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Beloved Community Forums

Ainsworth United Church of Christ
2941 NE Ainsworth Street
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)



Starting with the premise that the opposite of fear is friendship, and the opposite of "hate crime" is "building the beloved community," join a diverse cross-section of your neighbors on the fourth Sunday of each month to make new friends and deepen your community relationships. Each gathering will welcome a different community leader who will share their vision of "what are we for" here in Oregon, and offer us a chance to discern and discuss what we are for as well. Refreshments will be provided by Po'Shines: Cafe De La Soul. Brought to you by the Beloved Community of Oregon.

Our first gathering will be led by Bobbin Singh, Executive Director of the Oregon Justice Resource Center, a non-profit working to promote civil rights and improve legal representation for communities that have often been underserved. Mr. Singh will offer his own vision of the kind of world he is working for, and offer some guiding questions for us to do the same.

We, Interfaith Council of Greater Portland, are a community of people who share hope for a loving, thriving, understanding and connected world...

The Oregon Justice Resource Center assists local non-profit legal organizations with trial and appellate litigation on behalf of indigent, prisoner, and low-income clients in federal and state courts on a range of civil liberties and civil rights matters, including but not limited to the death penalty, wrongful convictions, and unfair procedural barriers to the courts.