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May 3, 2017
Intro (101) Class to the IWW
IWW Hall, 2249 E Burnside

If you are an existing or former IWW member, or are thinking about joining the union, this is where you want to be! * We will discuss what makes the IWW different from other unions (trade or otherwise). * We will also discuss awesome topics like Solidarity Unionism and Direct Action. * As this is right after May Day, you'll be able to connect in solidarity with others who are fighting for the same cause of worker power.

The IWW is building a working class movement -- here in Portland and internationally -- for worker power and defense on the job and in our communities. This class struggle affects us all and we want YOU to be involved in this awesome and inspiring work.

This class is FREE and open to all workers. Light snacks will be provided! We sincerely hope to see you there!!

If you require babysitting assistance or kid focused activities on site in order to participate, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements with our Junior Wobblies coordinators*.

*Junior Wobblies is a vetted committee in the IWW designed to help provide childcare to fellow workers for the purpose of attending meetings, events, among other situations. The IWW makes sure that anyone involved with Junior Wobblies is a trusted community member, so that parents can have peace of mind.

Nov 10, 2017
Musical Picket at Burgerville for Negotiations
Burgerville - Convention Center, 1135 NE MLK Jr

Join the Burgerville Workers Union on a song-filled picket line! In the year and a half since going public the union has only gotten stronger, but corporate still refuses to negotiate. Come out in support of Burgerville workers and show the company what they're up against until the day they start treating their workers with respect.

Meet at 5:00 at the MLK Statue outside of the Oregon Convention Center before marching over to the Convention Center Burgerville at 5:30, where we'll sing, dance, and shut them down!

Nov 27, 2017
Support Olympia Stands – Donation Drop Off
Bipartisan Cafe

Folks from Demand Utopia will be hanging out at Bi-Partisan Cafe to accept donations for the Olympia Blockade. If you can't make it up please drop off some items to help the cause because there's much the defenders still need!

Supplies that are needed -Firewood -tyvec -tent sticks -cinderblocks -flat boards like plywood -splints, -gauze -medical tape, -masks -goggles -walkie talkies -suitcases -scissors, -plastic tubs -dish soap -socks -talcum powder

We will be at the cafe from 4-8pm so please swing by.

about the blockade:

Olympia Stand, a climate justice coalition, has constructed a blockade of an oil fracking train departing from the Port. As we write, the blockade has entered its fifth day and on the 1-year anniversary of another anti-fracking blockade which lasted one week.

During last year’s blockade – inspired by the Water Protectors at Standing Rock – hundreds of people collaborated to construct a makeshift camp on the train tracks. They were evicted on the 7th day through a joint and overwhelming force of Washington State Patrol, Olympia Police Department, Thurston County Sherrif’s Department and Union Pacific Police Department. During the eviction, 12 demonstrators were arrested and others were struck with less-lethal weapons.

Feb 3
Water Protectors - Part 1: A Call For Support
Anarres Infoshop

We Have Not Forgotten You: WATER PROTECTORS Part 1: A Call For Support

We are bombarded by media. News of school shootings, atrocities against humanity, and environmental catastrophe can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems there’s no way to help. As a society we must not accept this as truth.

Last year the Dakota access pipeline was imposed on Native lands and threatened sacred water. Many people came from all walks of life to stand in solidarity and join their native communities to protect sacred lands, our life force, and all future generations.

I have heard people say “Standing Rock is over” this is not true, especially for the people who gave up their livelihood and left their communities and familes to offer themselves to defend what they knew in their hearts to be a just cause. They faced brutalized police force, harsh weather conditions, and inprisionment. Many are suffering from PTSD. Some are in prison. Some must travel back there to defend themselves in our judicial system. When a soldier returns from war there are organizations and services that help support and honor them. We must rise up as a collective community and be that support system for these water protectors. With our actions we must show them that they are not forgotten.

This first event will focus on supporting 8 water protectors as they struggle with travel fees to attend their court dates. It will also fund care packages for those who are in prison.

There will be a slideshow presentation, a speech from Candi Brings Plenty, music, and an art sale. The space seats about 30 plus standing room.

Please give priority to children, elders, and alter abled persons!

$8 suggested donation No one will be turned away

Can’t make it? Stay tuned as “In Solidarity We Stand” continues to support Native communities, Black communities, People of Color, Immigrants, People Living in Poverty, Animals, and our Earth Mother.

Want to contribute? Ideas for future concerts? Media coverage? Photos or video to document the event? Art for donation? Your musical talents? Please put “In Solidarity We Stand” in the subject line and contact Megan Martinez via email:

Mar 24
March for Afrin and Rojava!
Holladay Park NE Holladay St & NE 11th Ave

In Northern Syria there exists a radical and revolutionary experiment in Direct Democracy, Feminism and Communalism. We have not seen since the days of the Spanish Revolution. This experiment, commonly known as Rojava, is currently under assault by the forces of Imperialism and Patriarchy, personified by the Fascist regime of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Over one million civilians are now trapped within the besieged city of Afrin as the Turkish military and it's proxies close in for battle.

Please join us as we march to declare our support for the people of Rojava during the International Day of Solidarity for Afrin. Upon leaving the park we will march with banners and signs to the Social Justice Action Center where a documentary screening and letter writing event will be held.

This is a show of solidarity so please feel free to bring flags and signs in show of support for Rojava, against the Turkish regime, support of the YPJ and YPG, and the feminist revolution.

Apr 22
Screening of Submedia's Trouble: Episodes 3 & 4
Anarres Infoshop

Come catch up on subMedia's Trouble, a monthly documentary series on social resistance around the word. We will be screening and discussing two episodes from the series: #3 Refugees Welcome and #4 No Justice, Just Us.

Episode 3 - Refugees Welcome: Solidarity Across Borders As our world stands on the precipice of more destabilizing wars waged over declining resources, a deepening of structural economic inequality and the onset of cataclysmic climate change, dramatic movements of human populations are inevitable. What is not yet inevitable is how humanity will respond to this crisis. This episode features interviews with a number of individuals from around the world who are helping to chart a course for the future based on living practices of solidarity and mutual aid, and who are invested in tearing down the physical and imaginary borders that seek to keep us divided.

Episode 2: No Justice, Just Us: Movements Against State Repression The institutional pillars of domination and exploitation are well-entrenched in society, well-versed in manipulation, and utterly ruthless in their efforts to crush any and all threats to their legitimacy. Our future success and growth demands that we develop the capacity to anticipate the strategies and tactics that the state will use against us, build our own infrastructure to defend against these attacks, and incorporate meaningful solidarity and collective defense into all facets of our organizing. This episode of Trouble interviews a number of individuals engaged in legal defense and prisoner solidarity, and looks at some of the ways we can begin to build movements that are more resilient in the face of state repression.

Free but donations welcome to keep Anarres open! All ages, always // no alcohol // wheelchair accessible*

*note on accessibility: the space is wheelchair accessible. The door to the bathroom is about 25.5 inches wide taking into account the door frame. We recognize that this is not accessible for all wheelchair sizes.

May 17
Benefit for Red Lodge Transition Services + Dogtooth & Nail Album Release/Tour Kickoff!
Anarres Infoshop & Community Space, 7101 N Lombard

The organizers of this show would like to give recognition that this event is being held on the stolen land of the Chinook Tribe

This show is a benefit for Red Lodge Transition Services and the album release of local band, Dogtooth & Nail. In light of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women's (MMIW) Day on May 5 we want to continue the conversation, spread awareness and directly fundraiser money and collect items for a local organization that supports indigenous women. Red Lodge is a Native American led organization that provides culturally focused programs for women released from jail, prison or treatment. More info:

REQUESTED ITEMS TO DONATE: - Gardening: large pots for plants, potting soil, plants starts (tomato, potato, lettuce, beans, corn) -bus passes -art supplies -coffee - recycled building materials (for chicken coop, sweat lodge inclosed screen, recycling center) - they do not need clothes or hygiene items

ART FOR SALE Created by women from Red Lodge & Coffee Creek Correctional Facility


Trish Jordan, the cofounder of Red Lodge, will be speaking at the event!

Candi Brings Plenty, who organized and lead the Indigenous Women's March this past year, will be performing and speaking about Red Fawn, a political prisoner who was wrongfully arrested at Standing Rock and is facing trail at the end of May. She is also stolen and missing.

LETTER WRITING: We will have a station for letter writing to Red Fawn as well as information about her and how to donate to her legal fund.

MUSIC by Megan Martinez, Brenna Sahatjian and Dogtooth & Nail album release of "Learning How to Unlearn" featuring Megan, Brenna and Candi on the album! <3

Suggested donation $5-10 but no one turned away for lack of funds 75% of money raised will be donated to Red Lodge, 25% will go to the space to keep it open.

Jun 2
Anti Police Brutality Solidarity Rally
Chapman Square

On Sunday June 4th, 2017, just a few days after one of Joey Gibson’s fan boys murdered 2 people of the max train, Gibson and his goons invaded our city. He invited violent alt-right out of town agitators, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman and “Baked Alaska”, as guests of honor. Our local officials, including Mayor Ted Wheeler and then chief of police Mike Marshman, invited Joey to speak with them in a private meeting before the event, accomplishing nothing but stoking the fire of anger in our community.

Portland showed up in force to counter Gibson’s hateful rhetoric, outnumbering their attendance by at least 1000 people. After hours of peaceful protest, PPB attacked the counter protesters to create cover for Gibson’s rally to leave the park. The police created a war zone in downtown Portland that day, shooting protesters with pepper spray bullets and throwing flash bang grenades into crowded areas, forcing the crowd to leave the area, kettling and detaining over 300 people in a mass illegal roundup.

PPB has a well detailed, sordid history of overuse of force. They continually murder, terrorize, and abuse; people of color, children, people in mental health crisis, and the houseless in Portland, all of our most marginalized neighbors. They attack peaceful protesters and protect the violent fascists at every turn. It’s time we take our town back, and stand up to the Portland police and tell them we will no longer allow them to bully, abuse, and murder us with impunity. Join us for a solidarity rally on Sunday June 3rd, 2:00pm, at Chapman Park.