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Mayday Danceout sponsored by the Ant!

PCC Cascade, 705 N Killingsworth
705 N Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97217, US (map)



Mayday has, for centuries, been a celebration of Spring. Dancing around the May Pole has a history which some scholars believe goes back all the way to the Iron Age. It is a joyous moment, a reminder that we have survived the worst of winter, and came out the other side with Life bursting forth all around us.

Then, in the late 1800s, an international coalition of anarchist, communist, and socialist organizations declared Mayday as International Workers Day, in honor of the Haymarket Affair when labor organizers in Chicago were arrested and martyred by the State. Ever since then, Mayday has been a day for rallies, protests, marches, etc, where students, workers, and all of the oppressed show our collective power by taking to the streets.

This year, Immigrants Rights organizations are calling for a Day Without Immigrants. Workers organizations are calling for a general strike. College and University organizations are calling for a walkout.

At ANT Club, we wish to join in this moment to show this school, this city, and this country just how powerful we could be if we united. We acknowledge the word "walkout" to be ableist, and we also wish to unite these historical definitions of Mayday. As such, we are calling for a Danceout. Because dancing is something done with the soul, not the body.

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of the end of the Winter which began in November, when so many of us saw how far our country was truly gone.

Join us as we celebrate the first saplings of resistance, bursting forth from the earth.

Join us as we dance for a new world.

We leave our classes at 12pm. Socialist Alternative is also calling for a walkout at the same time, and we wish to respect their speakers and rally, in the interest of solidarity. At 1pm, we will dance march our way to the Yellow Line Max in order to join the main Mayday celebrations at Shemanski Park. There will be two rallies/marches downtown, a permitted one and an anti-capitalist unpermitted one. We at ANT club encourage everyone to choose the march they are most comfortable with, and are not involved with either march directly.