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Peninsula Park, 700 N Rosa Parks Way

700 N Rosa Parks Way
Portland, OR 97217, US (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Monday
    Jan 15 2018
    Reclaim MLK Freedom and Unity March

    The 4th Annual Children's March for Social Justice is our most important action of the year!! This year all of the organizers are children and the theme is Freedom and Unity.

    Join us for organizing on Saturday, December 16 to support the demonstration and to volunteer. We meet at Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church, 111 NE Failing St, Portland, Oregon 97212 from 10-1.

  • Sunday
    Feb 19 2017
    Queer Dance Party & March

    So we’re changing gears. A new location, a new theme – a new everything.

    In the spirit of the #QueerDanceParty at Daddy Pence’s house, we’re adopting new methods of expression, demonstration, and resistance. After all – we’re here, we’re queer, we’re fabulous. Don’t fuck with us.

    Reference: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jimdalrympleii/a-queer-dance-party-erupted-outside-mike-pences-dc-home

    The rally will be filled to the brim with excellent, queer speakers and the location has been moved to NE PDX at Peninsula Park, 3pm. Being in a park, we have circumvented the need for a permit. Bring your rainbow paraphernalia, your own glitter, and your best dance moves.

    This #QueerDanceParty has

    • Wheelchair accessibility + altered-abilities friendly – please bring mobility devices and personal seating
    • (waiting for confirmation) ASL interpreters
    • Grassroots-organized security
    • March facilitators to help us stay together + stay tight
    • Open Mic opportunities!
    • Music, DJs, a marching band and good vibes

    HEY ALLIES! We love you. Please come! But also, please educate yourself on the legacy of queer, trans and intersex activism. If you attend this event as an ally in solidarity, please remember to listen more than you speak and to respect us. (I mean, if you can’t do that, are you even an ally?)

    In the interest of collective safety and to avoid police intervention or escalation, we are kindly asking everyone to please refrain from property damage. We respect a diversity of tactics but this event is a peaceful dance party and this is a method of self-defense.

    We also strongly encourage a cautious and thoughtful security culture, which means we recommend using a buddy system to & from the event, downloading Signal for texting, and writing down the NLG’s number (503 902 5340). For other protest tips, consider reading this: https://medium.com/@olivialouise/protest-action-agreement-for-j20-bc69e7e96864#.45kwdewwf

    We understand that protesting is a privilege. We also understand that celebrating in the face of trauma, state-violence and deportations is another kind of privilege. However we believe that our community needs to foster stronger connections and deeper solidarity in the face of Trump – we see this Dance Party as an ice breaker and an opportunity to do so.

    We encourage any feedback on the changes and we look forward to meeting and dancing alongside you.

    "Not gay as in happy, but queer as in FUCK MIKE PENCE"