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The Watershed

5040 SE Milwaukie Avenue
Portland, OR 97202, US (map)
(503) 232-7433

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    May 23 2017
    BerniePDX Post-Election Meeting - What's Next?

    The Watershed

    Join BerniePDX for our post-election meeting! What's next? Furthering Bernie's agenda locally, of course!

    We'll learn about a city-wide ballot initiative that will tax corporations to pay for renewable energy infrastructure projects! We'll also hear about the status of Single-Payer Universal Healthcare in the state and country in preparation for Rep. Blumenauer's town hall on the topic! Heard the term "Single-Payer" a lot, but not quite sure what it entails? Come learn the details!

  • Tuesday
    May 2 2017
    BerniePDX Ballot Party! Let's VOTE!

    The Watershed

    It's that time of year again! Come fill out your May Special Election ballot with BerniePDX! We'll discuss and vote for progressive candidates and initiatives, and eat snacks (bring some food or drink if you're able)!

    This is seriously one of our favorite events of the year. Never heard of that initiative on the ballot? Wondering who other Berniecrats are voting for? Come find out!

    We can even drop off your ballot for you the next day! Visit OregonVotes.gov to register to vote, last day to register is April 25!

    BerniePDX Endorsements for May 16, 2017 Election:

    Portland Public Schools: Rita Moore & Scott Bailey PCC Board: Valdez Bravo (Zone 5 - SW PDX & Beaverton) David Douglas School Board: Stephanie Stephens & Ana Del Rocio YES on the School Bond!