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Q Center

4115 N Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR 97217, US (map)

Future events happening here

Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Oct 11 2017
    Pride Northwest 2017 National Coming Out Day (NCOD)

    Q Center

    Come Out and join Pride Northwest and celebrate National Coming Out Day! We will have a Coming Out photo booth and stories, games, food, and music. Oct. 11 at Q Center from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

    Pride Northwest
    Community Organization · Portland, Oregon
    Oregon & SW Washington's LGBTQ Pride Organization

  • Saturday
    Oct 7 2017
    Disabled Community Care Night

    Q Center

    please join us for disabled community care nite!

    community care for self identified disabled folks. all ages. this event is inclusive of crips who are queer, trans and poc. this event is inclusive of disabled folks of all economic classes and housing status.

    *care will be set up in stations with written descriptions at each station. there will be signs indicating if a station is an all ages or adult areas. folks will be available to help transfer as needed. some stations subject to change. location of some stations will shift during event due to space availability:

    • body work
    • accupuncture
    • loving our bodies: hair coloring and cuts
    • outdoor weed/dab/vaping/piercing/stick and poke station
    • mobility device tune ups (general cleaning and de-gunking)
    • bong, pipe, rig cleaning (bring your pipes and bongs! sometimes hand work can be hard for folks)
    • glam your mobility and/or medical devices
    • open mic
    • herbalists
    • chilling in a big nest of blankets and pillows while ableds bring us food and we make art/hang out/ rest

    working on these things/they are not solid yet:

    • bulk weed
    • tinctures, herbs and salves
    • pipes and bongs
    • ableds/disabled community support support sign up


    • Designated chill/low sensory zone
    • ramp accessible
    • two accessible bathrooms
    • some sharp corners in the equi-institute. hard floors
    • please come scent free. checking on scent of q center
    • ableds in support roles to help with transfers, emotional support, accessibility support also known as needs. if you have specific needs please check in with us before the event so we can try to meet folks' needs.
    • child care
    • on site parking. if you are an abled in a support role please leave close by parking open for disabled folks. be aware sometimes disabled folks take longer to get places so please extend this to the entire event.
    • trying to arrange rides from se meet up spot
    • we realize we are not addressing everybody's needs, especially the needs of folks with hearing or sight disabilities. this event is a work in progress. please let us know for this event or for future events how we can be more inclusive.
    • all ableds in support roles will be given a super brief training on how to work with disabled folks. the organizers of this don't have capacity to develop a full training in order to put on a care nite in order to get care but is something we are working on :)
    • community wheelchair available

    we are super grateful to be working with the q center and sacred vessel natural medicine. we have access to the sacred vessel clinic the entire time and have access to the q-center from 3:30-6. please expect some shifting to occur at those points.

    looking into finding a host so crips coming into town for this can attend.


    • vegan food
    • low sodium food
    • gluten free food
    • fresh fruit/veggies
    • probitoics foods
    • junk food
  • LGBTQ Foster Youth and You (AM and PM sessions)

    Q Center

    Have you ever considered becoming a foster parent or geting involved in the Oregon Foster Care System? Come listen to foster youth, foster parents and system partners to discuss becoming a foster parent or a volunteer and learn about the specific need for LGBTQ-affirming families.

    There are 2 identical sessions, 9am-11:30 and 12:30pm-3pm, with a social opportunity for everyone from 11:30am-12:30pm. Coffee and light snacks will be served during the event and a light lunch will be provided. We encourage you to attend the lunch hour to get the chance to talk one-on-one with DHS workers and other community partners.

    RSPVs are requested but not required to attend. Please share widely and register if possible so we are able to plan accordingly for food.

    Please email deidra.l.gibson-cairns@multco.us with any questions or requests for special accommodations.

    A special thank you to our main sponsor, The Portland Children's Levy for their generous support!

    PLEASE REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lgbtq-foster-youth-and-you-tickets-37019251578

  • Thursday
    Sep 28 2017
    Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest regular monthly meeting

    Q Center

    GLAPN works to preserve the history of LGBTQ people in the Pacific Northwest. This is GLAPN's regular monthly meeting.

    Glapn: Northwest LGBTQ History
    Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN)

  • Tuesday
    Sep 26 2017
    Place Justice: making a place for everyone

    Q Center

    City Repair is excited to host our third community placemaking conversation with the topic of “Making a Place for Everyone” on Sept 26, 2017 at 6:30pm at the Q Center (4115 N Mississippi Ave). This program is in large part funded by Oregon Humanities

    To date, this conversation series has highlighted stories of Food and Housing Justice in the spring for the Village Building Convergence. Now we will hear from community leaders and organization representatives that continue the good work at the intersection between Place and Equity. From utilizing historical neighborhood depictions, to artistic slogans or community organizing through placemaking, the speakers will shed light on their methods and challenges of reclaiming Place in this rapidly developing and segregating city.

    Speakers include Jessica Rojas from NE Coalition of Neighborhoods, Judy BlueHorse Skeleton - a Portland State University professor in Indigenous Studies and driving force in the Cully Native Gathering Garden, Donovan Smith from Ignorant Reflections, Candace Kita from Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon - APANO, and more.

    Event entrance is $10-20 sliding scale, no-one turned away and includes a dinner from a local POC restaurant.

    This event also acts as the 3rd #VillageInspirationConvergence, an event to initiate the placemaking season for #CityRepair when we begin to help 30-50 communities to develop projects that benefit the commons such as intersection repair paintings, permaculture gardens, community kiosks/natural buildings, and building villages for the housless.

  • Wednesday
    Sep 13 2017
    Portland Two Spirit Society Gathering

    Q Center

    This gather will be very casual, just a meet & great sort of thing and to identify up coming events within the Portland Native Community that we can be present in as a Two-Spirit Family.

    Everyone is welcome to share space with us. Please come and bless us with your Good Medicine.

    Contact information:

    Lorne James email: portlandtwospiritsociety@gmail.com phone: 971-231-4999

  • Thursday
    Aug 24 2017
    Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN) regular monthly meeting

    Q Center

    GLAPN works to preserve the history of LGBTQ people in the Pacific Northwest. This is GLAPN's regular monthly meeting.

    Glapn: Northwest LGBTQ History - Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN)

  • Thursday
    Aug 10 2017
    Know Your City: Celebrate Our Leaders

    Q Center

    COME JOIN US TO CELEBRATE: After eight successful years of leadership in civic empowerment and creative placemaking, we at Know Your City have a special announcement from our board and two of our staff members, Cameron Whitten and Lydia Grijalva: Cameron is stepping down as Executive Director, and Lydia Grijalva is stepping up as our Interim Executive Director.

    Cameron Whitten has served with Know Your City since 2013. First, as a Board Member, then as Board President, and since September 2015, Executive Director. After two years of service, Cameron is leaving his position as Executive Director.

    We would like to publically thank Cameron for everything he has done to make KYC what it is today. His leadership has been pivotal in setting the groundwork for us to leverage our impact in Portland.

    But don’t worry! He’ll still be around. You can catch Cameron leading the Hidden History of Albina and People’s History of Portland tours, and guest starring in special events. No matter where he goes, Cameron will always be a part of our Know Your City family. Cameron has made sacrifices time and time again to ensure that these important programs were successful. Cameron has given so much to our organization, and we’re so thankful to have had him on staff.

    Additionally, we are honored to welcome Lydia as our Interim Director. Already, we see that she is a capable, strategic, and passionate leader who is sure to facilitate continued success for Know Your City. We can’t wait to see what the future brings!

    Come join us at the Q Center for a potluck and to celebrate our leaders!

    Know Your City engages the public in art and social justice through creative placemaking projects.

  • Thursday
    Jul 27 2017
    Meet and Greet with the Jewish Community at Q Center

    Q Center

    Join us and learn more about the Jewish community in Portland. Representatives from many Jewish organizations will be present and will be serving Jewish food, from the traditional to the surprising!

    Q Center - provides a safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQ diversity, visibility and community building. Q Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization which offers multi-generational programs and services in four core areas: Arts & Culture; Education & Training; Health & Wellness and Advocacy.

    Jewish Federation of Greater Portland - The strength of a people. The power of community.

  • Open Discussion on Ban On Trans Military Service

    Q Center

    Dear Transgender Friends,

    In a stunning decision Wednesday morning, July 25 the Trump administration announced the ban on Transgender Military service members, halting 20 years of progress toward opening this area of service to trans people. This is an opportunity to holdan open space for trans members of the military who are afraid and concerned about their future. This is an open forum for trans folks and allies to come to grieve, vent, strategize, share information and talk about this shocking attack on trans rights and most importantly it is an opportunity to have a discussion regarding how to proceed. This event will follow the principles of the Friday night Trans Women's support group for meeting process and preference for facilitation and organizing will be given to active and ex-service members attending. That is at the Q Center 6pm -9pm Thursday July 27th.

    Emma Lugo

    Transpositive PDX is a Portland radio program devoted to raising awareness of issues in the Transgender, Intersex, and Non Binary communities!

  • Saturday
    Jul 22 2017
    SASS Remix: Time For Action

    Q Center

    Join other behavioral health workers as we plan to make the invisible visible. We'll create a plan to get the word out about SASS, and then take it to the streets! Along with expanding upon worker stories and building the SASS playlist. Hope to see you there!

    Solidarity Alliance of Social Services - SASS -

    A safe space to engage in open and constructive discussion around community behavioral health and social services in the Portland Metro Area.

  • Friday
    Jul 21 2017
    Noche de Arte: Pochas Radicales

    Q Center

    [Espanol abajo] [Invite your friends]

    "Noche de Arte 2017" Feauturing las Pochas Radicales Friday July 21st at 6pm Q Center, 4115 N MIssissippi Ave, Portland $10 Suggested Donation

    6pm PDX Latinx Pride weekend Opening Reception 7pm Pochas Radicales Show

    "Noche de Arte 2017" Presentando "Pochas Radicales" Viernes 21 de Julio a las 6pm Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland OR $10 donacion sugerida

    6pm Recepcion apertura del fin de semana del PDX Latinx Pride 7pm Show de las Pochas Radicales

    Pochas Radicales work toward community engagement through art & activism

    PDX Latinx Pride - To bring our community together to share and celebrate our diverse and evolving Latina, Latino, and Latinx cultures, experiences and identities by creating safe events for our queer and LGBTQ family

  • Thursday
    Jun 22 2017
    GLAPN regular monthly meeting

    Q Center

    GLAPN works to preserve the history of LGBTQ people in the Pacific Northwest. This is GLAPN's regular monthly meeting.

    Glapn: Northwest LGBTQ History - Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN)

  • Thursday
    Jun 15 2017
    Queer Heroes NW 2017 reception

    Q Center

    A public reception in the gallery and auditorium at Q Center, honoring the individuals recognized as Queer Heroes by GLAPN – our northwest LGBTQ historical society.

  • Tuesday
    Jun 13 2017
    PRIDE Preparations at Q Center (eRa : encouraging Respect for aging)

    Q Center

    Hey! eRa : encouraging Respect for aging friends, we are preparing for PRIDE! Come and help paint and create and be together and make beauty! See you here at Q Center.

    eRa : encouraging Respect for aging - A program of Q Center patterned, cut and tailored specifically for those who have lived some decades longer than others. "era": a period of time marked by distinctive character.

  • Monday
    Jun 12 2017
    PULSE Anniversary: Honor Them With Action (Q Center)

    Q Center

    June 12th marks the anniversary of the PULSE massacre. We are joining in a nationwide effort to honor the lives of the 49 victims. The focus of this effort is to take actions that create a safer enviornment for LGBTQI+ communities. Use the hashtag #HonorThemWithAction to highlight your own actions and to encourage others to act.

    Join us for a presentation by the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety and learn what actions can be taken here in Oregon to promote responsible gun ownership can commonsense gun reform. We will begin with a moment of silence and end with a group action.

    This is event is co-hosted by PDX Latinx Pride, Q Center, Pride Northwest, and Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety.

    About #HonorThemWithAction: On June 12th, 2016, our community was rocked by the massacre that claimed the lives of 49 people. The horror unfolded in the middle of Pride month on Latin night at Pulse Nightclub, a popular gathering place for young LGBTQ people of color.

    Shock and disbelief turned to grief and anger. And at a moment when some sought to meet fear with fear and hate with hate, we saw a community pull together across difference, united in a commitment to challenge bigotry and hatred, not nourish it. A deep resilience emerged from survivors, the victims’ loved ones, Orlando residents and leaders, and LGBTQ people and our allies across the country and around the world. People held vigils and fundraisers to directly aid the families of those killed and the survivors and committed to combatting hatred of all kinds.

    The Orlando community was buoyed by the outpouring of generosity, as cities, towns, churches, and families stood with us in our grief.

    As the one year mark of Pulse approaches, Orlando’s LGBTQ community invites you to join us once again to #HonorThemWithAction.

    More information can be found at http://honorthemwithaction.org.

    Q Center provides a safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQ diversity, visibility and community building.

  • Monday
    May 15 2017
    Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Queer Potluck & Panel

    Q Center

    Come laugh, love and eat with your API family members from API Pride, U.T.O.P.I.A. PDX and Q Center to celebrate API Heritage Month. Check out our display which features cultural items and profiles of local API LGBTQPIA+ activitsts.

    6:03pm - 6:07pm - Opening prayer/blessing

    6:08pm - 6:15pm - Highlight the GLAPN profiles for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the API Pride and U.T.O.P.I.A. PDX display.

    6:16pm - 7:44pm - Community panel regarding being Asian and/or Pacific Islander and also identifying as LGBTQPIA+, while navigating through systems in the Portland and Vancouver areas.

    • Moderated by Manumalo S. Ala'ilima, who is a Masculine of Center presenting Samoan lesbian (uses all pronouns), and by day, is a Quality Assurance professional with the American Red Cross. By night and in-between here and there, the co-chair of API Pride, the chair for U.T.O.P.I.A. PDX, an active APANO member, enjoys developing capacity for coalition building and people connecting, an avid karaoke lover, and their nieces and nephews favorite cool aunt.

    • Meet our panelists:

    • Kainz Barbainz (Kaina Barba) is a Hawaiian, Pinoy, Chinese, gender fluid, Mahu, gay male. On stage he is the fierce Queen, Mama Zara P. Talon. Off stage he is a spiritual leader and Kumu in the Hawaiian community, Uncle/Aunty to many extended nieces and nephews, and an over protective drag mother.

    • Aiden Yang is a software engineer who identifies as a queer Taiwanese-American transgender man (he/him). He is originally from Texas and Ohio and moved to Portland from New York two years ago. He enjoys cooking Taiwanese food, making and listening to music, and spending quality time with his partner and QTPOC community.
    • Roz Monique LGuerrero (bio to come shortly)
    • Virginia Luka (bio to come shortly)
    • Keni Liufau (bio to come shortly)
    • Mel Kakimi (they/them) is a queer, gender non-conforming, 4th generation Japanese American. A recent transplant to Portland from Southern California (it'll be a year in July!) They work in fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and are a board member of API Pride. When they're not working around the house, they enjoy being active and lifting weights, finding events and volunteer opportunities around town, being a dog mom, and spending time with their wonderful girlfriend.
    • Alex Liu is a Taiwanese gay male (he/his), who has been in the U.S. for 17 years. He used to work in the IT field but has recently ventured into becoming an entrepeneuer. He is a life coach too and does philanthropic work. To learn more about one of his passionate projects, please go to this link http://www.lovealexliu.com.

    7:45 - 8:15pm - Reception and mingle

    U.T.O.P.I.A. PDX will potluck/donate food items and non-alcoholic beverages for the reception.

  • Saturday
    May 6 2017
    Defending Separation of Church & State

    Q Center

    What does climate-change science, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, and fair immigration policy all have in common — besides being under siege by the current administration? They’re all argued against from a perspective of religious fundamentalism, which can be countered with a return to the founding ideals in the U.S. Constitution of the separation of church and state. How can those of us previously on the sidelines, whether spiritual, liberal-religious, freethinker, secular, atheist, or agnostic, get involved and make a real difference on these issues? Hear from a distinguished panel of activists and change-makers, then organize into breakout groups that speak to your own individual interests. Let’s together demonstrate that true patriotism, that the path to genuinely “make America great again,” is through honoring our founders’ vision of a secular democracy.

  • Know Your Employment Rights for the LGBTQ Community

    Q Center

    Attorney Talia Stoessel from Bennett, Hartman, Morris & Kaplan, LLP will present basic information about various employment laws in order to empower you in the workplace.

    May 6, 2017 12:30-2:30pm

    Q Center 4115 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97217

    Please RSVP no later than May 5, 2017 to stoesselt@bennetthartman.com. Light refreshments provided.

  • Thursday
    Apr 20 2017
    Give OUT Day with Q Center

    Q Center

    WHAT IS GIVE OUT DAY? Give OUT Day is the ONLY national day of giving for the LGBTQ community – a 24-hour online fundraising event that unites donors and nonprofit organizations from across the country to raise critically needed funds. The technology platform is provided for free and hundreds of nonprofits have leveraged it to attract new donors, motivate their boards and other supporters, and raise their visibility. Since its inception in 2013, over 23,000 individual donors have contributed more than $3 million and supported more than 500 different organizations in every part of the country. These funds have translated directly into services, advocacy, and programs that help tens of thousands of LGBTQ people.

    Participating nonprofits also receive training, marketing support, and a chance to win bonus prize money by participating in event leaderboards.

    WHY IS GIVE OUT DAY IMPORTANT? LGBTQ nonprofits power our movement for equality and justice and are critical to making sure that LGBTQ people have access to the support and services that they need. For decades and decades, from bar fundraisers and penny jars to gala fundraisers and major gifts, individual donors have funded progress at every step. Give OUT Day follows in and builds on this great tradition. Throughout this day-long event, thousands of people make gifts to support a vast array of LGBTQ nonprofits across the country, ranging from the arts to social services agencies, from advocacy groups to sports leagues, from community centers to health care nonprofits. Monetary donations are the most direct way to help a nonprofit make an impact: they allow nonprofits to allocate funds where they are most needed.