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Jun 7
Rally For A FAIR CONTRACT! (District Council of Trade Unions)
Chapman Square

Come to support your bargaining team and show the City that what happens at the bargaining table matters to you!

Jul 14
Burgerville Workers Union July Picket
SE Powell Boulevard MAX Station Park & Ride

Burgerville: Stop retaliations, start negotations!

As we come out of the dreary months of spring and into the exuberance of summer we must remember that the workers are still the workers and the boss is still the boss! As always, there has never been a better time to organize, fight for our quality of life, and unionize for a more just future for all of us—both here and across the country.

In the coming months we vow to show Burgerville that they cannot continue to ignore the needs of workers, or the voice of our union. Burgerville has consistently responded to organizing with retaliations against workers, including firing and writing up shop leaders for minor infractons. Through continued escalation and ongoing workplace organizing, we will force Burgerville to come to the negotiating table one way or another!

And so, the workers of the BVWU invite to you to a picket Friday, July 14, at the Burgerville on SE 92nd and Powell. Come have some fun while standing in solidarity with Burgerville workers against hate speech, intimidation, and Burgerville’s union-busting tactics.

Meet at the Park and Ride on 3618 SE 92nd Ave, Portland, 97266 at 5:30 to march to the Burgerville on 92nd and Powell.

Burgerville Workers Union - We are the heart of Burgerville. We deserve a voice in our jobs and a raise. Because nobody should expect to live in poverty.

Jul 18
Campaign Lit: Design and Message
Oregon AFL-CIO

Come hear from the experts some tricks of the trade about how to best put together printed materials for your candidate campaign. These workshops are open to members and labor allies. All are welcome who support social, racial and worker justice. A $5-$10 contribution is requested to help cover dinner, which is usually salad and pizza, but sometimes tacos.


Oregon Labor Candidate School (OLCS) was created by a coalition of Oregon unions to meet the growing need for labor champions in elected office.

Jul 19
Rally for Wages and Fairness
Chapman Square

It is so important that YOU, your coworkers, and your family join us in the park on Wednesday, July 19th at 4:30 pm for a rally. If we can get 1000 DCTU members in the park, we can push hard on the City the next day to settle this contract!!

We're union members, so we can't go to the boss to ask for a raise, that's just not the way it works in a union shop. Showing up for this rally, taking an hour or two off work, coming in if it's your day off, is the union equivalent of having a meeting with your boss to ask for a raise.

This is the first time in a long time there has been money on the table, but we have to fight for it! They same few voices at the table week after week won't convince the City. Swarming outside the offices of BHR will prove you actually care and are NOT content with your current lot.

There is a reason the City has kept a lid on their non-rep class-comp results. Whatever we don't pry from their fingers will probably just go to non-rep and management raises.

Come lift your voices and fight to be recognized at the employees of choice you really are!