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Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp

Camp Latgawa
13250 South Fork Little Butte Creek Road
Eagle Point, OR 97524, US (map)



Hello and Welcome!

What is the Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp?

The Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp (NGCJAC) is a six day summer camp to empower youth around the state of Oregon by providing age-appropriate training and mentoring. The workshops, trainings, and activities will provide a group of young activists between the ages of 14 and 18 with the tools and information that they need in order to engage in climate justice or social justice organizing. Teens will come together to form alliances, learn from experienced mentors and frontline organizers, gain skills and have fun in an old growth forest setting.

Who should attend?

This camp is for teens ages 14-18 who are interested in social and environmental issues and want to gain hands on skills. The camp will provide information on social movement history, climate justice campaigns, how to plan and run a campaign, non-violent protest planning, media and outreach skills, protest art making, cultural sensitivity trainings, as well as know-your-rights trainings. The camp will also provide outdoor fun, such as swimming, time for sports, hiking through an old growth forest, games, team building and so much more! Camp Latgawa has volleyball courts, basketball courts, swimming holes, and natural waterfall and nearby lakes. There are cabins to sleep in and an industrial kitchen facility. Full scholarships available to anyone who can't pay tuition.

Why is this important?

The quickening climate disaster is intensifying the need for unified action and diverse partnerships more than ever before. Our present generation must be ready to confront these issues that connect the environment, economy, energy and social justice. Youth aren't learning about these issues in schools, and they are not being trained on how to stand up for what they believe in. Without these lessons, our young generation is missing an important foundation on which to base their participation in society. Throughout the week of camp, the youth will be planning a public event on a campaign of their choosing, and carrying out their plan at the end of the week. It is a great opportunity for them to practice using their skills and to build a community of activists their own age.

What skills and workshops will be offered?

Right now we will be offering trainings on campaign organizing, cultural sensitivity, media skills, demonstration planning, know your rights trainings, art for activism, drumming for demonstrations and more! We are still working on content, if you have of specific trainings you would like to see, or if you have any skills to share, let us know!

Camp in the Woods, hike in nature, sit around campfires, listen to frontline organizers speak on their lives in activism and enjoy a full week of wholesome activist education and summer camp fun.

More information with photos: www.cldc.org/camp

YOU MUST REGISTER TO COME TO CAMP Register Here: http://cldc.org/ngcjac-registration-form/ (Register even if you are applying for a scholarship)

the CLDC with questions 541-687-9180

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