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Social Justice Action Center

400 SE 12th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214, United States (map)

SJAC is organized to support grassroots community organizing and low-income housing in central Portland. It has three main programs: it manages an event space, it develops community organizing projects, and it manages low-income housing.

In line with the purpose developed and agreed through its broad-based advisory council, SJAC prioritizes the leadership of marginalized communities, especially those of color. In particular, we recognize the sovereignty of indigenous peoples of this land, such as the Multnomah and other Chinookan villages of the confluence of these great rivers and the Kalapuya and Wasco peoples in the nearby hills and valleys (some of whose descendants are now part of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, of Siletz, and of Warm Springs).

Access Notes

The SJAC event/meeting space is about 500 sq ft, has hardwood floors, high ceilings, and windows on two sides. The room is equipped with cafe tables and chairs.

Future events happening here

  • Thursday
    Jun 29 2017
    Portland DSA Reading Group

    For this session, we will be reading will be the first two chapters of The 'S' Word: A Short History of an American Tradition ... Socialism by John Nichols.

    If you do not have a copy, it is available at the Multnomah County library or for purchase online (the Kindle edition is inexpensive).

    Feel free to bring your own food and drinks!

    Portland Democratic Socialists of America - Portland DSA is a local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the US. We organize together for economic and social justice in Portland and nation-wide.


Past events that happened here

  • Monday
    Jun 5 2017
    1st Monday June Jacobin Reading Group

    We are now meeting every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month!

    The Jacobin Portland Reading Group brings local leftists together to engage with socialist ideas in a lively, open, and non-doctrinaire environment.

    Our first Monday meetings are focused on a couple of recent Jacobin articles pertaining to current events. This week's readings are about [TBD by poll to go out closer to time of meeting].

    Got a friend that's interested in socialism? Invite them for bimonthly discussions of leftist political theory!

    Hungry Tiger, a good bar that has food with vegan options, is a block and a half north. After we close up the SJAC space, we can move to Hungry Tiger for more informal conversation.

    Please bring a dollar or two with you to donate to the center for letting us use the space.

  • Tuesday
    May 23 2017
    Tools and Culture for Participatory Organizing

    Organizing democratically is hard! How do we hear from everyone and still get work done? How do we grow a collaborative culture while we still live within a competitive society? When nobody is the boss, how do we handle money, information, and power?

    Rich and Nati have been engaged in the craft of participatory organizing for more than five years, starting with Occupy in 2011, co-founding Loomio (a worker co-op and social enterprise building software for collective decision-making) and Enspiral (a network of 250 tech activists experimenting with radical organizational forms). (See http://loomio.coop and http://enspiral.com )

    We're touring through the US, and will be stopping in Portland to offer a workshop on collaborative culture and non-hierarchical organizing.

    In the workshop we'll identify common challenges that groups face when they try to collaborate, and offer tools and processes that have been proven to overcome these common failure points. Most importantly, we don’t just tell people about participatory organizing, we will practice it together, co-creating the workshop and learning by experience.

    To maximize accessibility, we have a sliding scale of ticket prices. If you still can't afford it, but you really want to be there, send us an email at nati@loomio.org

    Spaces are limited :)

  • Sunday
    Apr 30 2017
    Film Night & Panel Discussion with Rose City Redneck Revolt

    Come join Rose City RedneckRevolt for a film screening of "American Revolution 2" - a documentary about the co-organizing efforts between the Black Panthers and the Young Patriots and the beginnings of the original, radical Rainbow Coalition. The film will be accompanied with a panel discussion from Redneck Revolt organizers about the Redneck Revolt network and our organizing working people against white supremacy and capitalism, and the re-forming of the original Rainbow Coalition. We will be sharing a meal, potluck style! You are welcome to bring a dish to share with your neighbors, but don't worry if you can't, there's plenty to go around! Also, we will have some groceries to share with anyone that needs them. If you've got some extras, please feel free to bring any non-perishable food items you'd like to contribute. The event is free to everyone, donations are welcome. The event is Rose City RedneckRevolt's educational event as part of the Portland May Day Coalition pre-May Day organizing.

  • Tuesday
    Apr 11 2017
    Environmental Justice 101

    Do you want to help mobilize our community around the People's Climate Mobilization?

    This year, the frontline communities of the Oregon Just Transition Alliance (OJTA) are taking a central, leading role in the Portland People’s Climate Movement (PCM). 350PDX is joining in solidarity, led by those who are most impacted by ecological injustice, to advance the Portland PCM Platform.

    Join 350PDX for an Environmental Justice 101 workshop as the first step to be involved in all aspects of planning and organizing our community for the People's Climate Mobilization!

    RSVP online to gaurantee a spot: http://350pdx.nationbuilder.com/environmental_justice_101

    Frontline leadership does not diminish the valued participation of 350PDX and other organizations who have led and participated in PCM in years prior. This year’s PCM supports the vision and leadership of people who haven’t been centered, from planning to implementation, with the full partnership of allied organizations and individuals. The proper role of mainstream groups in climate justice is to uplift and support the vision of frontline communities. Organizations and individuals who want to participate are encouraged to come to this workshop to learn OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon's analysis and prepare to take on a role of support in planning Portland PCM.

    We’re stronger together, guided by those who are hurt first and worst by injustice.

    At the end of the workshop, you'll get plugged in to all the work happening in our city. Topics will be wide ranging including what's in the works, how you can get involved, and why we’re taking an environmental justice approach to PCM.

    Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Saturday
    Feb 25 2017
    350PDX Volunteer Orientation

    Social Justice Action Center

    Whether you are brand new to 350PDX or have you been part of a team for a few months, I invite you to join me for a (semi-) formal introduction to the organization.

    I will provide an overview of all teams and campaigns, what it means to be a contributing volunteer with us, and offer materials for strengthening your organizing skills. Please RSVP!

    This event will be led by Maya, Volunteer Coordinator.