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HUMAN Public Outreach Meeting & Committee Workshop

ILWU Local 4, Vancouver
1205 Ingalls Street
Vancouver, WA 98660, US (map)



We invite the community to join The Humanitarian United Movement & Action Network (HUMAN) on Sunday, June 11th from 6-9pm at the local ILWU as our board of directors host the very first Public Outreach Meeting and Committee Building Workshop. Many of you were invited because you recently expressed interest in getting involved with one or more of our core, issue-based Committees, including:

  • The Environmental Advocacy Committee
  • The Social Justice & Human Rights Committee
  • The Health & Wellness Committee
  • The Education & Opportunity Committee
  • The Resolutions Committee

Whether you would like to join one of these Committees or just learn a bit more about HUMAN we would love to have you there! The first portion of the meeting will include an introduction of our board, a detailed explanation of our vision for the community, past and upcoming events as well as various ways we plan to take action and become effective advocates on the local and state level. The second portion of the meeting will be for the actual Committee building itself. The respective Chairs of each Committee will divide the group up based on their interests and those groups will exchange contact information and brainstorm ideas for future actions, events, research, resolutions, petitions and community outreach projects. Those who become official Committee members will be linked via email or messenger for ongoing group discussion/communication and will be free to start working together on local issues under the supervision of the Committee Chair.

This is a great way to develop a strong network of advocates and activists and to share ideas and resources so that together we can build lasting progress for our children, our planet and our fellow HUMAN beings.

Hope to see you all there!