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Holladay Park NE Holladay St & NE 11th Ave

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  • Saturday
    Mar 24 2018
    March for Afrin and Rojava!

    In Northern Syria there exists a radical and revolutionary experiment in Direct Democracy, Feminism and Communalism. We have not seen since the days of the Spanish Revolution. This experiment, commonly known as Rojava, is currently under assault by the forces of Imperialism and Patriarchy, personified by the Fascist regime of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Over one million civilians are now trapped within the besieged city of Afrin as the Turkish military and it's proxies close in for battle.

    Please join us as we march to declare our support for the people of Rojava during the International Day of Solidarity for Afrin. Upon leaving the park we will march with banners and signs to the Social Justice Action Center where a documentary screening and letter writing event will be held.

    This is a show of solidarity so please feel free to bring flags and signs in show of support for Rojava, against the Turkish regime, support of the YPJ and YPG, and the feminist revolution.