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Mother Foucault's Bookshop, 523 SE Morrison

523 SE Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

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  • Wednesday
    Dec 13 2017
    Shane Burley and Alexander Reid Ross on Fascism and Resistance

    Next talk on the northwest tour for Fascism Today, Shane Burley speaking with author of Against the Fascist Creep Alexander Reid Ross!

    We can no longer ignore the fact that fascism is on the rise in the United States. What was once a fringe movement has been gaining cultural acceptance and political power for years. Rebranding itself as “alt-right” and riding the waves of both Donald Trump’s hate-fueled populism and the anxiety of an abandoned working class, they have created a social force that has the ability to win elections and inspire racist street violence in equal measure.

    Fascism Today looks at the changing world of the far right in Donald Trump’s America. Examining the modern fascist movement’s various strains, Shane Burley has written an accessible primer about what its adherents believe, how they organize, and what future they have in the United States. The ascension of Trump has introduced a whole new vocabulary into our political lexicon—white nationalism, race realism, Identitarianism, and a slew of others. Burley breaks it all down. From the tech-savvy trolls of the alt-right to esoteric Aryan mystics, from full-fledged Nazis to well-groomed neofascists like Richard Spencer, he shows how these racists and authoritarians have reinvented themselves in order to recruit new members and grow.

    Just as importantly, Fascism Today shows how they can be fought and beaten. It highlights groups that have successfully opposed these twisted forces and outlines the elements needed to build powerful mass movements to confront the institutionalization of fascist ideas, protect marginalized communities, and ultimately stop the fascist threat.

    Shane Burley is a writer, filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. His work has appeared in places like Jacobin, Waging Nonviolence, In These Times, Perspectives, Upping the Ante, ThinkProgress, Make/Shift, Gods & Radicals, Roar Mag, and others.

  • Saturday
    Dec 2 2017
    Dr. Amir Whitaker: The Knucklehead's Guide

    THE KNUCKLEHEAD’S GUIDE TO ESCAPING THE TRAP - Follow Amir’s life-changing journey through the trilogy of challenges that molded him into an agent of change. In the first chronicle, he rebounds from incarceration and expulsion from school, while evading the systems devastating his community. Next, the underdog attends leading universities across the country for 12 years, while obtaining five college degrees. Finally, Amir travels to 30 countries by his 30th birthday, while broadening his perspective on the world and humanity.

    Amir combines live music, hip hop, dance, poetry, and soul music to add texture to his story telling. In his book reading performance, Amir fuses the music of artist like Jimi Hendrix and Kendrick Lamar with personal stories of overcoming adversity. A provocative visual presentation of still images, videos, and animations accompany the performance.

  • Thursday
    Oct 26 2017
    Last Thursdays of Humanity

    Our monthly showcase of resistance returns, with Leanne Grabel hosting readers on October 26, November 30, and December 28.

  • Thursday
    Oct 19 2017
    Jerry Rubin, An American Revolutionary

    Pat Thomas launches his latest book, DID IT! FROM YIPPIE TO YUPPIE at the bookshop on Thursday, October 19.

    Based on over 75 original interviews with his co-conspirators, friends and foes, this book not only explores the life and times of Jerry Rubin, but the generation that spanned the idealistic firebrands in the 1960s to full blown capitalists in the 1980s.

    Those interviewed include fellow Chicago 8 Defendants, participants in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement; Paul Krassner, Nancy Kurshan, Bobby Seale, Rennie Davis, and dozens more who reveal, in their own words, vibrant stories of the era. Often left out in histories of the radical ‘60’s, twenty women speak out in their own voice.

    Pat Thomas is the author of Listen, Whitey! The sights & sounds of Black Power 1965-1975 and curator of Invitation to Openness: The Jazz & Soul Photography of Les McCann 1960-1980. He lives in Los Angeles, California

  • Friday
    Sep 22 2017
    Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief

    Join Cindy Milstein (anthology editor and contributor) for the Portland launch of "Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief" (AK Press, September 2017). This collection, as Silvia Federici, author of "Caliban and the Witch," puts it, "uncovers the destruction of life that capitalist development leaves in its trail. But it is also witness to the power of grief as a catalyst to collective resistance."

    Through first-person and/or frontline stories, the anthology's thirty-seven contributors illuminate, bittersweetly, that we can bear almost anything when it is worked through collectively. Grief is generally thought of as something personal and insular, but when we publicly share loss and pain, we lessen the power of the forces that debilitate us, while at the same time building the humane social practices that reduce suffering and accentuate quality of life for everyone. Addressing tragedies from Fukushima to Palestine, incarceration to eviction, AIDS crises to border crossings, and racism to rape, the intimate yet tenacious writing in this volume shows that mourning can pry open spaces of contestation and reconstruction, empathy and solidarity.

    Cindy will share thoughts on the themes that weave through the book and then facilitate a conversation.

    Copies of the anthology will be available for sale at the event.

    This event is free, but donations are appreciated to help cover Cindy's travel to the Pacific Northwest. Other book-related events include a workshop at the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair on Sunday, September 17; a talk/discussion at Spartacus Books in the Unceded Coast Salish Territory (so-called Vancouver) on Monday, September 18; and a talk/discussion in Seattle on Wednesday, September 20, https://www.facebook.com/events/226955567832956/).

    For more info on the book, or to order online, see: https://www.akpress.org/rebellious-mourning.html

    For more info on Pipsqueak Gallery, see: https://www.thestranger.com/locations/23442624/pipsqueak-gallery

  • Thursday
    Sep 21 2017
    Oregon Institute for Creative Research "Readings for Now" Series

    Are there writings and records that can help us understand what is happening now?

    Join the Oregon Institute for Creative Research for a roundtable discussion on Thursday, September 21. Please read the selections below ahead of time. They can be downloaded from the OICR website, and books in which they appear are available at Mother Foucault's.

    Website: https://oicr-e4.org/events/readings-for-now


    • Hannah Arendt, “Lying in Politics,” Crises of the Republic, 3–13
    • Vilém Flusser, “Criteria—Crisis—Criticism,” Vilém Flusser: Writings, 42–50
    • Georg Simmel, “Knowledge, Truth, and Falsehood in Human Relations,” The Sociology of Georg Simmel, 307–316
    • Henri Lefebvre, “The Idea of Reality,” Critique of Everyday Life: Foundations for a Sociology of the Everyday, vol. II, 487–500
    • Theodor W. Adorno, “Opinion Delusion Society,” Critical Models: Interventions and Catchwords, 105–122

    Oregon Institute for Creative Research
    Bringing together the long and rigorous tradition of critical theory and the emerging domain of creative research, the Oregon Institute for Creative Research: E4, a 501(c)(3), is a school and research institute devoted to work at the intersection of ethics, aesthetics, ecology, and education.

    Mother Foucault's Bookshop is a serious book lover's haven with a curated collection of literature, philosophy, literary criticism, foreign language books and more.

  • Friday
    May 5 2017
    Lena Khalaf Tuffaha: WATER & SALT

    Join us to celebrate PNW poet Lena Khalaf Tuffaha's first full-length collection, WATER & SALT, available now from Red Hen Press.

    More about Lena: Lena Khalaf Tuffaha has lived the experiences of first-generation American, immigrant, and expatriate. Her heritage is Palestinian, Jordanian, and Syrian and she is fluent in Arabic and English, and has academic proficiency in French. She has lived in and traveled across the Arab world, and many of her poems are inspired by the experience of crossing cultural, geographic and political borders, borders between languages, between the present and the living past.

    Lena writes poetry, essays and translations. Her first book of poems, Water and Salt, is published by Red Hen Press. She is the winner of the 2016 Two Sylvias Prize for her chapbook Arab in Newsland. Her essays have been published in the Seattle Times, Al-Ahram Weekly, and Kenyon Review Online. She translated the screenplay for the multi award-winning feature film When I Saw You, written and directed by Annemarie Jacir. When I Saw You premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2012 and was Palestine's official submission to the 2012 Academy Awards. She translated I Am A Guest on This Earth by Iraqi poet Faiza Sultan, published by Dar Safi Press.