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Multnomah County Justice Center

1120 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    Sep 17 2017
    Night Of Rage For James Chasse

    On Sept, 17 2006 PPB brutally murdered local musician James Chasse Jr.

    Homeless and schizophrenic James "Jim Jim" Chasse was chased down by PPB officers and slaughtered in what amounts to a clear and solid case of police brutality and despite several eye witness accounts James' killers still serve as law enforcement officers in Oregon.

    Please join us for a vigil in rememberence of James.

    Anarchist Student Union
    Political Organization · Portland, Oregon
    We are a collective of Portland students dedicated to the struggle against oppression in all of its forms.

  • Thursday
    Aug 17 2017
    From Portland to Charlottesville: We Will Not Back Down

    We will not participate in the further normalization of racist and fascist ideologies.

    We will not allow the criminalization of those who defend themselves and their communities from acts of violence and hate speech.

    We will not accept a police force that actively favors and collaborates with white supremacists and fascist organizations.

    We will not settle for a criminal punishment system that continues to target the oppressed.

    Come show your solidarity with the June 4th protesters as they decline the state’s plea offer and request a jury trial. Fighting fascism is not a crime; it is a moral obligation.

    Please gather peacefully outside of the JUSTICE CENTER at 8:30am.

  • Sunday
    Apr 2 2017
    CANCELLED: Don't Violate My Freedom of Speech
    Multnomah County Justice Center

    THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED. Activist are being targeted and arrested for supporting Don't Shoot PDX Comrades, Allies, Volunteers and Supporters that make up our Community Action Plan are suffering unjust arrest, violence, loss of employment, housing and an uptick in police engaged violence and harassment. Please JOIN US on the steps of the Injustice Center for #JailSupport We Want the Immediate RELEASE of Our Comrade #FreeStandard We NEED Your Solidarity.... his health is our main focus, his safety is a main part of that!! Where is the Warrant? #FreeStandardNOW

    Folks at the Justice Center are in need of food, water, blankets, and anything else you may be able to provide.