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Freedom Can't Wait Rally and Protest honoring the Humanity of Malcolm X

Portland Police: Youth Services Division
449 NE Emerson Street
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)



By Any Means Necessary...

Stand in Righteous #Solidarity Against the Racism in Schools, Massive Data Collection, Incarceration Rates for youth and adults in Multnomah County and the ever increasingly Violent Disparities that exist in our community because of Equity Fraud and Exploitation of Health related resources in education and family services. This Has To STOP! Our Families Are NOT Guinea Pigs. Ineffective leadership cannot continue to be the scapegoat answer.... WE THE People have to build engagement on our level on our terms!! Direct Engagement MUST Happen Now!! No More Sidelines

Join us as we Rally and Speak OUT In Protest Against the Corruption of Public Spending and the Invisible Stakeholders!! We Want Equity Answers Now!