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Montavilla City Park

685 NE 82nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97220, US (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Saturday
    Nov 11 2017
    POSTPONED: Transcending Hate Rally

    POSTPONED to JAN 11 at 2pm 11/9/2017.

    Come join us as we raise our voices in defiance of Trump's cruel and illegal presidency and his systematic war against all Americans that don't fit the racist, intolerant, alt-right norm.

    More details and information will be added, closer to the Rally. (posted 10/31/2017)

  • Saturday
    Aug 12 2017
    Milenio.org Food Justice Free Farmers Market

    In Portland, Big Grocery dominates our food economy while funding political campaigns of those who hyper - police communities of color and the poor and also drive gentrification. This greed leaves thousands displaced and struggling without access to healthy food or resources to get it. Fight back with us by attending this FREE farmers market. Gardeners are needed to donate fresh produce so that we can make it available to families in need and bring it directly to high density areas and to people impacted by displacement. Please bring homegrown produce between 10-12 to the pavilion at Montevilla park. Growers can also pick a few items from the farm trade table if they donate their best to the Free Farmer's Market. No money allowed. This is how we subvert the Big Grocery Big Money Big Politics game and take action to feed our friends and community.

    We will also have music, speakers, poets, and resources for empowerment and community building thoughout the day.

    How you can help: Are you a person who is struggling to make it right now in Portland, Oregon? Come and join us for this community event. Bring a bag and shop at the FREE Farmer's Market.

    Are you a gardener who is willing to donate fresh vegetables to this project? Please message Susan Anglada Bartley or just come to the park and bring what you can share. People willing to volunteer please contact as well.

    This initiative is brought to you by Milenio.org in collaboration with Pueblo Unidos and local activists

    Milenio.org facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision-making and politics in our state of Oregon.

    Pueblo Unido PDX is a growing grassroots association in East County committed to defending the Latino community against the governmental crackdown on immigrants. We inform Latino immigrants of their rights, mobilize opposition to ICE arrests and operations, and lobby for sanctuary policies that truly protect and enrich our community. Please embrace our mission and help us spread support for our movement.

    Pueblo Unido PDX es una asociación comunitaria en el área de Gresham comprometido a defender la comunidad latina contra la agresión gubernamental hacia los inmigrantes. Informamos a los inmigrantes latinos como exigir sus derechos, movilizamos la oposición a las detenciones y operaciones de ICE, y hacemos lobby para políticas santuarios que realmente protejan y enriquezcan nuestra comunidad. Por favor abrace nuestra misión y ayúdanos en aumentar el apoyo a nuestra asociación.

  • Saturday
    Jul 22 2017
    Montavilla Free Food Pop Up's Community feed

    Montavilla City Park

    Free lunch for as many as we serve before the food runs out!

    Come to Montavilla park and get to know your neighbors!

    Brought to you by Portland Assembly

    Spread the word!

    Montavilla Free Food Pop Up An all volunteer group of neighbors who want to make free lunch a reality. Join us for regular free meals!