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East Portland Neighborhood Office

1017 NE 117th Avenue
Portland, OR 97220, US (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    Aug 20 2017
    Parks for New Portlanders' Walk with Refugees and Immigrants

    Portland Parks for New Portlanders is partnering with Sunday Parkways to organize "Walk with Refugees & Immigrants" on Sunday, August 20th. The community, city and elected leaders will gather at East Portland Neighborhood Office and participate in a mile walk alongside the refugee & immigrant community to show our support. In partnership with refugee and immigrant organizations, this event plans to recognize the unique experiences of new Portlanders of all ages by honoring seniors and providing school supplies for children. Come hear refugees & Immigrants share their stories, diverse music, food, and other activities to enjoy. We urge all our neighbors, local businesses, board members, neighborhood associations & non-profits to join us on this walk for a more compassionate, generous, and welcoming Portland!

    Parks for New Portlanders - Portland Parks & Recreation

    Portland World Cup Soccer is part of PP&R's Parks for New Portlanders program - celebrating cultural traditions and diversity.

  • Saturday
    Jul 29 2017
    Budding Roses! Volunteer Orientation

    Budding Roses is hosting a Volunteer Orientation, so that we can all get to know each other a little better, brainstorm our curriculum, be excited about and confident in our project, and get a sense of what the camp will look like. We will be going over our vision, camp basics, and conflict resolution, as well as getting feed back and ideas from y'all.

    If you would like to volunteer, and have not had a chance to fill out the volunteer questionnaire, you can do so here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEWA9HmtSY_1QtCRb9QxRFnYidlD3_Pu2a514ZtVKd-VYReQ/viewform


    • [10:15 -11:00] Introductions
    • [11:00-11:45] Discussion-- Popular Assembly Component of Camp
    • [11:45-12:10] Break
    • [12:10-1:00] Curriculum Presentation and Brainstorming
    • [1:00-1:45] Group Intention Setting
    • [1:45-2:00] Resources for trainings and certifications & Conclusion

    Budding Roses

    A free social justice oriented summer camp for children ages 10-15 in Portland, Or.