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Beacon Sound

3636 N. Mississippi
Portland, Oregon 97211, United States (map)

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  • Monday
    Feb 6 2017
    Where Do We Go From Here: A Public Assembly

    Beacon Sound


    We have just witnessed the first week of Donald Trump's presidency. Much of what we have seen and experienced has been incredibly challenging, heartbreaking, frightening, shocking, unconstitutional... The list goes on.

    As we continue to act against the most recent atrocities committed by this administration in protest, we also maintain an open dialogue with one another, about what steps to take through out the oncoming days, weeks and months.

    Similar to the first assembly, we will begin as one large group, then later split up into smaller groups, each guided minimally by a facilitator. Each group will have a few discussion prompts related to the most recent issues, such as the Muslim ban, "normalization", locality and collectivity as tools for national change.

    "Where Do We Go From Here?" is an ongoing public assembly for new and experienced activists to speak, listen, connect & unite together in action for collective change.