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IRCO Community Center

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  • Saturday
    Jun 30 2018
    Roofs & Resources: a community dialogue on Housing and Houselessness

    We want to talk. A real community dialogue about houselessness and housing – speaking to both our experiences here in Montavilla as well the city-wide crisis we find ourselves in. For the panel, we've invited the currently and formerly houseless, local service providers, community advocates, and especially neighbors.

    And the themes we will explore were originally chosen by you, our membership!

    The format is designed to let us all feel heard: the panelists will tell their story with a brief Q&A from facilitators. Then it’s your turn to talk. At each of our tables, we’ll discuss as a group what we took from the panel, how it mixes with our lived experience or what we know, and what we plan to do about it. We hope to keep conversations cordial, compassionate and solutions-oriented. Each table will then have a chance to summarize their findings and ask the panelist a question.

    This is a chance for us to discuss as a community how to take care of each other and the barriers that stand in the way. Please join us to add your voice.

    There will be day-of registration and the event is ADA accessible. Please email Olivia@Montavillapdx.org if you have any specific needs or questions about the event.

    Want to go the extra mile? Consider making a donation at this free event and bringing food to share at the potluck (please label ingredients!).