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The Slide Inn

2348 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)
(503) 341-1381

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  • Tuesday
    May 30 2017
    Portland Underground Grad School Happy Hour: Problem Solving Sorting Hat

    The Slide Inn

    According to a Harvard study, social interaction is the second biggest influence on happiness, right after sleep. This happy hour is all about strengthening the social bonds in Portland by creating generosity and helping each other out.

    The idea is called the the Problem-Solving Sorting Hat (PSSH). This is what we'll do: everyone will write on slips of paper a problem that they need help on. Examples:

    1. I need a babysitter in NE.
    2. I need a handyman to fix my gutters
    3. I'm looking for informational interviews in public engagement.

    All the problems are put into a hat and then read out loud. Together we'll offer our networks to connect the person to resources. After we go through all the problems, we'll have open socializing so everyone can connect more with people they can help out.

    Come at 6p to grab food or drink. PSSH will start at 630. Connection, play, and problem-solving. Come and have some fun and experience generosity!