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West Linn Library

1595 Burns Street
West Linn, OR 97068, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Saturday
    Feb 17 2018
    Power, Privilege and Racial Diversity in Oregon

    Although census data show Oregon’s population becoming more racially diverse, the perception persists that we are one of the whitest states in the nation. Many Oregonians value racial diversity and the dimension and depth it adds to our lives, yet we remain largely isolated from one another and have yet to fulfill the vision of a racially integrated society. What systems are in place to prevent the racial integration and equity many of us strive for? Knowing what we do, how do we act as individuals and communities, to embrace the opportunity presented by a more diverse Oregon?

    This is the focus of “Power, Privilege, and Racial Diversity in Oregon,” a free conversation with Willamette University professor Emily Drew.

    Sponsored by The West Linn Alliance for Inclusive community

  • Saturday
    Oct 28 2017
    Conversation Project: What's In A Label?

    As humans, we constantly label and categorize information on both conscious and unconscious levels. Labeling enables our brains to sort information efficiently, but the labels and categories we assign to information can form generalizations and stereotypes in our minds. When we allow stereotypes to define individuals, we fail to see the inherent diversity in humans. Race is a form of labeling. What are we describing when we assign racial categories to others and ourselves? How can we use language to increase understanding and connection, and what are its limitations? Join public interest lawyer Ann Su for a conversation exploring how the words we choose influence our understanding of race and racial diversity.

    This program is sponsored by the West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community.

    West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community
    We are a local community organization working to enhance the quality of life for all residents of West Linn.

  • Sunday
    Apr 30 2017
    Workshop - Misinformation and Political Propaganda

    West Linn Library

    We are overwhelmed with messages from politicians, news sources and other media. Learn to distinguish truth from fiction using critical thinking strategies. The workshop uses real world examples of political ads, news headlines, graphs / charts, the effect of word choice in messaging, statistical data and other types of information in a “what do you see here? / what is missing?” format. The last part is about finding accurate information. The goal is to help people become their own “factchecker”.