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Fort Vancouver National Trust

750 Anderson Street
Vancouver, WA 98661, US (map)

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  • Tuesday
    Sep 5 2017
    Indivisible Greater Vancouver Speak Up/Speak Out on the Ridgefield Jefferson Davis neo-confederate monument

    Indivisible Greater Vancouver is asking its members to attend both the ACLU Rally outside the venue or the Clark County Heritage Commission monthly meeting inside the venue.

    The main item on the commission's agenda is a discussion of whether to schedule a public hearing on the removal of a neo-confederate monument from the Clark County Historic Register. There is no historical significance to this monument with regard to Clark County. It has already been removed from public property in the City of Vancouver, but was resurrected by the Daughters of the Confederacy and is now being guarded by the neo-confederate group, the Sons of Confederate Soldiers.

    There is a sign-up sheet for public comment at the hearing, but as this may be limited by time, we recommend you send something in writing in advance to the commission to ensure your voice is heard.

    The Jefferson Davis Memorial Park neo-confederate's monument in the Ridgefield area (in unincorporated Clark County, visible from the I-5 southbound just south of Exit 14) is an affront to all citizens who believe in equality for all. The memorial is on private property so we citizens cannot force its removal, but we can request that it be removed from the Clark County's Historic Register. Its inclusion on the register is unconscionable given what this monument represents.

    Please make your voice heard. Whether you come to the meeting or not, please submit your written comments to the commission. Indivisible Greater Vancouver members will be at the meeting and rally. For additional information or special accommodations, please call: