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Grant Park Church

2728 Northeast 34th Avenue
Portland, OR 97212, US (map)

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  • Thursday
    Sep 14 2017
    Let's Talk is back!

    Grant Park Church

    Let's Talk is returning after a summer off!

    We'll have a large discussion, and break out into smaller groups to get us back into the groove of things!

    • Please bring food + drinks to share.
    • Childcare may be provided - contact the event organizer.
    • Make sure you read the pinned comment about guidelines, and either comment/like this comment so I know you've read it.

    Please bring $1 or more to donate to the Black and Latinx Self Care Day.

    1. Remember this space is prioritized for folks of color. Make sure that they are being heard, that you are listening to them, and that you are making sure they have seats before you do.
    2. Remember that this is a safe space, but that doesn't mean you have a pass to be cruel, inconsiderate, denying people of their experiences, or speaking over anyone.
    3. It being a safe space, know that it is okay to be uncomfortable. You will be uncomfortable. Its important that you get used to this discomfort, because it'll only continue. Yet, I can tell you as a black person, you grow used to the discomfort :) It's vital to you dismantling your own biases, and being able to help others learn how to do that as well.
    4. Please remember that by coming to this you are making a commitment to show up, to listen, and to put in work. Attending once, hoping you'll learn a quick fix isn't wise. You won't always leave feeling proud of yourself, and honestly I hope you always leave feeling stretched, more aware than before, and humbled. We are in this for the long run. You need to be as well.
    5. Above all we are a community, with a focus on building up our community. It starts here, by educating ourselves. Do not put the burden of your education on the POC though, this is something you should also be doing on your own, as your part of this community.
    6. Come willing. Come open. Come with compassion.

    Let's Talk PDX
    The purpose of this group, is to create a space where we all have a common goal, to see a change happen. I'd love to see this group grow into something bigger than us, to be a support system. I want us to push peaceful gatherings, facilitate discussions, and encourage bringing our facebook interactions, into real life.