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Midland Library

805 SE 122nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97233, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Thursday
    Feb 22 2018
    Free Renters' Rights Workshop

    Midland Library

    Did you know

    • that over half of millenials rent?
    • that nearly 70% of black folks rent?
    • that women are less likely to own homes than men?
    • that empty homes outnumber homeless people?

    Start the new year off by learning your rights!

    Join other renters, the Multnomah County Library and Community Alliance of Tenants for a free renters' rights workshop in the Gregory Heights Meeting Room, and bring your questions with you.

    Invite anyone who you know rents. We are stronger in numbers! This event is free and open to the public, and will be available in English and Vietnamese.

    To register, please go to: https://midlandrentersrights.eventbrite.com/

    or call Thuy at 503-329-8903 or email thuy@oregoncat.org.

    (The FB page has a description in Vietnamese, that uses a character set that unfortunately this calendar cannot support.)

  • Saturday
    Dec 2 2017
    Portland Democratic Socialists of America Healthcare Strategy Session

    Midland Library

    Portland DSA Healthcare Strategy Discussion

    Saturday Dec 2, 1-4 p.m.
    Midland Library
    805 SE 122nd Ave
    Portland, OR 97233
    (in the Large Room)
    ADA Accessible; No ASL

    Carpooling: Sign up to give or get rides

    Come talk about strategy for Portland DSA around Medicare for All and other health care issues.

    Portland DSA has successfully launched a Medicare for All campaign based on listening focused canvassing. We have gathered support for the Health Care for All Oregon coalition, and found people interested in learning more about DSA. We have held post-canvass story-based community meetings where people shared experiences with failures of private insurance driven for profit care, and learned more about Medicare for All / single payer.

    We have also joined the Yes for Healthcare / Yes on Measure 101 campaign, to save Oregon Health Plan coverage for 350,000 Oregonians under Medicaid expansion in the January 23, 2018 special election. Yes on 101 is a fight to prevent great suffering, and also to defend the revenue base for HCAO’s future state level Medicare for All type plan.

    Now we need to plan Portland DSA’s next steps in healthcare campaigning, and develop a cohesive approach for the coming year and beyond.

    How can we best support Yes for Healthcare on January 23? How can we use Yes on 101 to educate about Improved Medicare for All without confusing people?

    Beyond canvassing, what kinds of actions, events and activities should our Medicare for All Campaign organize, to engage members and new members and educate the public?

    How can Medicare for All organizing be intersectional, addressing the needs and priorities of racial health equity for people of color, women’s health equity and reproductive justice, LGBTQ health needs, and working class income and job related health care issues? How does capitalist health oppression shape and connect those needs?

    How should Portland DSA work within HCAO? Can we build both the Improved Medicare for All movement, and also DSA? How does our local Medicare for All campaign fit into the recently launched national campaign? How does this issue fit into Portland DSA’s approach to electoral and ballot measure politics?

    What other health care campaign ideas do members have? How can we use our Medicare for All and Measure 101 work to build up our skills, identify existing strengths members have, and encourge people to step up to take the lead in campaign actions and events?

    There will be other opportunities to engage in this discussion.

  • Saturday
    Nov 18 2017
    Song, Music & Dance: Native Heritage Month

    Midland Library

    Northstar & Multnomah County Library Native Heritage Month Seroes*Presentation of story, song, music and The Dance~ See Native in We Remain~

  • Sunday
    Sep 24 2017
    And the ban played on - the long saga of censorship

    Midland Library

    Registration required; register on the library's website at https://multcolib.org/events/and-ban-played/80130

    Many rulers and societies throughout history have attempted control who is remembered, what is to be seen and heard, and how we are to behave. In our country, where the First Amendment remains a nearly sacred document, there’s always been heated debate regarding exactly how “free” creative minds really are when it comes to expressing feelings and ideas.

    This program explores some of the history of the long saga of censorship and the need some cultures have to silence certain writers, artists and musicians. We’ll examine the probable roots/causes of censorship and explore whether total freedom of expression is actually possible.

    Made possible by The National Endowment for the Humanities Fund of The Library Foundation.

  • Friday
    Sep 8 2017
    Uplift, Understand, Upskill Young Pacific Islanders

    Midland Library

    This is a storytelling event created for youth to share a space not only to listen but to exchange stories, narratives, and experiences in hopes to uplift, understand, and upskill each other. Our mission is to break the barriers of Pacific Islander youth by interchanging stories to help us realize our validity and get motivated to go above and beyond with schools and/or with our communities.

    In this event, we will be highlighting stories of the lifestyles of other young Pacific Islander students.

    Please feel free to invite your friends, families, and community members to join us listening and sharing our own narratives.


  • Saturday
    Jul 22 2017
    End of Session Town Hall with Diego Hernandez

    Midland Library

    The 2017 legislative session has come to an end, join me for an end of session town hall.

    Please RSVP below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k6uVjOtoIHDu0-TeB06em4qOACFzCieJcWCYpJCx4fQ/edit

    Diego Hernandez -

    State Representative of East Portland, Reynolds School Board Member, intersectional feminist, organizer, 1st generation grad UO (B.A. Ethnic Studies) & PSU (MSW) alum

  • Sunday
    Jul 9 2017
    East Portland Leadership Training with Oregon Women's Campaign School

    Midland Library

    Since November 2016, we’ve seen an enormous demand from our supporters and from Oregonians around the state for real tools to fight back against the continued attacks on women and reproductive rights. There is a lot at stake, but we are encouraged to see so many new faces getting involved in the fight for reproductive justice!

    As a response to this increased demand, the Oregon Women’s Campaign School - an organization that works to train the next generation of pro-choice leaders and activists - will be hosting a number of regional trainings designed to give you the tools you need to jump start your political career.

    One of regional trainings will be on July 9th in East Portland, from 2:00 to 3:30 PM at the Midland Library. It’s an opportunity for our members and supporters to engage with OWCS and learn what it takes to jump into campaign life.

    The East Portland training will feature special guests from the area who know what it takes to run a successful campaign, and who will help walk participants through the 5 things they need to know to work in Oregon politics.

    Click here to RSVP and get the details you need to join us: http://oregonwomenscampaignschool.org/regional/

    The Oregon Women's Campaign School provides a biennial, non-partisan, skill-building weekend for pro-choice candidates, campaign staff and activists.

  • Sunday
    Apr 30 2017
    East County Town Hall

    Midland Library

    Join Representative Hernandez and Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson on Sunday, April 30th to hear about the work they are doing in Salem and here locally around housing, education, transportation, pedestrian safety and more.

    Please RVSP by filling out our form below: https://docs.google.com/a/pdx.edu/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeyUPqTtUY4O6M1rggYh8cn1nn97IXIAu4lJUiWfhElj2Mmtw/viewform