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Defend Rent Control at Sen. Monroe's Town Hall! (Portland Tenants United)

Centennial High School, 3505 SE 182nd
3505 SE 182nd Avenue
Gresham, OR 97030, US (map)



Senator Rod Monroe is an East Portland democrat and LANDLORD working hard to maime or kill a pro-tenant bill --HB 2004-- that his constituents desperately need. A criticial piece of the bill that would have made it legal for cities to implement rent stabilization (ie rent control), has already been removed to try to get Monroe's vote. But he still won't vote yes - he is opposed to the only other protection remaining in the bill: and end to no-cause evictions, a tool that landlords use to evade the fair housing act.

Renters need not settle for this. A large mobilization at Monroe's town hall will show legislators that their political future depends on ensiuring that HB 2004 passes, and that Oregon MAKES RENT CONTROL LEGAL by removing that statewide preemption against it.

We need you to tell him in person how you feel about this at his town hall this Saturday.

Many of Monroe's constitutents low-income renters from marginalized communities who've already been displaced from close-in Portland. By opposing HB 2004, Monroe telling his constituents that he's okay with them getting $1000+ rent increases, and that he is in favor of landlords using no-cause evictions to dogde fair housing protections. To oppose HB 2004 with a district full of renters, is to be in favor of families becoming homeless.

Monroe's East Portland constituents are overwhelmingly renters, and he needs to really FEEL public pressure for protecting landlord's profits and power over basic security and dignity of tenants.

He will be at a Town Hall this Saturday (June 10) at Centennial High School. Please come tell him to REPRESENT HIS CONSTITUENTS (and not his own interests and those of out-of-state landlords). Show up to tell Senator Rod Monroe to #VoteYESonHB2004.

This is the first local opportunity to talk to Rod Monroe in person since December. We need EVERYONE there.

Portland Tenants United is a growing tenants union dedicated to organizing tenants to take action to strengthen and enforce tenants rights and protections.