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Jul 10
Workshop: Racial Microaggression in Clinical Practice
through Catholic Charities of Oregon

Each one-day workshop will be held from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at Catholic Charities Clark Family Center. MONDAY'S WORKSHOP IS REPEATED ON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY.

Racial Microaggressions are defined as “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults toward people of color”. Racial Microaggressions are the result of unconscious or implicit bias that seeps into interactions with marginalized people. These microaggressions have deep and detrimental impacts on the mental and physical health of people of color and they have enormous impact on the way in which people of color interact with mental health treatment and services.

This training will support clinicians in recognizing and stopping implicit bias that affects the way in which they engage in clinical practice with clients of color. It will help clinicians to improve their clinical relationship with clients through the reduction of implicit bias interactions for overall improved interventions and outcomes based in equity and social justice.


  • Enhanced clinical rapport with clients.
  • Long term engagement with clients of color.
  • Overall improvement of services to clients from communities of color.
  • Certificate offered - C.E.U. (Continuing Educational Units) through the National Association of Social Workers.
  • Beneficial for developmental and personal growth goals


Angie Mejia is a doctoral candidate in the department of sociology at Syracuse University. Her current research encompasses immigration, mental health, ethnicity, bio/psychopolitics, and citizenship by looking specifically at U.S. Latinas’ experiences with depression and depression treatment.

Kat Kelley, MSW, is the Director of Programs and Integration with Catholic Charities of Oregon. Her areas of practice and expertise include trauma, mental health, domestic and sexual violence, immigration, race equity and community organizing. Ms. Kelley has almost 20 years of experience in anti-racist social movements and building white ally identities. She is a clinician and macro practice social worker who focuses on anti-oppressive practice and social justice.

For group pricing and packages, contact: Kat Kelly, MSW

  • Director of Programs and Integration
  • (971) 409-7265

El Programa Hispano Católico - Servicios sociales integrales para la comunidad Latina en Oregon. / Comprehensive social services for Oregon's Latin American community.

Catholic Charities of Oregon - Inspired by the transformative power of God’s love, Catholic Charities partners with the most vulnerable, regardless of faith, to achieve lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.


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Apr 29
Exploring Race and Class Intersections
Multnomah Friends Meeting House

This workshop, co-sponsored by Class Action, Social Justice Fund NW and Oregon Food Bank explores the critical link between class and race in the United States. It starts by examining the historical basis for classism and racism and then invites people to examine how race and class impacts our individual life experiences. The workshop is interactive and experiential and participants should be prepared to examine and talk about the origins of their own class backgrounds and racial identities.

The general goals of the workshop are as follows:

1. Shared understanding and framework for discussing class and race
2. Understanding how race and class have operated structurally throughout history
3. Increasing awareness of individual own racial and class identities and their impact
4. Explore steps we can take towards greater race and class equity

Cost: $25-$150 based on ability to pay.


May 31
You Belong Here: Tenant Power!
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

Are you a tenant? Do you care about someone who is?

You Belong Here!

Join others renters and community leaders for free dinner, a workshop, and a chance to demand an end to no-cause evictions and extreme rent hikes.

Everyone needs to be on board this year to demand an end to no-cause evictions and repeal the state-wide ban on rent control here in Oregon. Put your best forward and hold your lawmakers accountable! Demand support for #HB2004!

What we need: your bodies, your voice, your fist in the air What you need: to keep yourself housed and create an environment that allows others to stay housed with you

What we can do: Come together in numbers and expand the Community Alliance of Tenants. When we go down to Salem, when you go to knock on the mayor's door, you need #TenantPower behind you. Only in solidarity can the people's will be done.

Dinner will be provided. A workshop to understand tenant rights will allow you to meet fellow renters and residents, and use that knowledge to empower yourself and those in your community

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. All ages welcome. Childcare and interpretations will be available, please call (503)460.9702 ex. 2 for Jensi for requested services.

Jun 11
Portland Assembly - SE Central Neighborhood Action Council Canvassing Workshop, Potluck & Resource Share!
Laurelhurst Park

The SE Central NAC (Neighborhood Action Council) will be hosting a Potuck Supper and Resource Share on June 11th in Laurelhurst Park! All NACs are invited. Let's pool our ideas as well as our material resources!

We will be leading a quick workshop on neighborhood canvassing to help us all prepare for a summer of meeting our neighbors and figuring out rad things to do together.

We will be at the picnic area near the horsehoe pit on the North side of the park. Please bring a dish to share as well as items to donate for our neighborhood resource share.

If you have items to drop off, please post to the event page!

Helpful items include:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Tarps
  • Clothing
  • Menstruation Hygiene Products
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Non perishable and easy to store food items
  • Tents and Sleeping Bags

Portland Assembly - Now is the time to unite our conversations and organize. Let’s Keep Portland Powerful and Run Rip City

Portland Assembly - Southeast Central - Live in the Central Eastside? Looking for your PA Neighborhood Action Council? You've found it! Serving Buckman, Laurelhurst, Kerns, Hawthorne and more!

Jun 18
SELF Defense for WOMEN of COLOR
Unite Oregon

This workshop covers basic verbal and physical self defense strategies that focus on incapacitating a potential attacker.

This appears to be Sold Out

Unite Oregon - Led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, we work across Oregon to build a unified intercultural movement for justice.