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In Other Words Feminist Community Center

14 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)

Access Notes

No steps to the door, or inside the building

Short ramp between the two areas of the building inside

Aprox 3 ft width for the entrance

Gender neutral bathroom. Variable wheelchair access to the bathroom - it’s wide, but there is a 90 degree turn from hallway to room, one rail on the wall parallel to the toilet

Ramp to the stage

Seating is pretty sturdy, slightly padded folding chairs (no arms) and some couches

Future events happening here

Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    May 21 2017
    CRPDX New Members & Volunteers Orientation

    RSVP on Facebook for location information

    Please Join us for our new member & volunteer orientation. We'll have a short intro about CR and our work and then a workshop on the Prison Industrial Complex & PIC abolition.

    We are capping this event at 20 folks and will post a registration form soon.

    We'll provide light snacks and we welcome folks bringing their own lunch if wanted.

    The first required step in becoming a chapter member is to attend our training on the Prison Industrial Complex and PIC Abolition. These trainings are highly recommended for those interested in volunteering as well and we encourage you to attend these training regardless of what role you would like to take on with CR PDX.

    If you are unsure if a member role is right for you or if you're unclear what being a member looks like, we will provide an overview of what it means to get more involved with our chapter. Additionally, we don't view attendance as a commitment for membership/volunteering so please join us even if you are unsure about your capacity to engage more with our chapter's work. The more the merrier!

    If you have any specific accessibility needs (childcare, training material sent ahead of time, etc) please let us know and we'll do our best to figure out the right accommodation.

    We always welcome feedback and questions!

  • Tuesday
    Apr 25 2017
    Presenting the Movie the 13th

    The title of Ava DuVernay’s extraordinary and galvanizing documentary 13TH refers to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution its exemption producing the horrors of mass criminalization and the sprawling American prison industry. ---From Academy Award winning director of Selma--- Trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V66F3WU2CKk

    $5 donation requested or bring a paperback dictionary

    $$$Postage $$$ urgently needed to continue to provide education and hope inside an oppressive and unjust system. We also need more books! especially dictionaries. Drop off books at In Other Words Feminist Bookstore at 41 Killingsworth, Portland, Oregon.

    Portland Books to Prisoners is a non-profit, volunteer run, donation based organization that provides free reading materials to incarcerated individuals.

  • Monday
    Apr 24 2017
    Oregon's White Supremacist History

    Join Portland Maoist Group for Our Pre-Mayday event where we'll lay out a breif history of White Supremacist Organizing in Oregon and a discussion about what to do about it.

    Child Care provided.

  • Sunday
    Apr 23 2017
    We Saved Ourselves: Africans, the Labor Movement, and Abolition

    From mutinies on slave ships to uprisings across the colonies to armed struggle against colonizers on the African continent, Africans have resisted capitalism and imperialism from the very first moment Europeans set foot on the shores of Africa.

    Come smash the myth of the white savior delivering us from chattel slavery and learn about the hidden history of the African led abolitionist movement and our continuous resistance to capitalist exploitation.

    We saved ourselves. Reclaim this history and use it to struggle forward.

    This workshop is part of the #MayDayPDX political education campaign.

  • Wednesday
    Apr 19 2017
    Fight Toxic Prisons!

    Panagioti Tsolkas is an organizer with the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons and coordinator of the Prison Ecology Project. Rose Harriot is an organizer with No New Youth Jail Coalition in Seattle Washington. They will be presenting on the connections between environmentalism, climate justice and the movement to end mass incarceration. The talk will also include information on an upcoming Convergence Against Toxic Prisons taking place in Texas, June 2017.

    From 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM we'll be letter-writing to prisoners with Critical Resistance Portland. The talk will be from 6:30 PM - 9 PM.

    Rose Harriot is a mixed, queer warrior and survivor of systems of violence. Born into impoverished and criminalized communities, the state has always targeted, manipulated and abused my loved ones and caregivers, while granting my abusers power and freedom. I struggle to fill the holes the state has left in my community and family. I work to expose the myth of public safety, systemic racism, classism and to create dialogue about how we can actually keep each other safe, by building autonomy. For the past five years I have been part of the effort to stop a $210 million youth jail project in Seattle. This project sits on toxic land and continues the toxic practice of abusing young people of color. We must stop this project and all others like it.

    Panagioti Tsolkas is an organizer with the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons and coordinator of the Prison Ecology Project. In addition, he is currently involved with Sabal Trail Resistance, a group opposing a gas pipeline crossing the Southern US. He is also a former editor on the Earth First! Journal collective and has published articles in Prison Legal News, Earth Island Journal, Fifth Estate and other media outlets. He lives on a small farm in Florida with his partner and two children.

  • Sunday
    Apr 16 2017
    The Global Mass Strike: May First and Beyond

    Rosa Luxemburg was a Polish-Jewish Marxist anti-war activist and revolutionary socialist. In 1906, she penned The Mass Strike, a book on working class power and strategy for overthrowing capitalism and building revolutionary socialism. This eight-part treatise pulls lessons from the Russian revolution, relying on historical fact as opposed to speculation. Throughout, she rigorously addresses the subject of General Strike and its application in the struggle of the working class worldwide throughout the capitalist era.

    This information session will cover in brief detail the entirety of Luxemburg's The Mass Strike. After a meet-and-greet, we will start with a presentation of the history discussed in the book. The presentation will include a clip from a present day working class heroine, Teresa Gutierrez. Gutierrez is a Mexican lesbian and leader in Workers World Party who has been at the forefront of May Day demonstrations in New York City for over a decade. From there, we will move onto the analysis of and conclusions arrived at by Luxemburg. Then we will hold break-out discussions on building the struggle for the liberation of the working class and oppressed peoples worldwide beyond May Day. We will conclude by reconvening with discoveries and insights from our discussions.

    Refreshments will be provided.

  • Saturday
    Apr 15 2017
    Mental Health Care Not Policing - CR PDX Campaign Meeting #3

    Saturday April 15th 1pm - 4pm Snacks provided Childcare available upon request

    Critical Resistance Portland (CR-PDX) is developing a campaign to interrupt the use of police as mental health first responders in Portland. We have seen how policing escalates everyday mental health needs or instances of crisis and can result in violence on our communities. It's crucial that Portland disrupt this pattern and invest in community care. After two robust first coalition meetings, we are excited to continue with a public third meeting!

    CR Portland wants to impact protocol and funding of mental health crisis services and we’d like to start pulling together organizations and individuals who could be partners or stake holders in this campaign. This includes social service providers, mental health service users, communities targeted by the police, and other racial and economic justice organizations. We are asking people like you who have valuable knowledge and first hand experiences to get involved with this campaign.

    Will you join CR-PDX in demanding a city prioritization of quality user-led mental health services that are community-based and outside the hands of law enforcement?

    We invite those directly impacted by policing, mental health users, and all who want to decrease Portland's reliance on policing to attend. Organizations and individuals who are involved in anti-policing, mental health, or social service work in Portland, join us as partners in this effort and share your ideas at this campaign meeting!

    This is our 3rd meeting of the coalition, and we are excited to continute building out with those already involved, and those who are hearing about our work for the first time! For those who are new, not to worry--you will have the opportunity to be brought up to speed on the work happening so far, and ways to both plug into it and to generate new work areas.

    We are also very excited to have Jess from Critical Resistance national present to talk about the success and current work of the Oakland Power Projects in shifting reliance away from police as first responders (http://criticalresistance.org/chapters/cr-oakland/the-oakland-power-projects/).

    Please let us know if you will be needing childcare or have specific dietary needs.