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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Dec 29 2017
    Group Discussion for a Cascadia [Guest: Alexandre Baretich]

    We will be having a group discussion at (Location Pending) with a special guest, Creator of the Doug Flag (aka Cascadian flag) Alexandre Baretich, who is willing to have a group discussion about Cascade and a Cascadian Free-State.


    1.) Ideas behind Cascadian Bio-regionalism

    2.) Direction to approach

    3.) Solidarity with Indigenous People

    4.) Rehabilitation and Decolonization

    5.) Post Capitalism and anti-Imperialism

    Please select interested so we can calculate how many individuals would like to attend.

  • Tuesday
    Jul 11 2017
    Portland Prisoner Letter Writing Night

    The North Portland prisoner letter-writing night has now merged with the SE chapter! We will be writting to some long-time political prisoners and folks who are fighting for a better world on the inside, right here in Oregon! Come on out and bring some snacks or stamps to share if you can!

    Portland ABC - The Portland Anarchist Black Cross supports US-held Political Prisoners (PP), Prisoners of War (POW), and politicized Oregon prisoners.