity to honor the fallen and make a stand against Transphobia. We will gather at Terry Schrunk plaza for a staging and a brief program whereupon we will process to the First United Methodist Church for a candle lighting ceremony for the fallen and a message of hope and renewal from local area spiritual leaders followed by a reception where light refreshments will be served.

    Please bring your family and friends. This event will go on as planned unless the weather is just absolutely unrelenting on that day. Please refer back to this event page for updates. Please send all questions or comments to either emma.jean.lugo@gmail.com or don.j.baldwin@comcast.net.

  • Wednesday
    Oct 18 2017
    No Muslim or Refugee Ban Ever Rally (Unite Oregon)


    On October 18, Unite Oregon joins with communities across the country to uphold our nation’s traditions of welcoming refugees and religious freedom. Come and show your solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers and with Oregon's refugee communities. Demonstrate that, in Oregon, we still value welcoming those fleeing violence and persecution. Join us and be heard! #NoMuslimBanEver #RefugeesWelcome

    Unite Oregon
    Community Service · Portland, Oregon
    Building an intercultural, statewide movement for justice in Oregon

  • Sunday
    Sep 10 2017
    Rally/March Against White Nationalism

    Portland Stands United Against Hate will be mobilizing again to confront a white nationalist gathering in our town. We intend to draw out thousands to discourage these racists and haters.

    Joey Gibson’s “Patriot Prayer” is mobilizing on September 10th a “Portland Freedom March — Entire Nation” featuring Billy Sessions, a Confederate monument defender, who has been active in violent clashes with those trying to remove these symbols of slavery and racism.

    The merging of the “old South” rebellion with “alt-right” white nationalism is an ominous development. Their plan is to instill fear and attack Portland’s Immigrant, Muslim, Jewish, Indigenous, Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

    After the rally we will be marching to the Salmon St. Fountain. We will be collaborating with Portland's Resistance and are in communication with Rose City Antifa. We are committed to community safety and protecting marginalized communities. Ours will be a disciplined and secure event.

    October Conference: Confronting the Far Right

    “Patriot” rallies are not an isolated phenomenon. Rather, they represent an emboldening of the right-wing across this country, whose rhetoric and actions have been supported by an openly racist, misogynist, bigoted administration in the White House.

    PSUAH plans to host a day long conference to include expert education on the white nationalist movement with extensive time for local groups and activists to integrate that learning into coherent strategies for building the Portland left as well as fighting the Right.

    Stay tuned for further details.


    • Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance Council on American Islamic Relations - Oregon VOZ Workers Rights Education Project Portland's Resistance Muslim Community Center of Portland IndivisiblePDX Jewish Voice for Peace - Portland PCUN - Oregon's Farmworkers Union YWCA of Greater Portland International Socialist Organization Portland Democratic Socialists of America Portland's UnShul Emily Georges Gottfried Fund Portland Socialist Alternative Vancouver Democratic Socialists of America Portland Peaceful Response JVP Network Against Racism & Islamophobia Congregation Shir Tikvah War Resisters League - Portland Oregon Badass Teachers First Congregational United Church of Christ Augustana Lutheran Church

    Community leaders: Arun Gupta, independent journalist

  • Monday
    Aug 28 2017
    Clergy and People of Faith March for Justice

    On Monday, August 28th, 2017, one thousand ministers of all denominations will convene in Washington, D.C. to reaffirm their commitment to the social justice movement and stand in solidarity with the spirit and legacy of Dr. King, on the anniversary of the March for Jobs & Justice. Our event in Portland will bring together Clergy and People of Faith of all traditions to recommit to being at the forefront of justice and civil rights, to call into accountability President Trump, Attorney General Sessions and all public officials, and to return to its rightful place in the words of Dr. King as the "headlight" in the struggle for justice. We are calling on religious leaders from ALL religions and community leaders to join us!

  • Sunday
    Aug 20 2017
    Stop Police Brutality: Am I Next?

    A little introduction about me and my work. I'm a survivor of police brutality more than few times. I moved to Portland in 2010. I have lived in many major cities but its my first time in my life I feel at home, right here in Portland. 2012 was when my world was shot in hell from police I decided to sue the city of Portland. 2013, I won a settlement with a new policy I asked the city to sign. A policy focusing on proper procedures for police when interacting with deaf civilians in case of a crime (accused of a crime, victim of a crime or a witness of a crime). Because of the lawsuit, I decided to give up my 20 years career as makeup artist/hair stylist and pursue in politics. 2013, I became a commissioner for Portland Commission on Disability.

    Last year, I pushed for a bill to be passed and it passed! Captions are now required to be turned on all the times in all public places in Portland! https://www.google.com/amp/www.kgw.com/amp/news/local/portland-now-requires-closed-captioning-on-all-tvs-in-bars-restaurants/5735241

    Are you fucking kidding me? What a waste of time! What happens if a public place has tv on without captions? Fuck off PETTY TYRANT or do something USEFUL.

    2017, I continue my second term with PCOD. I was recently appointed to be a liaison with our mayor on police and public safety.

    2014, I got on board with Community Oversight Advisory Board and committees in Data System, Use of Force, Compliance and Accountability. We made 100 recommendations on policies. Sadly COAB expired last January according to the settlement. Ted Wheeler did not support COAB to continue after several pleas. My passion on police reform grew stronger.

    Last January, I signed a 6 month contract with Department of Public Safety Standard Training. It was a great opportunity to educate new officers on interactions when communication barrier happens.

    Now, I strive to do more. I want to push for change. I decided to try for city council in 2018.

    For this event I'm hosting, I am representing myself as Philip, as a concerned citizen.

    This is a peace protest event in recognizing our epidemic in America, especially here in Portland, Oregon where American civilians were/are being killed by the US Police. Not only that police brutality is increasing but police is not being held accountable. Yes, there ARE good cops, however, they STILL are under the representation of an oppressive system, so until that changes, the saying still remains today. We also must ask every police to recognize that racism run very deep in the police force. We ask every police to recognize that racism contributes to the killings.

    I invite everybody to come and take a few minutes to hear/see/feel us out. There will be few other leaders who wish to say a few words as well. We will take the time to ask for a moment in silence while we name the names of civilians who were killed in cold blood by the police. Victims shall not be gone in vain. They shall be remembered.

    After 7pm ish, we will lead the march around the SW area in downtown from Terry D Schrunk plaza and arrive back to Terry D Schrunk plaza which will be less than a mile. Details of exact streets where we will be marching will be announced at the Terry D. Schrunk Plaza.

    This such visibility is needed to be made for all of us to be aware, especially every police department across the US. We are not here to ridicule but address the long ongoing issue of police brutality. We demand the police brutality to end. We demand change. We must work together so we can heal and be safe in our city. With this visibility, I strongly encourage every city in the US to do the same thing we are doing.

    While we do realize this event is very sensitive. Emotions will be running high. We beg all of you to respect the property. Respect each other. Please do not resort to violence. Yes, we are angry together and yes, we can express our anger together in the most diplomatic way possible. We beg all of you to march in peace. We beg the police to allow us to do this so we can heal.

    We beg you to please do not carry any weapons. We encourage you to carry signs without pickets or any sticks that could be used as weapons. Please feel free to express however you see fit. Examples: #Philando Castile. Stop police brutality. Am I next? Stuff like that. We ask all of you to wear black/red/grey clothing to show we are all together in this. Please feel free to bring candles and lit up as we take a moment in silence while we name the names of civilians who were killed by the police. No fireworks please.

    Please feel free to share this event to your friends/family/colleagues/co-workers/lovers.... well, everybody! Your support in my event is greatly appreciated more than I can express. See you all there! And finally, the event is ASL interpreted!!

    #endpolicebrutality #stoppolicebrutality #demandtransparency #stopkilling #BlackLivesMatter #de-escalation #policeaccountability #AmINext? #endcorruption #endPoliceCulture #wepolicethepolice #endmilitarization #endpolicestate #policeforce-endracism #endracism

  • Wednesday
    Jul 26 2017
    Assemble in Support of Transgender Service in the US Military

    Peacefully assemble at TERRY D SCHRUNK PLAZA 431 SW MADISON AVE. to show your support for the transgender community and your opposition to the presidents reversal of policy when it comes to transgender persons serving in the military.

  • Saturday
    Jun 3 2017
    March for Truth PDX

    A healthy democracy requires an informed electorate, a government with healthy checks and balances, leaders who respect the rule of law . . . and fair elections untainted by partisan bias or foreign influence. Let us peaceably assemble and demand an impartial investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and any ties to Donald Trump, his administration, and associates. Speakers, music! Bring signs, friends, chants! This is a national event. Let's show the world where Portland, Oregon stands!

  • Tuesday
    Feb 28 2017
    Latinx Rally - Defend DACA, announcing state and city demands

    Milenio.org and Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario invite you to a peaceful protest at The Terry Schrunk Plaza. At this public action we will be announcing our City, State And Federal Demands. Milenio and Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario Organizers, local activists and community members will rally for Immigrant Justice at the Plaza Blocks on February 28th. We will call on elected officials at the city, state and national levels to protect DACA, stop deportations and the separation of families, to protect all immigrants, to welcome refugees and to oppose anti-immigrant efforts at the city and state level. For more information please contact us at info@milenio2016.org or Shea Flaherty-Betin at flahertysh@milenio2016.org or vozhispana.woregon@gmail.com Les esperamos! Fraternalmente

    Rally por la PROTECCION de DACA, por un ALTO a las deportaciones y un ALTO a las separacion de familias LATINAS. MARTES 28 DE FEBRERO A LAS 5:00 P.M. EN LA PLAZA Terry Schrunk Frente al edificio federal en el centro de Portland. Demandaremos que oficiales electos a nivel de la ciudad, condado, estado y federal tomen acciones inmediatas para abogar por nuestra comunidad inmigrante LATINOAMERICANA Te INVITA Milenio.org y Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario

  • Monday
    Jan 30 2017
    No Ban No Wall -- Noon Rally

    Unite Oregon unequivocally condemns President Donald Trump's recently-announced anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant executive orders as an assault on religious freedom and civil liberties, and a racist and unconstitutional attack on Muslims, immigrants, and refugees, who have been an original part of the vibrant fabric of the United States of America.

    President Trump’s orders:

    • Approve the construction of a massive wall along the US-Mexico border with deficit funding;
    • Require local law enforcement collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) undermining local efforts to ensure trust in public safety;
    • Punitively subject anyone “facilitating the presence of” undocumented immigrants to a $1,500 fine or 6 months in jail;
    • Establish a racist ban on the admission of immigrants from 7 majority-Muslim countries: Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, and Sudan; and
    • Unconstitutionally deny legal permanent residents (“green card holders”) from the 7 above countries re-entry, dividing and harming children and families.

    “These policies will not make us safer as a country, but rather they repeat the sad history of exclusion that colors America’s past,” said Unite Oregon’s Executive Director Kayse Jama, a U.S. citizen, originally from Somalia. “These actions are not only against the United States Constitution, but they also go against the American value of welcoming people escaping persecution.”

    In 2015, anti-Muslim incidents spiked 67% and reach levels not seen since the 9/11 attacks, according to the FBI. But it is not just Muslims who are being targeted. In March 2016, a white Buddhist monk was attacked in Hood River and called a Muslim. Sikh Indian Americans have been assaulted and ridiculed at public events.

    People of color--and especially immigrants, refugees, and Muslims--are particularly vulnerable right now. Trump’s actions seek to target a community that is already feeling fearful of their safety. Indeed, hours after Trump’s Muslim ban announcement, a mosque in Victoria, Texas was burned down.

    Unite Oregon, joined by the One Oregon coalition, APANO, Causa, ACLU Oregon, Iraqi Society of Oreogn, Basic Rights Oregon, Jewish Voices for Peace, Jobs with Justice, Invisible Oregon, Oregon Coalition for Muslim Values, Oregon Muslim Citizen Alliance, and more, invites all people to show support for immigrants and refugees by attending a Noon rally downtown.

    “No Ban, No Wall” Rally Monday, January 30th at Noon Terry Schrunk Plaza Downtown between 3rd and 4th Avenue on SW Madison

    People from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen who will arrive at Portland International Airport, or who have been detained already by Customs pursuant to President Trump’s executive order, are encouraged to reach out to the ACLU of Oregon at (971) 412-2258 or info@aclu-or.org to be connected with a local volunteer attorney.


    Led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, Unite Oregon works across the state to build a unified intercultural movement for justice.