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Dinner & Discussion - Let's Talk About Tiny Homes

Clark County Genealogical Society
717 Grand Boulevard
Vancouver, WA 98661, US (map)



Enjoy a Dinner & Discussion with Vancouver's newest local organization, Community Roots Collaborative. Hector Hinojosa and Linda Garcia will join us to talk about their tiny home project and how it will help address our homelessness crisis.

Dinner is potluck style. CHAP will provide an entree and water. You are welcome to bring other dishes to share but it is not required.

Community Roots Collaborative (C-Roots) is a new nonprofit organization, committed to empowering people to be successful in re-integrating into their community and helping them become healthy, connected, and productive individuals.

For 3 years a group of volunteers (Stone Soup Community Meal) have been listening to the stories of our homeless neighbors, in an effort to determine the full needs of the unhoused community. From those stories, a plan began taking shape with goals to create a better solution, beyond temporary measures, to reduce and, hopefully in time, eliminate the homeless issue here in Vancouver.

C-Roots will work toward these goals by providing affordable housing, through tiny home ownership being built in unique blended villages. These villages will consist of an anticipated equal mix of currently unhoused folks, and people who are looking to step down to something smaller.

Beyond that, we will be providing, through creative collaboration and community partnerships, integrative services such as physical and dental treatment, mental health and drug treatment services; financial education and job training resources for all ages to promote further security and stability, and with all this, we will endeavor to provide full access to public transportation, through coordination with city and county agencies.

Once a person or family is a part of the C-Roots community, they will be given the guidance, support and advocacy needed to help make their transitions, no matter how small or big, smoother, less frustrating and more productive. It truly takes a village!

Community Roots Collaborative - Reintegrating the unhoused into blended Clark County communities, through permanent tiny home neighborhoods and integrated services.

CHAP Concerned Humans Against Poverty - Welcome to Concerned Humans Against Poverty (CHAP). Our goals are to combat the poverty that plagues our Homeless and Low-Income neighbors.