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City Council Hearing & Vote for 100% Renewable Energy

Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th
1221 SW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97204, USA (map)



The City of Portland is poised to pass a new policy setting a goal to meet 100% of our community wide energy needs with renewable energy by 2050 and 100% of our electricity needs with renewable energy by 2030!

Why does this matter? In order to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, we need rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and to transition off of fossil fuels! Transitioning our energy system to clean & renewable energy is an important way to both reduce our impact on the climate and create a sustainable local economy.

Read a copy of the resolution online: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/auditor/article/636842

The Mayor and Commissioner Chloe Eudaly are championing the policy, but we need a huge turnout to ensure our Mayor and Commissioners pass the policy in its strongest form!

Here’s how you can help.

1 - Come to the hearing on April 27th. RSVP online http://350pdx.nationbuilder.com/city_council_hearing_vote_for_100_renewable_energy 2 - Call the Mayor and City Commissioners to express your support for 100% renewable energy (talking points and contact info below) 3 - Invite 5 friends to join you in supporting 100% renewable energy

Let the City Council know:

  • You support a goal for 100% community wide renewable electricity by 2030
  • You support a goal for 100% community wide renewable energy (all sectors - electricity, transportation, heating & cooling, industrial processes) by 2050
  • Renewable energy solutions that are rooted in equity and social justice
  • Upon passing the resolution, the City and individual commissioners should testify in writing and/or in person to the Oregon Public Utility Commission against allowing PGE to build new gas plants at Carty.
  • Thank them for their strong leadership on a rapid transition to clean energy!

Mayor Ted Wheeler: mayorwheeler@portlandoregon.gov | 503-823-4120 Commissioner Amanda Fritz: Amanda@portlandoregon.gov | 503-823-3008 Commissioner Chloe Eudaly: Chloe@PortlandOregon.gov |503-823-4682 Commissioner Nick Fish: nick@portlandoregon.gov | 503-823-3589 Commissioner Dan Saltzman: dan@portlandoregon.gov | 503-823-4151-