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415 SW 10th Ave Suite 300
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)

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  • Monday
    Mar 13 2017
    Lets Talk PDX


    We will be meeting with our workgroups again this week!

    What are workgroups you ask?

    Well! There are organizing/planning groups you are apart of within Let's Talk, to use your skills, and interests. Skills and interests that will help us disrupt systems :)

    Most of you have filled out the membership survey, but for those who haven't: https://docs.google.com/a/brushfirecp.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmgCOoLCkViBp3xmEMKVJMK4qONfzpMBysyiqxg2tnZT146g/viewform

    That form is for new members, and helps us track what workgroups you have interest in.

    Currently these are the groups (and smaller groups within each issue) that we will be breaking up into:

    -Racial Equity -Local Politics -Self Care -LGBTQI -Police Reform -Youth -Other

    These are groups that are a step forward after we've had multiple discussions. We are growing past the conversations, and moving into action. This is very important. Within these groups you will begin to build plans for direct action, plans for workshops we can offer, plans for how we as a community can support groups and organizations around us.

    Let's Talk encourages challenging conversation, but also challenging and important action.

    Monday's agenda:

    -Introducing workgroups, breaking folks up into their workgroups. -Planning within workgroups. -Larger discussion -Announcements.

    Group we are donating to this week: Please bring a $1 or more for All African People's Revolution Party.