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Resolutions Northwest

2538 NE Broadway Street
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

Future events happening here

  • Monday
    Jun 26 2017
    Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools
    Resolutions Northwest

    Explore why and how Restorative Justice can be a promising alternative to exclusionary practices.

    Monday and Tuesday, June 26th and 27th, from 9:00am – 4:00pm

    “It was a great balance of circle, lecture, group work and movement. The topic had me 100% engaged.”

    Restorative Justice is a valuable alternative to exclusionary practices. It seeks to restore community and repair harm while holding all involved accountable. Unacceptably high school push-out rates disproportionately affect students of color, students with disabilities and youth who identify as LGBT.

    Restorative Justice is not a prescribed program but a philosophy based on community building and repairing harm. We will discuss the components that can make the approach successful such as circles, restorative inquiries and dialogues, community service and mediation. We look at possibilities for implementation that are open to classroom teachers and other school personnel. While doing so we will keep a keen eye on equity issues. The workshop will be a combination of lecture, discussions, videos and hands-on practice activities.

    This training focuses on Restorative Justice in schools. We particularly invite and encourage school counselors, behavior specialists, administrators, teachers, security personnel, and those studying to work in schools.

    Registration link: https://resolutionsnorthwest.org/events/intro-to-rj-3/

    Resolutions Northwest facilitates honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice.

  • Friday
    Jun 30 2017
    Interrupting Racism Actionshop - New Location: Multnomah Friends Meeting House

    LOCATION CHANGE: Now at Multnomah Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Stark

    Registration required: https://resolutionsnorthwest.org/events/interrupting-racism-5/

    Imagine a world where when racism arises we take action.

    Racism is all around us. It lives in the DNA of every system and institution in the United States, and here in Portland. This Actionshop is focused on interpersonal racism, within the context of systemic and institutional oppression. We will explore the way racism arises in our everyday interactions, and offer tools and practice for interrupting racism.

    We’ll provide a historically and contextually grounded space to talk deeply about racism and the evolution of Racial Codes. But we won’t stop there! Simply talking about racism is not enough to dismantle the power structures that uphold the racial order. At the same time, creating systemic change requires interrupting the learned and daily behaviors that reinforce racism to move toward building healthy communities.

    A note from the trainers: For many Black and Brown people in our community, nothing has changed. For others, especially for many white people, the last Presidential election and events such as the May 26 white-supremacist attack here in Portland have increased their motivation to find out what they can do. The Interrupting Racism Actionshop is not a response to these specific events. This is not a training in self-defense or nonviolent resistance. We will continue to focus the training, as we always have, on internal, interpersonal, organization, and systemic racism and the work we need to do as individuals to change these systems.

    Registration required: https://resolutionsnorthwest.org/events/interrupting-racism-5/


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