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Salmon Street Fountain, Salmon at Naito Parkway

1020 SW Naito Pkwy
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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in Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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  • Saturday
    Dec 9 2017
    #WeDoRecover Moment Of Silence...

    This event is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in the battle of addiction this year. Let this event serve as a reminder that this disease is on a mission daily to kill us. Let it also be known that we can and do recover...

    "Any addict can loose the desire to use and find a new way to live"...

    My name is Charles King and Im an addict...

  • Sunday
    Sep 10 2017
    Silent and Nonviolent Action in Response to Patriot Prayer

    Portland friends....we are converging a "Silent & Nonviolent" action to line both sides of the streets on Sept 10th.

    This is a call to action in response to Joey Gibson's Patriot Prayer group planning a return to our city. Rose City Antifa, Queer Liberation Front, and other groups are planning counter-protests, and there is a good chance that a diversity of tactics will be used over the course of the day. Silent and nonviolent will be our tactic.

    Dress up, dress in black, cover your face or don't. We do not aim to tell you how to defend yourself if physically attacked, but to use silence and immobility to absorb the noise, to drown verbal attack, to present a strong united front, to shame those who try to make our city unsafe and unwelcoming - link arms and stretch for miles.

    Want to join us? If so, invite people to this event on FB, or copy and paste to share with your friends in other ways.

  • Stand Up! Community Defense Against Patriot Prayer!

    Local Alt Right demagogue, Joey Gibson, refuses to stop his organizing activities despite the recent tragedy in Charlottesville. At this stage there can be no doubt that no matter what lip service Gibson pays to being a nice guy full of "love", his actions demonstrate at best callous disregard, and at worst complete support for the violent impact of his rallies and those like it.

    After our numerous articles exposing his white supremacist associates (rosecityantifa.org), and the opposition antifa have been consistently giving his hate fests, only a small circle of die hard bigots and zealots remain. We must keep up the pressure to stop them once and for all. This type of fascist aggitation in the current powder keg atmosphere in the US can only mean egregious harm to the most vulnerable people in our communities.

    The Unite the Right event held in #Charlottesville, which culminated in the cold-blooded murder of #HeatherHeyer, featured speakers Gibson has invited here to Portland. There are numerous parallels between the the events Gibson orchestrates as Patriot Prayer and Unite the Right. The demographic attracted, the talking points used, and the political goals are in step with this larger pattern of rallies across the nation which have transformed from the lightly coded "free speech" and "pro-Trump" messaging to seig-heiling, torch-bearing spectacles of fascist intimidation.

    The effect of such events has been radicalizing members of the right, increasing the organizing potential of overtly fascist and white supremacist groups and individuals, and providing an emotionally charged atmosphere which spurns fanatics to take their murderous fantasies from the web out into the real world.

    This was true here in Portland where Jeremy Christian attended a Patriot Prayer event then stabbed three people-- murdering two of them--on a max train. While Gibson and his ilk have tried to distance themselves from this disgusting act, the fact remains Christian went from internet warrior to murderer after going to that rally.

    There has not been a single Patriot Prayer rally in the Portland area which has not featured the presence and recruitment activities of overt fascists, white supremacists, and neo-nazis. The correlation between Joey Gibson's rallies and increased incidents of white supremacist harassment, violence, and murder is clear and direct. (http://rosecityantifa.org/articles/fundraiser-tally-august-6/)

    Joey Gibson constantly issues cheap verbal declarations that white supremacists are not welcome at his rallies, but refuses to ever take any action that would prevent them from using his rallies as platforms for organizing violence against our communities. Ultimately words do not matter, actions do.

    In the wake of the nazi violence and murder in Charlottesville, many in the United States are realizing that the threat presented by fascist alt-right organizing is very real, extremely deadly, and presently on the rise thanks in no small part to people like Joey Gibson, who has been facilitating such white supremacist fascist organizing in the Pacific Northwest for much of 2017.

    Join Rose City Antifa as we stand against Joey Gibson's latest nazi-magnet rally and demand both accountability for, and immediate cessation of the murderous white supremacist organizing he is fostering.

    #DefendCville #DefendDurham #DefendBoston #DefendBerkeley #DefendPDX

  • Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Portland's Silent Witness: Sitting, Standing, and Walking for All We Love

    We offer firm, silent, grounded presence for racial justice, climate justice, and loving kindness for all beings--especially Black Lives and those who have been targeted for abuse by the Alt Right. This meditation, organized by members of Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Portland, will be led by Rev. Jayna Warm Nest Gieber with People of the Heart, inviting a Temple Bell made from shell casings in Viet Nam.

    We will occupy land that originally belonged to the Kalapuya, Chinook, and Clackamas peoples, next to the Willamette River, so named by the indigenous peoples who were stewards of the area for the 10,000 years before people of European descent arrived. We will begin meditating during the hour prior to the time announced for a rally to celebrate Confederate monuments and Alt Right values at Salmon Street Fountain. Several counter-protests are scheduled to converge on the fountain around 1:30pm. Whether or not the Alt Right rally is cancelled, and whatever the response of the counter-protesters, our intention is to sit, stand, and walk silently in the space, welcoming others who find strength in silence.

    We will lay down a ground cover that can accommodate about fifty cushions on the grassy area just beyond a line of trees to the north of the fountain. If you want to sit, bring a cushion or chair. If you are sufficiently able-bodied to bring an extra cushion or chair for anyone who may want to join us, please do. Some may prefer to stand or walk. Carry or wear signs expressing your values. Bring your own water. Be prepared to meditate with eyes open, allowing mindful awareness in each moment. Parking and traffic will be difficult, so come on foot or by public transport if possible.

    No experience in meditation or Buddhism is necessary. Everyone who stands for racial justice and climate justice and wishes to share the power of group silence is welcome to join us. The bell will be present until 1:30, and people are welcome to hold silence in the space for as long as they like.

  • Thursday
    Sep 7 2017
    Steptember Walk: Let's Stop A Freeway

    Portland is a town famous for it's ability to challenge Freeway Expansion. Join us on the former site of Harbor Drive for a brief talk about Portland's civic activist efforts for active transportation and a walk to City Hall to show our opposition to the inclusion of a $450 million freeway expansion into the Comprehensive Plan Update.

    We'll meet at 1 a clock by the Salmon Street Fountain, and then walk over to City Hall to meet other advocates and residents who want to testify in opposition to this freeway expansion.

    More details to come, but save the date, and if you haven't signed our letter already, check it out:


    No More Freeways PDX - We're a group of neighbors, advocates, parents and civic leaders concerned about the impact of a $450 million freeway expansion in Northeast Portland.

  • Friday
    Aug 18 2017
    Eclipse Hate: Solidarity with Charlottesville

    On Friday August 18th Portland’s Resistance will be holding a non-violent rally and march in solidarity with the community of Charlottesville, Virginia after last week’s tragedies.

    There will be speakers, collaborative banner making, and a strong showing of community. Just like Charlottesville, Portland has recently and historically faced tragedy at the hands of white supremacy. We’ve seen the destruction that it brings both here and across the country. We will not tolerate hate in our city.

    We must stand against the rise of fascism and empower marginalized communities. This is Donald’s Trumps America. Is it yours? If not, join us to stand against hate. Let’s show the millions of people coming to Portland this weekend what we stand for.

    Portland's Resistance - organizes direct action and policy demands to bring about the just and equitable future that we all deserve.