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Gender and Orientation 101 for Youth!

7025 N Lombard Street
Portland, OR 97203, US (map)



Gender and orientation 101 Come join us at Marrow for a discussion of the basics around what gender identities there are, pronoun options, how to use different kinds of pronouns, what romantic orientations there are, what sexual orientations there are, and any other gender or orientation related questions you have!

This workshop will be regularly occurring as long as there is interest!

This discussion will be facilitated by staff member Ayita Malila. Ayita is a 20 year old, Queer, trans/enby, bi/ace, indigenous person who has been involved in Queer/LGBTQ+/mogai activism, education, and organization for the last four years.


This is for anyone preteen through early twenties, and free to attend!

-- Marrow is located on the 1st floor with no stairs leading into our space. Our doorway is 31.5" wide when taking the door itself into consideration. We have two single-stall, gender neutral restrooms. One is small, and one is larger with a grab bar (the larger one is marked as accessible). We are a nut-free and scent-free, sober space! If you have any accessibility, sensitivity, or allergy concerns or requests please feel free to reach out to us before coming by!

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