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Oct 29
Safety and Security Training for Activists (Portland Rising Tide)
Multnomah Friends Meeting House

As we continue to build our capacity to resist and challenge the corporate state, it is vital that we know how to protect ourselves and each other against the intensifying state repression under the current administration. We invite you to join the Civil Liberties Defense Center for a 4 hour intensive training structured to build our collective knowledge and skills to increase the security of individuals and political organizing groups. This training will include Know Your Rights, security culture, the various ways we are facing state repression (Grand Juries, SLAPP Suits, RICO) and how to effectively combat it, legal observing/copwatching and digital security for activists.

This training is designed to offer an introduction to security for people who are completely new to organizing, as well as provide development and reminders for those who have been organizing for awhile.

Portland Rising Tide
Community Organization · Portland, Oregon
Rising Tide is an international, all-volunteer, grassroots network of groups and individuals confronting the root causes of climate change.

Oct 28
Decolonizing Our Activism Workshop
NAYA- Native American Youth and Family Center

Greenpeace USA, 350 PDX and other co-sponsors are honored to present Idle No More Washington’s Decolonizing Our Activism Workshop with Sweetwater Nannauck. All are welcomed to attend this FREE life-changing training which incorporates traditional Native American teachings through stories, exercises, and discussions that are even more relevant and needed today. We are all hurt by systems of colonization.

We will offer some suggestions on how to be a good ally and form partnerships with the traditional stewards of this land. 'Decolonizing Our Activism workshops are conducted in a respectful way that is both healing and empowering. Together we can do this vital liberation work.

IMPORTANT – must follow link to register and to guarantee your spot:

Free childcare is offered by the Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective (MBAC).

WHAT: Decolonizing Our Activism Workshop WHEN: Saturday, October 28, 2017, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM WHERE: NAYA 5135 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97218 WHO: Volunteers, supporters, first timers, family, & friends. Lunch and snacks—vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, gluten-free options available.

Historically, environmentalism has focused on the experiences and goals of higher-income, white males. Today environmentalists that are looking to "diversify" the movement must put aside their agenda, and seek to listen, learn from, and join the global movement of indigenous and communities of color.

The objectives for these workshops include: Educate non-Native allies how to work with Native Americans and communities of color Authentic alliance building that reflects indigenous-led organizing, strategies and values Prepare participants for volunteer opportunities at Native community events How to support Native activism rather than perpetuating colonial systems of oppression *Honor indigenous traditions without appropriating their cultures

Idle No More ~ History of Colonization and Healing Historical Trauma The workshop shows the 500 years of indigenous resistance that began in 1452 from a Native American perspective. Incorporating traditional teachings and stories, and how the Doctrine of Discovery was the foundation for the historical colonization, genocide, relocation, termination, forced assimilation of Native Americans.

To heal from the historical trauma, you must first understand how colonization has impacted indigenous people. By acknowledging our collective past and focusing on the present healing often leads participants to become aware of historical barriers that can be removed effectively in a safe and comfortable environment.

Idle No More ~ Spiritual Activism This workshop delves into the Native’s connection with the land, environment, and Spirit. Explore how to incorporate ‘Spirit' into our activism. Discuss how to start organizing nonviolent direct actions that are Spirit-led instead of ego/mind-led.

Idle No More ~ The 7th Fire Explore how working with Natives toward common goals of social and environmental justice involves letting go of unconscious racism and privilege. Learn what it means to be a good ally, and how taking the lead from indigenous activists, and community leaders have been changing conventional activism. Learn what Native-led organizing looks like, and stand in solidarity with Natives to ensure our rights to clean air, water, and protection of Mother Earth for us and future generations.

Idle No More ~ Beyond Standing Rock Highlighting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s right to protect their sacred water, ancestral lands, burial grounds, traditional way of life, community, and treaty rights. We will focus on colonization and decolonization, and learn how to integrate the tradition-based healing and knowledge into your activism from a Native American perspective.

Workshop Presenter: Sweetwater Nannauck (Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian) Director of Idle No More Washington Sweetwater is an Idle No More activist who advocates for the protection of the fragile environment of the Northwest Coast, for tribal sovereignty rights, and the traditional way of life of Native people. She conducts Idle No More 'Decolonizing Our Activism' workshops in a respectful way that is both healing and empowering.

November 10, 2017, is the 5th anniversary of Idle No More. Since then Idle No More Washington has had over 60 events and nonviolent direct actions that address local and global issues. Sweetwater went to Washington, DC to lobby to protect the Arctic; she was involved in the 'Shell No' actions in Seattle and Anchorage when President Obama was there. Seattle Weekly features Sweetwater in the annual Seattle Weekly ‘Best of Seattle' (2015) ‘Best Activism Idea.'

Co-sponsors: Greenpeace USA, 350PDX, Oregon PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility), Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, Oregon Peace Institute, Portland Peace Team, Columbia Riverkeeper, Climate Solutions, Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective (MBAC), Stop Fracked Gas PDX, Bark

Oct 26
Interrupting Racism Actionshop - advance registration
Mercy Corps

Registration required:

Imagine a world where when racism arises we take action.

Racism is all around us. It lives in the DNA of every system and institution in the United States, and here in Portland. This Actionshop is focused on interpersonal racism, within the context of systemic and institutional oppression. We will explore the way racism arises in our everyday interactions, and offer tools and practice for interrupting racism.

We’ll provide a historically and contextually grounded space to talk deeply about racism and the evolution of Racial Codes. But we won’t stop there! Simply talking about racism is not enough to dismantle the power structures that uphold the racial order. At the same time, creating systemic change requires interrupting the learned and daily behaviors that reinforce racism to move toward building healthy communities.

A note from the trainers: For many Black and Brown people in our community, nothing has changed. For others, especially for many white people, the last Presidential election and events such as the May 26 white-supremacist attack here in Portland have increased their motivation to find out what they can do. The Interrupting Racism Actionshop is not a response to these specific events. This is not a training in self-defense or nonviolent resistance. We will continue to focus the training, as we always have, on internal, interpersonal, organization, and systemic racism and the work we need to do as individuals to change these systems.

Registration required:

Resolutions Northwest
Social Service · Portland, Oregon
Creating change. Balancing equity, privilege and power in our conversations and services.

Oct 22
Asian American LGBTQ Family Acceptance Workshop

*NEW LOCATION Taborspace in the Copeland Commons 5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215

API Pride and NQAPIA are excited to host this event! Join us for a workshop to hear Asian American parents share their experiences of confusion, fear, love, acceptance, and celebration of their LGBTQ children. We especially welcome parents of LGBTQ kids who would like to talk with other parents who understand the unique cultural issues in our communities, LGBTQ people who want to come out to their parents, or people who are struggling with family acceptance and want to understand different ways to bring them together. If you are already out to your parents, caregivers, or other family, bring them along!

Free but please register!. Snacks and food provided!

Panel Bios: Michelle Honda-Phillips (Bay Area) is a fourth-generation Japanese-American, proud mother of three children, including Malisa, her 9 year old transgender daughter. Malisa knew that her brain and body did not match and expressed her gender identity at a very young age. Michelle spreads awareness and understanding through speaking about her family's journey with acceptance and unconditional love in hopes that other families will embrace their children for their authentic selves and look beyond gender binary stereotypes.

H.K. Suh is a proud father of gay son and lives in Northern Virginia. He works as Technology/Publication Manager at the American Bar Association in Washington D.C. Together with Kate Shim, his wife, he has helped found the Korean American Rainbow Parents, the first national LGBTQ advocacy group of Korean American parents and the local Korean American Rainbow Group of DC Area, composed of LGBTQ individuals, parents and allies.

Asian Pacific Islander Pride
Nonprofit Organization · Portland, Oregon
Non-profit organization serving the LGBTQ API communities in greater Portland, OR

National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance
Nonprofit Organization · Washington, District of ColumbiaMbr> NQAPIA is a federation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander (API) organizations.


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Apr 29
Exploring Race and Class Intersections
Multnomah Friends Meeting House

This workshop, co-sponsored by Class Action, Social Justice Fund NW and Oregon Food Bank explores the critical link between class and race in the United States. It starts by examining the historical basis for classism and racism and then invites people to examine how race and class impacts our individual life experiences. The workshop is interactive and experiential and participants should be prepared to examine and talk about the origins of their own class backgrounds and racial identities.

The general goals of the workshop are as follows:

1. Shared understanding and framework for discussing class and race
2. Understanding how race and class have operated structurally throughout history
3. Increasing awareness of individual own racial and class identities and their impact
4. Explore steps we can take towards greater race and class equity

Cost: $25-$150 based on ability to pay.


May 31
You Belong Here: Tenant Power!
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

Are you a tenant? Do you care about someone who is?

You Belong Here!

Join others renters and community leaders for free dinner, a workshop, and a chance to demand an end to no-cause evictions and extreme rent hikes.

Everyone needs to be on board this year to demand an end to no-cause evictions and repeal the state-wide ban on rent control here in Oregon. Put your best forward and hold your lawmakers accountable! Demand support for #HB2004!

What we need: your bodies, your voice, your fist in the air What you need: to keep yourself housed and create an environment that allows others to stay housed with you

What we can do: Come together in numbers and expand the Community Alliance of Tenants. When we go down to Salem, when you go to knock on the mayor's door, you need #TenantPower behind you. Only in solidarity can the people's will be done.

Dinner will be provided. A workshop to understand tenant rights will allow you to meet fellow renters and residents, and use that knowledge to empower yourself and those in your community

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. All ages welcome. Childcare and interpretations will be available, please call (503)460.9702 ex. 2 for Jensi for requested services.

Jun 11
Portland Assembly - SE Central Neighborhood Action Council Canvassing Workshop, Potluck & Resource Share!
Laurelhurst Park

The SE Central NAC (Neighborhood Action Council) will be hosting a Potuck Supper and Resource Share on June 11th in Laurelhurst Park! All NACs are invited. Let's pool our ideas as well as our material resources!

We will be leading a quick workshop on neighborhood canvassing to help us all prepare for a summer of meeting our neighbors and figuring out rad things to do together.

We will be at the picnic area near the horsehoe pit on the North side of the park. Please bring a dish to share as well as items to donate for our neighborhood resource share.

If you have items to drop off, please post to the event page!

Helpful items include:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Tarps
  • Clothing
  • Menstruation Hygiene Products
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Non perishable and easy to store food items
  • Tents and Sleeping Bags

Portland Assembly - Now is the time to unite our conversations and organize. Let’s Keep Portland Powerful and Run Rip City

Portland Assembly - Southeast Central - Live in the Central Eastside? Looking for your PA Neighborhood Action Council? You've found it! Serving Buckman, Laurelhurst, Kerns, Hawthorne and more!

Jun 18
SELF Defense for WOMEN of COLOR
Unite Oregon

This workshop covers basic verbal and physical self defense strategies that focus on incapacitating a potential attacker.

This appears to be Sold Out

Unite Oregon - Led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, we work across Oregon to build a unified intercultural movement for justice.

Jul 10
Workshop: Racial Microaggression in Clinical Practice
through Catholic Charities of Oregon

Each one-day workshop will be held from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at Catholic Charities Clark Family Center. MONDAY'S WORKSHOP IS REPEATED ON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY.

Racial Microaggressions are defined as “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults toward people of color”. Racial Microaggressions are the result of unconscious or implicit bias that seeps into interactions with marginalized people. These microaggressions have deep and detrimental impacts on the mental and physical health of people of color and they have enormous impact on the way in which people of color interact with mental health treatment and services.

This training will support clinicians in recognizing and stopping implicit bias that affects the way in which they engage in clinical practice with clients of color. It will help clinicians to improve their clinical relationship with clients through the reduction of implicit bias interactions for overall improved interventions and outcomes based in equity and social justice.


  • Enhanced clinical rapport with clients.
  • Long term engagement with clients of color.
  • Overall improvement of services to clients from communities of color.
  • Certificate offered - C.E.U. (Continuing Educational Units) through the National Association of Social Workers.
  • Beneficial for developmental and personal growth goals


Angie Mejia is a doctoral candidate in the department of sociology at Syracuse University. Her current research encompasses immigration, mental health, ethnicity, bio/psychopolitics, and citizenship by looking specifically at U.S. Latinas’ experiences with depression and depression treatment.

Kat Kelley, MSW, is the Director of Programs and Integration with Catholic Charities of Oregon. Her areas of practice and expertise include trauma, mental health, domestic and sexual violence, immigration, race equity and community organizing. Ms. Kelley has almost 20 years of experience in anti-racist social movements and building white ally identities. She is a clinician and macro practice social worker who focuses on anti-oppressive practice and social justice.

For group pricing and packages, contact: Kat Kelly, MSW

  • Director of Programs and Integration
  • (971) 409-7265

El Programa Hispano Católico - Servicios sociales integrales para la comunidad Latina en Oregon. / Comprehensive social services for Oregon's Latin American community.

Catholic Charities of Oregon - Inspired by the transformative power of God’s love, Catholic Charities partners with the most vulnerable, regardless of faith, to achieve lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.

Jul 17
Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools
through Resolutions Northwest

Explore why and how Restorative Justice can be a promising alternative to exclusionary practices.

Monday and Tuesday, July 17th and 18th, from 9:00am – 4:00pm

“It was a great balance of circle, lecture, group work and movement. The topic had me 100% engaged.”

Restorative Justice is a valuable alternative to exclusionary practices. It seeks to restore community and repair harm while holding all involved accountable. Unacceptably high school push-out rates disproportionately affect students of color, students with disabilities and youth who identify as LGBT.

Restorative Justice is not a prescribed program but a philosophy based on community building and repairing harm. We will discuss the components that can make the approach successful such as circles, restorative inquiries and dialogues, community service and mediation. We look at possibilities for implementation that are open to classroom teachers and other school personnel. While doing so we will keep a keen eye on equity issues. The workshop will be a combination of lecture, discussions, videos and hands-on practice activities.

This training focuses on Restorative Justice in schools. We particularly invite and encourage school counselors, behavior specialists, administrators, teachers, security personnel, and those studying to work in schools.

Registration link:

Resolutions Northwest

facilitates honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice.

We envision inclusive and just communities in which people connect across differences and equitably share opportunities to thrive.

Jul 21
Fight, flee, flop – or flip? Transform conflict through Aikido
Two Rivers Aikikai

Put the experience of mindful conflict resolution into your body!

When conflicts arise – perhaps racism comes up, a co-worker pushes our buttons, or we’re embroiled in family dynamics – most of us have a default setting, and it’s not necessarily the most helpful one. In this workshop, we will explore how to become more mindful in those moments so we can choose a response that is more aligned with our values and the outcomes we want to achieve. We will include physical exercises to help you access a deeper level of learning.

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art with the ultimate goal of convincing humanity that violence is not an effective means of improving society. While this is not a martial arts class, it is grounded in our belief that the lessons of Aikido can help people develop a centered, balanced and sensitive human spirit.

No martial arts experience is required. We work with participants to adapt each exercise to your own level of mobility and comfort (or you can learn by observing if you prefer).


Resolutions Northwest

facilitates honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice.

We envision inclusive and just communities in which people connect across differences and equitably share opportunities to thrive.

Jul 23
Bystander Intervention Workshop and Don't Shoot Portland fundraiser
Vancouver Community Library

How to be an ally when we encounter threats to others in the community based on race, gender, immigration status, or other factors? How can we reduce danger for the most vulnerable while keeping ourselves and others safe in the moment? In light of recent events in the Portland and Vancouver areas, the answers to these questions have become even more important.

We need skills.

Join us for a hands-on bystander support/intervention training workshop with Don’t Shoot Portland founder Teressa Raiford.

Suggested donation of $5 - $20 to Don't Shoot Portland at the door.

Please register ASAP as there are only 28 spots available. Bystander Intervention Workshop on July 23rd from 2-5 PM.

Please register at:

Don't Shoot Portland- In August 2014 we agreed to take political action and organize at Dawson Park to be in solidarity with the growing response from Ferguson, MO #MikeBrown

Jul 29
Obon Dance Workshop
Japanese American Historical Plaza

As part of Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center's new exhibit "American Obon: Dancing in Joy and Remembrance," Oregon Nikkei Endowment and Oregon Buddhist Temple are hosting a public Bon Odori workshop on Saturday, July 29, 6-8pm.

The summer obon festival is an eagerly anticipated event within Nikkei communities throughout North America. People come for the memorial observance, camaraderie, cultural performances, and food, but perhaps the most iconic element of the obon festival occurs when participants gather in a circle for the bon odori (obon dancing).

"American Obon" will trace the development of bon odori in North America. Curated by Dr. Wynn Kiyama (Portland State University and Portland Taiko), this exhibit will be the first of its kind in North America.

Please join us for this obon dance workshop at the Japanese American Historical Plaza, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Saturday July 29, 6-8pm.

Oregon Nikkei Endowment

Oregon Buddhist Temple

Jul 31
Bystander Intervention Workshop in Multnomah Village, a benefit for Don't Shoot Portland
Riversgate Church


6:00pm networking, snacks and seating time. Workshop begins at 6:30pm.

SWAG and UNLOC, two local social action groups, are excited to partner with Teressa Raiford of Don't Shoot Portland to bring her hands-on, interactive workshop on bystander support & intervention to Multnomah Village. The primary focus of this workshop is learning how to be an ally and accomplice when encountering threats to others in our communities, and how we can reduce danger while keeping ourselves and others safe. . Please get your tickets early (a small number of tickets will be available at the door). A sliding scale donation of $10-$25 is requested to secure your ticket. All donations benefit Don't Shoot Portland. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact for questions.

Dont Shoot Portland - In August 2014 we agreed to take political action and organize at Dawson Park to be in solidarity with the growing response from Ferguson, MO #MikeBrown

Aug 8
Understanding Trauma and Building Resiliency
through Resolutions Northwest

Register here:

Trauma is a biological rather than a pathological response, and the body has an innate capacity to heal and restore itself. This workshop will focus on the impact of trauma and how resiliency can be restored using a skills-based approach. Participants will be introduced to the Community Resiliency Model developed by the Trauma Resource Institute and have an opportunity to practice the skills. Learn to take a resilience-oriented approach to Trauma Informed Care, moving beyond information to neuroscience-based ACTION. Gain practical skills to build greater capacity for self-regulation and self-care.

This training is for anyone interested in learning more about trauma-informed care and how to incorporate skills for well being into their personal and/or professional lives – whether for themselves or for those they support.

Resolutions Northwest

facilitates honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice.

We envision inclusive and just communities in which people connect across differences and equitably share opportunities to thrive.

Aug 14
Bystander Intervention Workshop, benefit for Don't Shoot Portland

Space is limited so please register in advance. Registration link coming soon!

With the recent uptick in hate crimes, it's time for us to come together and learn how we can stand up for our friends and neighbors. The goal of this workshop is to learn how to be an ally when we encounter threats to others in our communities, and how we can reduce danger for the most vulnerable while keeping ourselves and others safe.

Please join us Monday, August 14th from 3-5pm at Ecdysiast, for a hands-on bystander support/intervention training workshop. We are asking for a suggested $20 sliding donation to benefit Dont Shoot Portland, with no one being turned away for lack of funds.

Questions and inquiries regarding Bystander Intervention Programs can be answered by sending an email to

Dont Shoot Portland

In August 2014 we agreed to take political action and organize at Dawson Park to be in solidarity with the growing response from Ferguson, MO #MikeBrown

Aug 17
Free Renters' Rights Workshop
North Portland Library
  • Did you know that nearly 70% of Black Oregonians rent?
  • That over half of millenials are renters?
  • That women are less likely to own homes than men?
  • That empty homes outnumber homeless people?

Join other renters this Thursday for a free renters' rights workshop at the North Portland Library, and bring your questions with you.

We'll bring the snacks, you bring the neighbors.

Bring anyone who rents with you. We are stronger in numbers!

The Community Alliance of Tenants - Formed in 1996, the Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) is Oregon’s only statewide, grassroots, tenant-controlled, tenant-rights organization. CAT educates, organizes and develops the leadership of low-income tenants. Twitter @catoregon

Aug 19
Bystander Intervention Workshop

In light of recent tragic events and in honor of the heroes who protected two teenage girls on the Max from a hateful racist attack, bystander intervention workshops have been organized with the help of Teressa Raiford of Dont Shoot Portland. The goal of this workshop is to learn how to be an ally when we encounter threats to others in our communities, and how we can reduce danger for the most vulnerable while keeping ourselves and others safe.

Please join us Saturday, August 19th at TaborSpace in the Annex (lower level, wheelchair accessible) for a bystander support/intervention training workshop facilitated by Teressa Raiford, Lara Jones and Hanna Davis.

We are asking for a suggested $20+ sliding scale donation to benefit Don't Shoot Portland.

Dont Shoot Portland - In August 2014 we agreed to take political action and organize at Dawson Park to be in solidarity with the growing response from Ferguson, MO #MikeBrown

Website's Basics of Photojournalism Workshop - Location Change!
Central Library


  • Mt Hood Community College - Small Business Development Center
  • 484 SE 187th Ave at Stark, Portland, OR 97233

Come and learn more about the basics of Photojournalism and volunteer opportunities. facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision-making and politics in our state of Oregon.

Aug 27
Bystander Intervention Workshop
Clark Public Utilities

With the attack on the Portland MAX in May, hate crimes on the rise in the U.S. and with our current climate emboldening white supremacist, it is important that we have the skills to safely intervene on behalf of others in a threatening situation. The goal of this workshop is to learn how to be an alley, and reduce danger when we encounter threats to others in our communities, and how we can reduce danger for the most vulnerable while keeping ourselves and others safe.

Please RSVP at the link below and donate on a sliding scale of $5-20 to attend this event, as Don't Shoot PDX is doing important work and needs our support.

We hope to see you there! HUMAN

HUMAN: Humanitarian United Movement & Action Network. Strengthening Clark County communities through a collaboration of action, education and advocacy.

Dont Shoot Portland - In August 2014 we agreed to take political action and organize at Dawson Park to be in solidarity with the growing response from Ferguson, MO #MikeBrown

Sep 13
Artful Facilitation for Productive, Inclusive Groups
through Jade/APANO Multicultural Space -JAMS

Registration required:

Make your meeting matter.

A 3-day workshop – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, September 13, 14, 15 – for facilitators, managers, community leaders, advocates, or anyone who is motivated to guide groups to do their best work. Learn how to understand, design for, and manage group dynamics by grounding the work in themes of inclusion, connection, and clarity of purpose.

Registration required:

Sep 18
How We Can Control the Rent
Unite Oregon

Why is the rent so high?

What would it take for tenants to take control of our homes and communities? The Community Alliance of Tenants and Momentum Alliance invite you to find out about recent victories and lessons learned in the fight for tenant protections and think through how to build power with one another for a stronger movement. This workshop will be a kickoff to Oregon Renter Week of Action.

Sep 25
Microaggressions and Implicit Bias Workshop
YWCA of Greater Portland

Discover the relationship between implicit or unconscious bias and microaggressions.

Microaggressions or Microinequities are the “unintentional or intentional slights, hurtful words, put downs and/or insults that trigger an emotional response from the person to whom it is directed.” If left unaddressed over a period of time, the impact (which are often invisible to the naked eye), can be devastating to a person’s mental and physical health with long-term consequences. In this four hour workshop, discover the relationship between implicit or unconscious bias and microaggressions:

  • What are the different types of microaggressions? What causes them? And what is the impact they have on individuals’ emotional and physical health? How about its effects on equities related to race, gender, age and sexual orientation?
  • How do we identify and address the behaviors associated with the term and how do we disrupt them when they happen?
  • Apply tools and skills to minimize the impact of microaggressions, whether you’re an unintentional perpetrator, or a bystander, or a recipient.
  • Participants will get the opportunity to learn from each other through stories, discussions and experiential activities

YWCA of Greater Portland
Nonprofit Organization · Portland, Oregon
The YWCA of Greater Portland’s mission is to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Gender Identity and Expression: Respect, Care and Language Workshop
The Liquor Store

Our community is full of really amazing and diverse people, each seeking to connect and engage with others. But the gender constructs we've been given can impede our ability to see and interact with individuals outside the binary in ways that feel safe and meaningful. This workshop will be co-presented by Mychel Estevez, an instructor at PSU and UP, and Hannah Stauffer, a Transgender community member. They will discuss how to use inclusive language, common pitfalls, and ways to be sensitive when negotiating and seeking to connect with diverse individuals. Bring your friends and share your thoughts as we seek to make the Portland sexuality communities a fun and safe place for all bodies, genders, and genitals.

Nonprofit Organization · Portland, Oregon
Nonprofit Sex-Positive Education and Event Center located in Portland, Oregon.

Sep 28
Free Renters' Rights Workshop
  • Did you know that over half of millenials rent?
  • That nearly 70% of black folks rent?
  • That women are less likely to own homes than men?
  • That empty homes outnumber homeless people?

Join other renters at PCC SE Campus Queer Resource Center and The Community Alliance of Tenants for a free renters' rights workshop at SCOM Room 314, and bring your questions with you.

Bring anyone who rents with you. We are stronger in numbers! This event is free and open to the public - you do not need to be a student to attend!

Sep 29
National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide's Operation Veteran Freedom workshop - required pre-registration
PCC Cascade

This workshop was specially designed for Veterans and family by a Vietnam era Combat Veteran. It uses some of the technology of Brain Science and the some of the technology of Landmark Worldwide (a very powerful and highly regarded educational corporation).

The Commitment of this workshop is for you to discover new ways to look at yourself, the world including your past and present circumstances. By seeing these things in a new light your past will no longer dictate to you how you feel and limit what actions you can take.

This course is designed for our Military Veterans, male or female that either; A) served in a war zone, B) were in military operations, or C) experienced trauma. It is also for impacted military family members (parents, spouse, adult children, etc.).

You may experience memories about what happened to you and / or others. If you are unwilling to experience the emotions, feelings, body sensations and thoughts that may come up in these discussions, you should discuss this with us prior to the workshop.

If you have attempted suicide in the past 12 months, currently experiencing severe depression or are taking any psychotropic drugs (those that affect the mind, emotions or behavior) you should consider talking to your mental health professional before attending this workshop.

You and you alone are responsible for your well-being!

For our Veterans and Families and at no cost. Pre-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by emailing for the workshop Agreement.

Please share this with Veterans and their adult family members near the Portland Oregon area.

Visit for testimonies and course description.

Visit to get the flyer for this workshop.

Oct 4
YWCA's Opening the Door to Equity
YWCA of Greater Portland

Institutional Equity: Shift your outcomes by shifting your systems

When you look at the outcomes of your work, are you advancing racial equity? Or are you replicating systems of racial injustice, despite your best intentions? In this workshop, we start by reviewing the difference between equity and equality. Then we introduce you to our sun model, which illustrates how your agency’s values and practices lead directly to the outcomes you are seeing. This may include external outcomes (your impact on program participants and community), your internal outcomes (within the workplace of staff and volunteers), or both. You will have a chance to apply a simple equity analysis to a key organizational issue and brainstorm actions you could take to shift toward racial equity in your outcomes.

Oct 7
Political Propaganda and Mural Painting Workshop
IWW Hall

Join the IWW and the UMLEM (Unidades Muralistas Luchador Ernesto Miranda) from Chile in a conversation about political propaganda and a day-long mural workshop.

At noon we will discuss the theory and practice of political mural making and decide what we want to portray in the mural. From 2-6 we will be painting the IWW hall.

Bring friends, snacks and your most radical dreams for what you'd like to see in the mural!!!

To learn more about the UMLEM:

Los IWW y la UMLEM (Unidades Muralistas Luchador Ernesto Miranda) de Chile te invitan a una conversacion de la propaganda politica y un taller de muralismo.

Al medio dia estaremos hablando de la teoria y practica del muralismo y tambien decidir que queremos pintar en la pared. De las 2 hasta las 6 estaremos pintando la sala de IWW. Traiga tus amigxs, algo pa comer y tus suenos muralistas mas radicales!!

Para saber mas acerca de la UMLEM:

Arauco: la guerra más larga
A series of documentaries exploring the impacts of colonialism, cultural hegemony, economic imperialism and the forestry industry in Southern Chile.

Portland IWW
Community · Portland, Oregon
The Portland, Oregon General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Oct 8
Rapid Responder Training
St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church

St. Michael’s Immigrant Welcoming Congregation (IWC) and Latino Leadership Teams will jointly offer a workshop on nonviolent-intervention strategies on Sunday, October 8, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm in the Nativity Hall.

The bilingual booklet, Respuesta Rápida en Caso de Emergencia, describes five kinds of situations in which St. Michael’s Rapid Responders may be asked to show up should assistance be requested when individuals or families feel unsafe, threatened or at risk because of their immigration status. Workshop participants will learn about nonviolent interventions that can be used to diffuse situations and have an opportunity to witness and practice these interventions in different scenarios outlined in the booklet.

Oct 11
Equity-Informed Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Mercy Corps

Registration required:

In this practical and interactive training, you will gain tools to have hard conversations, say what you need to say, and listen with your whole self. Bring your questions and examples, and learn to apply these skills to keep your job while staying in your power.

Registration required:

Oct 14
Creating an LGBTQ Inclusive Classroom 101 Professional Development - advance registration
People's Food Co-op

What is this? A professional Development Workshop for educators and school staff from all levels to learn strategies for creating a more inclusive classroom for LGBTQ+ students. Develop skills for navigating conversations and becoming an ally in your school. We will cover small, simple steps, examples of lesson plans, and opportunities to troubleshoot real classroom needs.

Who is facilitating the workshop? Instructors come from the LGBTQ+ community and have professional experience in classrooms. Tory Waggoner, Teacher, M.Ed and Sam Skye, Child and Family Therapist, MA, LPC intern. They are the co-founders of Q+, a new organization offering workshops and consulting designed for educators to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment.

Who should attend? Any educator: classroom teachers, counselors, administrators, instructional assistants, etc. If you work in a school, you are invited to attend!

What will happen at the workshop? We will cover some of the basics of working with LGBTQ+ identified folks (vocabulary, statistics, etc.). We will also spend at least half of the workshop looking at specific, manageable steps you can take back to your school on Monday, including curriculum ideas.

Why should I attend? By attending this workshop you are showing your dedication to making your classroom and school an inclusive space for all students. You will take away strategies that you can incorporate easily to make your LGBTQ+ students feel safer and supported. You will also get 4 PDUs.

When is the event? Saturday, October 14th 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Where is the event? People's Co-op community room. The room is located upstairs, but has a wheelchair lift. The day of the event we will have signs posted to help you find the room. The room itself is a large, open space with several windows. There are a couple photos of the room on the Peopele's Co-Op website It will be arranged with folding tables and folding chairs, plus a projector for the presentation. We realize that for some folks sitting in hard chairs for extended periods of time can be difficult. If you need to bring items like cushions for your comfort, please do so. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us at We would be happy to help with you with any accessibility concerns.

How can I get there? People’s Co-op is located near the 9, 66, and 10 bus routes, as well as the Orange Max Line. Parking can sometimes busy, but usually not too difficult. There are also bike racks available.

How do I attend? Register for the event here: This first workshop is only open to 20 people, so register today to secure your spot!

Education · Portland, Oregon
Inspiring educators and professionals to bring inclusivity into everything they do. Offering training, consultation, and resources.

TFW5 -Teen Father Workshop
Cleveland High School




Who is invited:

Teen Fathers (25 & Under) in Portland and surrounding areas.


Besides free money, food, and child care? Great question. Squires is working to rewrite the label society places on teen fathers.

We understand each teen father has his own unique story situation. And regardless of whether your story is full of support or your story contains a struggle to find work & finish your education, or you just need someone in your corner. This workshop has something valuable for every father.

Nonprofit Organization · Portland, Oregon
Dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and supporting teen dads to provide long term emotional, physical, and financial support for their child.

Oct 18
Interrupting Oppression in the Outdoors 101
Oaks Bottom Public House

In this workshop we will learn the basics of oppression and how it manifests in the outdoors. We will analyze how systemic oppression operates so that we can begin to transform ourselves, our organizations, workplaces, and communities. When systems like white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, homo- and transphobia, ableism, etc. are so ingrained in our society it is an important practice to learn how to stop perpetuating oppression and instead become accomplices in the movement for social justice. We will leave with a more nuanced understanding of these systems, as well as tools and resources to make concrete changes and impacts. This is about improving ourselves to improve the world. Please know that you can't take one workshop and be done with the work. This work is tireless. Peace and justice is a lifetime fight.

Founder, Erin Monahan, and local activist and climber, Lorena Wallace, will be facilitating. This is a FREE event! Donations will be much appreciated and will go towards funding the latest print issue! Hope to see you there!

Terra incognita Media
Media/News Company · Portland, Oregon
Founded in 2015, Terra Incognita Media is an independent media company that provides a feminist response to the outdoor industry through essays, interviews, a podcast, and community events! Help us support Indigenous Women Hike by ordering a tank or tee!