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Don't be a Bystander! Second Saturday is for Social Justice

Revolución Coffee House
1432 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)



In 2016 Don't Shoot PDX began hosting our second Saturday gatherings. In the months following it's exciting to see how small groups gathering and sharing ideas has helped build our messaging for social justice in a way that directly influences relationships in schools, work and community!!! Thank you for working towards a better future with your HEART and TIME. This months gathering will be focused toward bridging our work in Bystander Training and Intervention, Community Safety and Organizing Safe Neighborhoods, Family Advocacy and Human Rights including Hate Crime Reporting.

This is a call out to legal professionals, photographers, writers and people who want to become active advocates against racism and hate in their communities.

Dont Shoot Portland - In August 2014 we agreed to take political action and organize at Dawson Park to be in solidarity with the growing response from Ferguson, MO #MikeBrown