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Chapman Square, 350 SW Main

350 SW Main St
Portland, OR 97204, United States (map)

Between Madison, 3rd, & 4th

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Past events that happened here

  • Saturday
    Dec 9 2017
    Defend Immigrants, Fight Back Against Patriot Prayer (Rose City Antifa)

    Patriot Prayer is again calling for a bigoted rally that will threaten our communities. On Saturday the 9th, Patriot Prayer will gather with other bigots and white supremacists in Portland to intimidate and harm immigrant communities. The extreme right is opportunistically amping up their violent rhetoric after the accidental death of Kate Steinle and they are threatening and justifying white supremacist violence against immigrant communities.

    Rose City Antifa proudly stands with and defends immigrants and refugees. Portland must stand against this threat and say that in Portland immigrants and refugess are welcome, and that white supremacists, fascists, and racists are not. We will defend ourselves against these bigoted, murderous white supremacists who threaten or harm the integrity of our neighborhoods and communities!

  • Wednesday
    Jul 19 2017
    Rally for Wages and Fairness

    It is so important that YOU, your coworkers, and your family join us in the park on Wednesday, July 19th at 4:30 pm for a rally. If we can get 1000 DCTU members in the park, we can push hard on the City the next day to settle this contract!!

    We're union members, so we can't go to the boss to ask for a raise, that's just not the way it works in a union shop. Showing up for this rally, taking an hour or two off work, coming in if it's your day off, is the union equivalent of having a meeting with your boss to ask for a raise.

    This is the first time in a long time there has been money on the table, but we have to fight for it! They same few voices at the table week after week won't convince the City. Swarming outside the offices of BHR will prove you actually care and are NOT content with your current lot.

    There is a reason the City has kept a lid on their non-rep class-comp results. Whatever we don't pry from their fingers will probably just go to non-rep and management raises.

    Come lift your voices and fight to be recognized at the employees of choice you really are!

  • Wednesday
    Jun 7 2017
    Rally For A FAIR CONTRACT! (District Council of Trade Unions)

    Come to support your bargaining team and show the City that what happens at the bargaining table matters to you!

  • Sunday
    Jun 4 2017
    Defend Portland! No Nazis On Our Streets!

    On June 4th, Patriot Prayer (A far-right wing christian fundamentalist radio show) has called for a rally at Terry Shrunk Plaza at 2pm.

    Joey Gibson, the sole runner of Patriot Prayer and the main networker of far right unity, has invited many known white nationalist, including Kyle "Stickman" Chapman.

    This cannot happen on our streets.

    We are calling for a united front!

    Red, black, blue and green.

    Regardless of Identity,

    Regardless of Ideology




  • Monday
    May 15 2017
    Public Hearing: Tell PGE we want clean energy NOT fracked gas

    Join us to tell PGE that Oregonians want #cleanenergy not #frackedgas. The Oregon Public Utility Commission is holding this public hearing to accept testimony from the general public about Portland General Electric's energy plan. Join us to speak out about their plans for fracked gas power plants. Please wear red. KEEP THE FRACK OUT. CLEAN ENERGY for OREGON. #climateaction #climatechange #actonclimate

    Stay tuned (on Facebook page) for details. The public hearing runs from 6 pm - 8:30 pm and we expect testimony to be limited to 2-3 minutes.

    There will be a rally beforehand at 5 pm at Chapman Square.

  • Saturday
    May 13 2017
    CANCELLED: Stand up against police targeting

    Activists are always being targeted by the police, we need to put a end to people constantly being arrested for expressing their first amendment rights!

    Marching in the streets and blocking traffic for a couple of minutes should NOT be a crime, we need a PPB That protects the people not a PPB that arrests a morning family protesting a murder committed by Officer Andrew Hearst.

    Just the other day, Standard Schaefer (a Portland activist) was drinking coffee in a Starbucks with his family where he was recognized and arrested, he was accused of second-degree robbery and coercion.. because during a recent Quanice Hayes protest, someone was assaulting a woman and stan came in to help, he ended up knocking the glasses off the guy... which is robbery? Plus the video they had as evidence showed a person assaulting someone and then stan, but they only arrested the known activist. They are not going after the person who assaulted two people but they are trying to put felony charges on the person who protected everyone from the person who was assaulting people. This is just one example of how the PPB targets protesters Like the UN says "Americans right to protest is in grave danger"

    So come stand in solidarity with everyone who is constantly arrested and targeting for protesting, come stand in solidarity against the PPB.