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Food Fight!, 1217 SE Stark & 11155 NE Halsey

1217 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

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also located at
11155 NE Halsey Street, Portland, Oregon 97220

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    Jan 28 2018
    10% Day for Brown Girl Rise!

    Please come in and shop at both Stark and Halsey on Sunday, January 28 because 10% of our day's sales will benefit Brown Girl Rise in Portland!

    About Brown Girl Rise:
    "Brown Girl Rise is a radical sisterhood of girls of color reclaiming their connection to body, community, land, health, and creativity to cultivate a just future where we rise together.

    It is a space for young girls of color to build solidarity with one another in resistance to dominant images of illness, violence, or dysfunction. This is a space to learn and celebrate the histories and realities of resilience throughout our communities and cultures."

    To learn more, please go to: Brown Girl Rise

  • Sunday
    Nov 26 2017
    10% Day for Mental Health Providers Unite!

    Please come in and shop at both Stark and Halsey on Sunday, November 26 because 10% of our day's sales will benefit Mental Health Providers Unite!

    Mental Health Providers Unite! organizes at the intersections of mental health and injustice to challenge systems of oppression. MHPU! provides emotional support at protests/actions and organizes provider and community support groups in Portland. Their latest efforts including raising funds to provide counseling scholarships for POC, immigrant, queer and trans community groups in Portland.

    To learn more, get involved, and donate online, please go to: www.mhpunite.com

  • Saturday
    Oct 21 2017
    Halloween Vegan Bake Sale for Political Prisoners!

    Support political prisoners by baking and/or buying vegan Halloween treats!

    All money raised will go directly towards prisoner support funds, which are important for keeping money on commissary funds so that they can afford to buy stamps for sending letters, make phone calls to loved ones, purhase personal care items, and buy food and vitamins to supplement prison meals. Support also helps prisoners to know that they aren't forgotten and that people will continue to be there for them through the walls of prison.

    If you'd like to contribute vegan treats, please drop them off between 10:30 - 11:00am at Food Fight! Grocery. Please include a list of ingredients.

    If you'd like to buy treats, stop by Food Fight! between 11am and 7pm...and then enjoy!

    Money from this bake sale will go to the support funds of Cleveland 4 Solidarity (activists who were entrapped by the FBI) and Support Eric King (vegan anarchist prisoner). They are all serving about 10 years in federal prison and ongoing support is really important. Check out their support pages for more information about them and their cases.

    Thank you, and Happy Halloweeen!

    No New Animal Lab
    No New Animal Lab is a campaign to stop the construction of the University of Washington's Animal Research and Care Facility.

    Food Fight! Grocery
    Specialty Grocery Store
    Trying to suck less.

  • Sunday
    Sep 24 2017
    10% Day for Momentum Alliance @ Food Fight!

    Please come in and shop at both Stark and Halsey on Sunday, September 24 because 10% of our day's sales will benefit Momentum Alliance.

    About Momentum Alliance:

    "Momentum Alliance is a youth-led nonprofit, with experienced coaches, whose mission is to inspire young people to realize their power individually and collectively and to mentor future social justice leaders.

    We are undocumented, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ, gang-affected, HIV-positive, low-income youth, youth of color, youth transitioning from foster care, homelessness and incarceration, youth with disabilities, youth who have experienced war, domestic violence and abuse, teen parents and allies.

    Our vision is a community where all people are well and thriving.

    We rely on six core values to inform our work:

    * Vulnerability as a Strength
    * Intersectionality
    * Deep Relationships
    * Love
    * Valuing Everyone’s Story
    * Shifting Power"

    To learn more or donate to them online, please go to facebook.com/momentumalliance or momentumalliance.org

    Food Fight! Grocery
    Fruit & Vegetable Store
    Trying to suck less.

  • Sunday
    Jul 30 2017
    10% Day for JOIN @ Food Fight!

    Please come in and shop at both Stark and Halsey on Sunday, July 30 because 10% of our day's sales will benefit JOIN: connecting the street to a home.

    About JOIN: connecting the street to a home:

    "JOIN exists to support the efforts of homeless individuals and families to transition out of homelessness into permanent housing. Our efforts are directed at individuals sleeping outside or in their car in the Portland Metro area. Our service provision is not dependent on age, gender, race, ethnicity, faith, culture, language, sexual identity, specific diagnosis, or identifiable issue.

    JOIN is committed to preserving the dignity, humanity, and uniqueness of each person that we work with on their path back to housing stability. To achieve this, we will:

    • strive to ensure that all of our programs and services are equitable in both access and outcomes regardless of a person’s race, ethnicity, faith, culture, language, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or family status,
    • operate with the knowledge that certain communities are significantly over-represented among those experiencing homelessness in Portland/Multnomah County and that there are disparities in outcomes for members of those communities,
    • pursue effective strategies and devote dedicated time and resources at every level of our organization to address these disparities.

    These efforts are performed in service to the vision of a community where outcomes cannot be predicated based on a person’s perceived identity."

    For more info and to donate online, please visit joinpdx.org and facebook.com/joinpdx

    JOIN: connecting the street to a home - JOIN exists to support the efforts of homeless people - families and individuals - to move off the street into permanent housing.

    JOIN is focused on creating a community where if homelessness exists, it is limited to a short-term circumstance rather than a long term and chronic condition.