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Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, 3138 N Vancouver

3138 N Vancouver Avenue
Portland, OR 97227, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Monday
    Jan 22 2018
    Breaking Bread & Breaking Barriers Meet Portland Police Chief Outlaw


    In August 2016, Noho Marcasei and myself, Sam Sachs, were discussing the murders of Walter Scott and many other people of color by the police. We were also concerned by the 5 Dallas Police officers who were murdered We were numbed by all the violence and hate and saddened to see communities being separated into us vs them.

    We realized that we both have numerous friends from very diverse backgrounds: Samoan, Jewish, Black, Latino and we also have many friends in law enforcement.

    I suggested to Noho, that we invite all our diverse friends of color we know personally and ask them to join us for a dinner. I also suggested we invite as many police officers as possible and encourage them to join us for dinner.

    The goal was to bring together the friends we know from our diverse community. The focus and goal was to encourage people of color and the police, to sit down and break bread with one another. We asked both parties to try and put aside any bitter feelings in hopes of creating a safe environment for them to start a dialogue. Our desire was to begin to build trust, relationships, friendships and ultimately, for each group to see the value in each other.

  • Friday
    Oct 27 2017
    CANCELLED: Youth Event: Dignity in Schools Campaign Week of Action

    CANCELLED 10/24

    Resolutions Northwest's Restorative Justice Youth and PPU Parents March together in solidarity against pushout. Students will run their own program against pushout. AGENDA 5:00PM-5:30PM – March from Dawson Park to Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church (3138 N Vancouver Ave 97227) 5:30PM-6:00PM – Housekeeping, Intros, Food, Video 6:00PM- 6:30PM – Entertainment 6:30 – 7:30 – Youth Panel/Questions around School pushout 7:30PM-8:00PM – Raffle, Gift cards, Closing For more about DiSC week of action in Portland: https://simplysheilas.wixsite.com/2017weekofaction For more info about the Dignity in Schools Campaign: http://www.dignityinschools.org/our-work/week-of-action

  • Sunday
    Oct 22 2017
    What is the American Dream? (Beloved Community Forums)

    What is the American Dream in 2017?

    Once upon a time immigrants came to this country in search of better jobs and a better life. But what has happened to this dream in an era when so many vilify and criminalize the very workforce of new arrivals that props up our economy? Join a diverse cross-section of your neighbors to discuss these basic questions of American identity, all while making new friends and deepening your community relationships. As with each Beloved Community Forum, we will welcome a community leader to share their vision of "what they are for,” and offer us all a chance to discern and discuss what we are for as well. Refreshments will be provided.

    Our October gathering will be led by Ramon Ramirez, President of PCUN- Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United), Oregon’s farmworker union and the largest Latino organization in our state. Ramon has lived in Oregon for over 40 years, and has dedicated his life to immigrant rights and social justice.

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