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PCC Cascade Campus

705 N Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97217, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Jun 14 2017
    A Celebration of LGBTQ Generations

    These are interesting and troubling times for our community. Now, more than ever, our history and those who laid the foundation for our progress possess a wisdom that will help to guide us. At the same time, our amazing young people have new insights and a passion that will lead us into an even greater future. As part of Pride, let's come together for an evening of change-making intergenerational connection and conversation!

    In partnership with AARP Oregon and SAGE Metro Portland. Thank you to the PCC Cascade QRC for sponsoring!

    In addition to food and beverages, we will have interpreters present as well.

  • Saturday
    May 27 2017
    The Vanport Mosaic Education Workshop

    PCC Cascade Campus

    The Vanport Mosaic Festival 2017 VANPORT EDUCATION WORKSHOP

    Educators will learn multidisciplinary tools and opportunities for curriculum development for use in teaching about Vanport, Oregon. This year’s themes of home, housing migration, and displacement are central to the workshop and lesson design. Embedded in these workshops is the question of how unresolved issues with race-based displacement reverberate through future generations.

    Registration Fee: $10

    Workshop Presenters: James Harrison, Heather McAfee, and Melissa Favara; Event Producer: Greta Smith

    When: Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 11:30 am to 3pm

    Location: Portland Community College, Cascade Campus Terrell Hall Auditorium 705 North Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217

    This event is part of The Vanport Mosaic Festival 2017, a four-day exploration of the history and legacy of Vanport, Oregon’s second largest city wiped out by a flood in 1948. Through theater, documentaries, historic exhibit, lectures, and tours we honor the experience of those who lived there.

  • Friday
    May 19 2017
    Operation Veteran Freedom workshop

    PCC Cascade Campus

    For our Veterans and Families and at no cost. Pre-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by emailing rod.wittmier@na2evs.org for the workshop Agreement.

    Please share this with Veterans and their adult family members near the Portland Oregon area.

    Visit http://www.na2evs.org/ovf for testimonies and course description.

    Visit http://na2evs.org/events to get the flyer for this workshop.

  • Saturday
    May 13 2017
    Oregon Queer Youth Summit 2017: DIY Resistance

    PCC Cascade Campus


    This is where registration and many events thoughout the day will be! Come here FIRST for program, swag bag, food, tabling, and info!

    ("SU" on this map: https://www.pcc.edu/about/locations/cascade/documents/ca-campus-map.pdf)

    Here's the complete program of the day, including workshop descriptions: http://oqys.org/program

    About the Oregon Queer Youth Summit (OQYS): Several hundred queer youth (any age - 24 years old) from all over the Pacific Northwest come to share their ideas and open hearts, see keynote speeches, eat delicious food, and dance it out at a queer prom.

    OQYS 2017 Theme: DIY RESISTANCE: Solidarity, Self Care, & Survival
    To us, the theme calls to mind how we show up for ourselves and each other in order to build relationships within and across communities and identities. We are committed to loving, healing, and preserving ourselves so we can keep doing radical work in the world!

    REGISTER TO ATTEND: Free! WE CAN OFFER TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS - from near or far, we want you to come! Register ASAP so we can plan for you. DEADLINE MONDAY, APRIL 24th. https://goo.gl/forms/txTCIGGl4iDUVZGm2

    ADULT VOLUNTEERS: https://goo.gl/forms/cNcqkuYZ8JQvI6xF2

    Breakfast/lunch/workshops all day: 9am-5pm

    Queer prom: 7pm-10pm

    Like us on Facebook: The Oregon Queer Youth Summit Visit our website: http://oqys.org/ DONATE to make OQYS amazing!: https://connect.clickandpledge.com/Organization/pdxqcenter/campaign/QTY

  • Monday
    May 1 2017
    PCC: May 1 Student Walkout Against the Trump Agenda

    PCC Cascade Campus

    Schedule: 12:00pm - Walk out of class and rally outside, between the student union and Cascade Hall 1:00pm - March to the yellow line and ride downtown together to join the citywide march at Shemanski Park.

    Never has it been more obvious that we cannot allow "business as usual" to continue while workers, immigrants, women, and all poor and oppressed people are under vicious attack by the government's right-wing agenda. A wave of student walkouts across the country on May 1, International Workers Day, will send a clear message to Trump, the billionaire class, and the Republican Party that we reject their agenda of bigotry, hate, and division; that we reject their corporate policies of gutting social services and education. Already we have seen the beginning of a mass fightback against Trump, with hundreds of thousands pouring into the streets after the election. But we can’t stop there. More will be needed to stand up and fight back against the onslaught of right-wing hate and corporate greed.

    Join with Socialist Students in walking out and protesting on May 1 to demand:

    • No Deportations, No Ban, No Wall! Defend Immigrants on Campus!
    • No Tuition Hikes - Free College for All!
    • Black Lives Matter - End Police Brutality & Mass Incarceration!
    • For Living-Wage Union Jobs - $15/hr for All Campus Workers!
    • Stop the GOP Assault on Healthcare - Free Comprehensive Coverage for All!
    • Defend Planned Parenthood - For Universal Access to Abortions & Reproductive Care!
    • No New Pipelines, No EPA Cuts - Fight Climate Change with Green Jobs and Renewable Energy!


  • Mayday Danceout sponsored by the Ant!

    Mayday has, for centuries, been a celebration of Spring. Dancing around the May Pole has a history which some scholars believe goes back all the way to the Iron Age. It is a joyous moment, a reminder that we have survived the worst of winter, and came out the other side with Life bursting forth all around us.

    Then, in the late 1800s, an international coalition of anarchist, communist, and socialist organizations declared Mayday as International Workers Day, in honor of the Haymarket Affair when labor organizers in Chicago were arrested and martyred by the State. Ever since then, Mayday has been a day for rallies, protests, marches, etc, where students, workers, and all of the oppressed show our collective power by taking to the streets.

    This year, Immigrants Rights organizations are calling for a Day Without Immigrants. Workers organizations are calling for a general strike. College and University organizations are calling for a walkout.

    At ANT Club, we wish to join in this moment to show this school, this city, and this country just how powerful we could be if we united. We acknowledge the word "walkout" to be ableist, and we also wish to unite these historical definitions of Mayday. As such, we are calling for a Danceout. Because dancing is something done with the soul, not the body.

    Join us as we celebrate the beginning of the end of the Winter which began in November, when so many of us saw how far our country was truly gone.

    Join us as we celebrate the first saplings of resistance, bursting forth from the earth.

    Join us as we dance for a new world.

    We leave our classes at 12pm. Socialist Alternative is also calling for a walkout at the same time, and we wish to respect their speakers and rally, in the interest of solidarity. At 1pm, we will dance march our way to the Yellow Line Max in order to join the main Mayday celebrations at Shemanski Park. There will be two rallies/marches downtown, a permitted one and an anti-capitalist unpermitted one. We at ANT club encourage everyone to choose the march they are most comfortable with, and are not involved with either march directly.

  • Friday
    Apr 28 2017
    Arte e Identidad

    PCC MEChA Presents: 1st annual Arte e Identidad.

    We will have food beverages, aztec dancers, entertainment and more!

    This event will be open for everyone! so bring your family and or friends!

    It's going to be at:

    Portland Community College Cascade Campus Student Union Building. 5pm - 8pm

  • Friday
    Apr 21 2017
    Resistance Talks! Candidate Forum on Public Education

    When: April 21st

    Doors: 5:30 / Program: 6:00 - 8:00pm

    Where: PCC Cascade Auditorium, 705 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

    $5 Suggested donation. Donations benefit the work of Know Your City.

    At a time when our nation is seriously divided and reports of discrimination are rising as a result of the 2016 election, 2017 is going to be the most important year yet for Know Your City’s mission of sharing stories of humanity. Because of this, we’ve entered into a partnership with Portland’s Resistance and other community partners to host Resistance Talks. Resistance Talks will be a series of monthly events that will discuss some of the most pressing social justice issues of our time and call our community to action. Our second Resistance Talks is focused on Public Education, hearing specifically from candidates for Portland Public Schools and PCC Zone 5. Our forum will cover a diversity of education concerns, including the school to prison pipeline, school vouchers, DACA, and school funding.

    Candidates include:

    PPS Zone 4 Rita Moore Jamila Singleton Munson PPS Zone 5 Scott Bailey Virginia La Forte PPS Zone 6 Julia Brim Edwards Josie Simonis

    PCC Zone 5 Valdez Bravo Moses Ross

    Join us at PCC Cascade Auditorium, 705 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217 Suggested donation is $5.

    About Know Your City: Know Your City engages the public in art and social justice through creative placemaking projects. Our programs and publications aim to educate people to better know their communities, and to empower them to take action.

    About Portland’s Resistance: Portland’s Resistance is a community group that organizes direct action and policy demands to bring about the just and equitable future that we all deserve.