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Future events happening here

  • Saturday
    Jun 3 2017
    Cultivate Resistance! Direct Action Training for Groups


    Our capacity to resist is directly correlated to our capacity to self-organize on a massive scale. We invite you to join us for a training for groups of people who want to develop their ability to take powerful strategic collective action.

    This training will introduce basic non-violent direct action strategies and tactics to groups who are completely new to organizing, and will provide next steps and development to groups who have been working together for a while.

    We ask that you show up in a group; a group does not need to be any kind of formal organization, although it totally CAN be those people. We ask that groups be made up of at least 3 people, and encourage much larger groups to attend as well. If you don't have a group and would like to come as an individual, please register and let us know why you are interested in attending on your own.

    So grab your friends, family, neighbors, activist group, church group, study group, or any group you have affinity with and sign up together!

    This training we will be providing information and training on how to prepare and develop a direct action. We will be sending out a more detailed breakdown of the agenda to folks that sign up. Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeBNrCYP9YEBl5R36WkYDSzvl83M-HmAYml0082u1vcb5ZpiQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

  • Sunday
    Jun 4 2017
    Places of Action: NAACP Black Legacy Project Bus Tour


    Join us! NAACP Portland Branch presents the first Black Legacy Project bus tour! Exploring places of historical significance in the Black community in Portland. We will travel from early 20th century organizing, through the civil rights movement in Portland, and dissues present day issues, and how you too can get involved in fighting racism in Portland.

    Tickets are priced at $10 each to ensure that everyone can join us, but if your means allow, please consider purchasing the donation ticket price of $35 or $50. This donation of $25 or $40 will go towards future programs offered by the NAACP Portland Branch, and to ensure passengers of all incomes can join us. Want to sponsor your business or organization? Please consider the Sponsor ticket price of $75, and we will recognize your gift on social media and during the tour. Want a different donation ticket price that suits your budget, please consider buying a $10 ticket and also making a donation that is comfortable for you! Can't join us but want to support NAACP Public Programs, please consider making a donation today.

    ALL ticket holders receive the same experience during the tour!!!

    Special thanks to Oregon Humanities and Multnomah County Cultural Coalition for their generous grants making this event possible. Another special thanks to our community committee who volunteered their time to produce the BLP Bus tour and our special guests, Dr. Darrell Millner, Avel Gordly, Charlotte Rutherford, Donnell Alexander, Jo Ann Hardesty, and Raymond Burrell.


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