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UNA Gallery

328 NW Broadway #117
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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  • Sunday
    Oct 29 2017
    Día de Muertx at UNA
    UNA Gallery

    UNA Gallery is celebrating Día de Muertx this First Thursday on November 2nd.

    Día de Muertx is about communing with our loved ones, alive and dead. Traditionally, altars (Altar de Muertx) are erected and adorned with different symbols, cherished objects, food, etc., for our deceased to enjoy on November 1st and 2nd. Those of us on the living realm, share dinner, music and poetry as our loved ones join us in a festive, bright and joyful celebration of life.

    The exhibit will include three Altares de Muertx, each themed and dedicated to:

    Nuestrx Muertx // Our Loved Ones Social Justice Artists Before Us

    The celebration on November 2nd will also include:

    Poetry Reading Music Food

    We will be meeting artists and collaborators over a three-day period Sun Oct 29 - Tues Oct 31 to receive work, and learn more about the altars and the traditions behind this festivity.

    During these three days, we will also be collaborating in the fabrication of different decorations, as well as personalizing paper skeletons. Members from our community will be invited to collaborate on various projects for the altars and the space. Come hang out with us, eat snacks, make flowers and dress skeletons.

    (More information to come)

    All people of color are invited to participate and collaborate on the exhibit and event.

    To our white allies: We gratefully welcome material and financial support. We are still wishing to secure tamales and Pan de Muerto and have a PayPal account at unagallerypdx@gmail.com

  • Monday
    Oct 2 2017
    Call: Día de Muertx

    UNA Gallery

    November is Día de Muertx at UNA Gallery and this is a call for different forms of participation!

    The project involves a gallery-sized installation of three main Altares de Muertx:

    Nuestrx Muertx: for our friends and family who've passed

    The Fallen: for the victims of police brutality, hate crimes, war and social injustice.

    Artists: for the artists and creatives before us

    The opening event on November 2nd will also involve performance, music, poetry and dinner.

    This is a call for participation to bring this event to fruition: artists, performers, poets, crafters, organizers, coordinators and friends! All folks of color are welcome to be involved, support and participate in many different ways!

    Follow this link for the Submission Form and select the way in which you'd like to be involved: https://goo.gl/forms/WHLwvRiss3hGR4Qg2

    DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS OCTOBER 2nd. Following the selection of participants, we will schedule a meeting to coordinate the group of selected artists & organizers!

    PLEASE NOTE: All people of color are invited to participate. However, we beg that you be mindful If you wish to participate but have no personal relationship to Día de Muertx. Do your research before showing up and spare us having to deal with any offensive / problematic / colonialist / appropriating elements of folks' involvement.

  • Thursday
    Sep 7 2017
    Opening of Sucix: kiki nicole and Carla Javier Brea

    UNA Gallery

    cvllejerx and UNA Gallery are proud to present SUCIX, an exhibition featuring the work of kiki nicole and Carla Javier-Brea.

    kiki nicole, a yung negro artist currently based in the Pacific Northwest by way of the DMV. they make blk art that werqs to ungender, unbody, & renew. their work has been published throughout the internet & has been performed irl mostly on the West Coast. they are a Pink Door Fellow and a member of the Spring 2017 Queer Emerging Artist Residency cohort at Destiny Arts Center. http://www.kikinicole.com/

    Carla Javier-Brea's: My mother would insist in calling me “Rialenga”, a wild child, a stray dog. To her, I was one of those that never grew any roots. I was raised traveling and exploring, and encountering all sorts of rituals, narratives, prominent superstitions, and customs in the Dominican Republic. My work is an exploration of my own sense of self and how my multi cultural background, family mythology, traditions, and superstitions have been well preserved in the rural fields that had been overlooked by time. I explore and dissect all these stories, dreams, and legends through etching to create surreal imagery. I also incorporate other print techniques fused with significant childhood and family customs like embroidery, watercolor, traditional beading and sculpture to create shrines to these chronicles. https://www.instagram.com/rialenga/

    This exhibition will be up for the month of September, please be on the look up for events throughout the exhibition including a closing reception, more details soon.

    This is our second event as part of our Precipice Fund Grant*

    CVLLEJERX is the product of our multicultural inbetweenness as second generation immigrants and the violent colonization and subsequent diaspora of colombia, mexico, and africa, which informs our mestizx and black experiences in america. CVLLEJERX was born in the whitest city in america, portland, that has deep-seated white supremacist roots. with this and other historical and contemporary circumstances in mind, it is urgent for us to reclaim space in this city. we merge fashion, performance, and poetry as a form of resistance. through the engagement of voice, clothing, and physical movement, we are reclaiming authorship. Choosing what we wear, what we say, and how we move, we are amplifying ourselves with tools accessible to us. https://www.cvllejerx.com/

  • Saturday
    Aug 19 2017
    De-Canon at UNA :: MUSIC + Poetry Performance

    UNA Gallery


    a NIGHT of PERFORMANCES exploring the intersection



    ++ with ++

    Trevino Brings Plenty - trevinobringsplenty.com Shayla Lawson - shaylalawson.com Dao Strom - daostrom.com Tron 444 - grape-god.com Anna Vo - annavo.bandcamp.com


    free, or $5 suggested donation (no one will be turned away)

    (bios forthcoming)

    De-Canon: A Visibility Project is a “pop-up library” and web resource project that will showcase literary art by writers/artists of color.

  • Wednesday
    Aug 16 2017
    Haft-Seen :: Film Screening for De-Canon at UNA

    UNA Gallery

    HAFT-SEEN (2017, 30 mins.), a visual poem written and scored by Stacey Tran, Jonathan Raissi, and Roland Dahwen Wu, is an homage to immigrant experiences and first-generation narratives of inheritance, spirituality, and the diasporic threads we weave and pass on through generations.

    Join us for a second screening of the film at UNA Gallery, hosted by De-Canon. Doors at 8pm, film screening will begin promptly at 8:30pm.

    This event is free and all ages are welcome.

  • Saturday
    Aug 12 2017
    De-Canon at UNA :: Writing Workshop + Unlearning Podcast

    UNA Gallery

    ~~DE-CANON Presents A Day of Workshops & Conversation~~


    [see details below]

    :: // 12-2pm // :: WRITING WORKSHOP w. NEIL AITKEN - BEYOND LANGUAGE: IMAGE, MEMORY, TRANSLATION Through a series of exercises which use image, memory, and translation to defamiliarize language, this workshop will help participants uncover and discover what lurks beneath and beyond the surface of the every day and commonplace.

    Register at https://goo.gl/forms/xKjuA2hgknBnSLcR2

    :: // 3-5pm // :: AN 'UNLEARNING' CONVERSATION + Q&A with Béalleka & Jeff Jaeckle (The Unlearning Podcast) (free, suggested donations)

    The Unlearning Podcast is the co-hosted brainchild of a recovering academic and an academic in transition. For over a decade, Béalleka held tenure-track, university appointments in Literature, Gender and Africana Studies before realizing the harm this was causing her as a Black queer woman and changing course toward an artistic healing path. Her partner, Jeff Jaeckle–a cisgender white, queer tenured professor–has reinvented himself over his 16 years in academia, moving from canonical American literature to film studies and a productive editing career. Join them for the live recording of their first podcast episode where they will delve into exploding literary canons, decolonizing minds, and unlearning narratives of professional success, work/life balance, and codes of masculinity while navigating intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

    Visit UnlearningPodcast.com to learn more and subscribe.


    BÉALLEKA shares stories + visions of radical world change using words, writing, & performance. As a cultural consultant for arts organizations + storytelling shows, a seminar guide for Portland Art Museum & the Literary Arts Delve program, & as a contracted DEI trainer + facilitator at Metro, she challenges people + institutions to unlearn their harm-based beliefs. A self-described candlearian or librarian of light, Béalleka loves assisting people in discovering their means to shine their brightest.

    JEFF JAECKLE was adopted as an infant by a 5th-generation Texan Catholic family into which he never quite fit, including his decisions to attend college, leave Texas, and opt out of marriage, parenting, organized religion, and NASCAR. In addition to teaching at Portland Community College, he is an editor and media scholar who focuses on classic Hollywood, film sound, and romantic comedies. He is the editor of Film Dialogue and ReFocus: The Films of Preston Sturges; his next book, on filmmaker Barbara Kopple, will be released by Edinburgh University Press in 2018.

    De-Canon: A Visibility Project is a “pop-up library” and web resource project that will showcase literary art by writers/artists of color.

  • Thursday
    Jul 6 2017
    YGB: Two Year Retrospective

    UNA Gallery

    Join us as we celebrate 2 years of the YGB Portland Community.

    Featuring photography by MissLopezMedia, RoseLéon, Tojo Fotos and Anthony Taylor, with short films by Sika Stanton and Tiki Mon. As part of our retrospective, all of the digital art created by Alexander Wright for our previous events will be featured as well.

    Vibes and music by DJ Lamar LeRoy, and a special live performance by Wes Guy.

    Links to the artists https://misslopezmedia.wordpress.com http://www.anthonytaylor.me/ www.instagram.com/rosexleon/ https://tojofotos.squarespace.com/ http://www.tikimonphotos.com/ http://sikastanton.com/ https://www.instagram.com/cassodinero/

    Who is Y.G.B Portland?


    Our mission is to create spaces of joy and healing for the Black and Brown community of Portland, Oregon. Our collaborative is Pro-Black, Pro-Femme, Pro-Queer and centers those identities at every event. We believe that liberation will come from art, self-love and community.

  • Sunday
    May 14 2017
    White Guilt Work Group

    UNA Gallery

    Facitilated by Emilie Friedman

    Do you feel guilty about slavery? Want to cry when you think about racism? Are you ashamed and embarrassed of Donald Trump?

    Come join this anti-racism working group!

    Non-white activists, organizers and spaces often bear the brunt of white guilt, yet as white people, we don't always have the tools or community to understand how feelings of guilt and shame might reinforce white supremacy. These feelings (embarrassment, guilt, shame, sadness and other strong & understandable emotions) often actively inhibit responding appropriately to racism, and do little to address the reality of the racialization experienced by friends, family, coworkers and other loved ones.

    This working group will be a space to connect to and work to understand the shame, defensiveness & guilt we may experience when confronted by the truth of racism, and share resources and tools in order to better contribute to anti-racist struggle and stand in solidarity with people of color. We will look at ways of supporting anti-racist organizing while being conscious about not centering whiteness, how to engage other white people in anti-racist actions, and aim to work through feelings of uselessness and incompetence. We will also develop long-term relationships that will allow us to process these experiences and commit to anti-racist movements in an ongoing manner.

    This is a non-judgmental space to process and work through difficult feelings. Please come knowing that this two hour work group is one point in an uncomfortable and difficult process that continues throughout ones' life. Empathy, understanding & the knowledge that we can all do better is necessary.

    *A note about this project: while hosting an white-specific anti-racist space does in some ways center whiteness (and does not address racism directly), I believe it is essential for white folks to be able to process guilt and shame around whiteness in order to move past fragility and defensiveness, and show up stronger and more committed to anti-racist work. If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please reach out to me (Emilie) directly via emilierfriedman@gmail.com. Thank you.

    Emilie Friedman is a queer feminist organizer and activist who has done work in New York and in Portland, OR. They currently facilitate workshops on a range of anti-oppression topics, have taught at PSU, and work as a Shelter Manager at two shelters in East County, Portland.