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Belonging - VBC 17 group art show about housing

Emerson Street House
1006 NE Emerson Street
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)



We are so excited to announce our performers -

  • Spoken word by Felicity Artemis and Harriet Fasenfest.
  • Dance by Yu Murakami, Jana Kristi Zahler and Jme,
  • music by Lorka Scher. Details below.

#CityRepair believes housing is a human right. But in an economy in which houses are commodities, and in our city which is still in a state of emergency around housing -- what is the meaning of home? What helps one feel a sense of belonging to a place? As the theme for #VBC17 is #HOME.

City Repair is hosting a group art show with work looking at home and belonging within the context of displacement and gentrification. What tools and activities can we utilize to strengthen our bonds to our neighbors and the places we live in? How does making and sharing art reinforce this bond? Portland Artists of all ages and backgrounds are contributing art, comics, zines, poetry both written and performed, dance, music and other kinds of performances.

For our collective of activist-artists, making and supporting art is an act of resistance. It’s a vote for the kind of world and communities we want to inhabit. Let’s come together and celebrate expression, creativity and soulfulness in the face of fear, apathy and resignation.

Event is free and for all ages. Tea and snacks provided. The venue is an alcohol, drug, tobacco, GMO and pesticide free zone.

Come see the art, meet the creatives, and check out this amazing community space the #EmersonStreetHouse.

Performances will begin at 7:30, and the lovely Lorka Scher will close out the evening with a musical set at 8 pm, details below.

Working in alignment with this years VBC theme, Lorka will share songs that echo themes of home and belonging, including pieces reflective of her family's recovery from political exile and war, and reflections on identity, ancestral remembrance and inter-generational work. Woven throughout the music is a deep connection to earth, our collective home, and the home we find within the strength of our hearts, spirits and each other. "

"Music becomes medicine when we feel it in our bones. It shakes and stir us from some strange place that is both within and without us. It reminds us of our expansive nature, our capacity to feel, and with that, our innate capacity to heal. Lorka's music is sweetly raw, honest and understated. Airy vocals, minor chords and watery strings blending into an ethereal landscape of awakening, loss, growth and awe.... lullabies that have been written to gently wake us.

The City Repair Project - "We foster thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space."