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Death by a Thousand Cuts: A Public Education Funding Town Hall

Sunnyside Community House
3520 SE Yamhill
Portland, Oregon 97214, USA (map)



Portland Association of Teachers, Reynolds Education Association and Canby Education Association have called this town hall so community members have an opportunity to testify to the impact of continued disinvestment in public schools as well as demand legislators address our broken revenue system.

In 1999 the state created the Quality Education Model to determine the level of funding required to meet Oregon’s educational goals. In 2000 the Oregon Public School Funding and Equalization Amendment was approved by voters requiring the state to fund public education. The funding gap has been between 23.9% and 38% every year since the QEM was created.

Oregon public schools have been in a funding crisis for decades. This year, with a 1.6 billion budget shortfall, this crisis has hit its peak. Current proposed cuts to K-12 education will result in larger class sizes, further cuts to art, music, and PE, as well as fewer librarians and counselors.

The event will begin with short panel presenting the legislative and tax background of our current situation. Following the panel, the floor will be open for community testimony. Legislators from the metro area as well as those serving on the Education and Revenue committees of the House and Senate have been invited to listen to their constituents concerns and questions.

Public education is a civil right for every child. The citizens of Oregon demand legislators create a stable and adequate funding source for public education. The time is now!

Panel: Kathleen Jeskey--ESL Teacher and Vice President elect Canby Education Association Juan Carlos Ordonez--Oregon Center for Public Policy Jared Mason-Gere--Oregon Education Association Representative Diego Hernandez--Oregon House District 47

Confirmed legislators attending Rep Diego Hernandez Rep. Rob Nosse Rep Alissa Keny-Guyer Rep Tawna Sanchez chief of staff for Rep Margaret Doherty Maybe--Rep Barbara Smith Warner