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Holladay City Park, 1100 NE Holladay

1100 NE Holladay Street
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Jan 26 2018
    Solidarity with Burgerville Workers Union Rally

    Join us for an afternoon of community solidarity with the Burgerville Workers Union.

    Union members will be sharing stories about why they are fighting to make their jobs and lives better. Community, union and religious leaders will also be speaking about the fight to build a more equitable and just world. We will be meeting at 4pm at Holladay Park near the Lloyd Center and then marching to the Convention Center Burgerville to show support to workers and to show Burgerville that Portland is a union town.


    We will be revealing exciting news about where we are headed next in our fight for fair wages, good working conditions, and building power with our coworkers!

  • Sunday
    Sep 17 2017
    Equity Matters: A Welcoming Gathering for Justice

    Government jurisdictions in the Portland Metropolitan area are organizing the “Equity Matters Community Gathering” on September 17, 2017 as part of the national Welcoming Week activities, sponsored by Welcoming America. The gathering is an opportunity for neighbors, business, cultural, arts, and civic leaders to come together and recognize our communities’ shared values of equity, inclusion, and sanctuary.

    In the wake of increasing anti-immigrant hostility and growing white supremacist aggression, the City of Portland’s Office of Equity and Human Rights; Multnomah County’s Office of Diversity and Equity; Metro’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program; and other government agencies are reaffirming their jurisdictions’ commitment to equity and human rights.

    Now, more than ever, we must confront the systems and policies that drive inequity and inflict daily violence and harm on our residents. To steer this country toward a truly inclusive and just democracy, we must clearly recognize the abhorrence of white supremacy and the essential task of dismantling centuries of structural racism and discrimination.

    As stated in their August 16, 2017 message, local elected leaders are committed to building communities that, “shun hate, offer equitable opportunity and see our differences as cause for celebration, not division.”

    Portland Office of Equity and Human Rights - Providing education and technical support to City staff and elected officials, leading to recognition and removal of systemic barriers to fair and just distribution of resources, access, and opportunity, starting with issues of race and disability.

  • Monday
    May 22 2017
    PPB out of PPS: Portland Student Action Network March for Student Rights!

    Join Portland Student Action Network to march and demand the removal of School Resource Officers from Portland Public Schools! PPS states “All students have a right to feel safe and included at school so that they can thrive academically and socially”. But the presence of armed police in schools, intimidates and criminalizes students, robbing many of their right to feel safe..

    Despite numerous attempts to meet with district officials, our concerns about SROs seem to have been largely ignored. Rather than taking steps to ensure our schools are safe places for all, the Portland Police Bureau and PPS have responded to our campaign by calling for the increased presence of police in schools. It’s time to take action to make our voices heard and get PPB out of PPS!

    This event will consist of a short rally at Holladay Park followed by a march. Students will gather outside of their schools at lunchtime, and follow their PSAN representative to Holladay Park. We will have a few student speakers beginning at 12:30 at the park before beginning our march. Message us if you are interested in speaking or would like to get involved. This is intended to be an entirely peaceful event that demonstrates student power. Parents and other concerned community members are invited to attend as well. It is important to everyone’s safety that we stay together and stay tight. We will have legal observers present during the course of our event.

    Our Campaign:

    Police Out of Schools: Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline The City of Portland states that the mission of School Resource Officers is to “provide a school environment that is free of crime, the fear of crime, and intimidation and disorder, so that school staff and students can achieve their education goals without distraction” Currently, SROs not only fail to fulfill this role, but actively intimidate students and distract from the learning environment. The regular presence of law enforcement in schools creates a hostile culture and inhibits students’ ability to feel safe. While PPS does not release data on interactions or arrests between officers and students, discipline data, student experience and national statistics reveals that black, Latino and Native American students are disproportionately targeted by school police. In-school arrests happen with frequency and inflict lasting trauma and embarrassment on students. SRO’s uphold the school-to-prison pipeline, funneling students from the classroom into the juvenile justice system. Our education system should strive to empower students, not suppress and terrorize them. PPS must end the presence of armed police in our schools and handle behavioral issues through intervention, mediation and counselor support. Our demands for PPS and the Portland Police Bureau: 1. Immediately stop arresting students in school unless they pose an imminent danger to themselves or others 2. Immediately disarm SRO’s 3. Train security and counselors to handle situations which require intervention and/or discipline 4. End zero tolerance policies in and lower exclusionary discipline rates 5. Create and follow through on a plan for closing the racial disparities in discipline 6. Implement restorative practices in every school and develop student mediation programs 7. Remove School Resource Officers from all of PPS by the beginning of the 2018-19 school year 8. Limit the amount that police are called into schools to extreme cases