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Those We Glimpse: Experiments in Intergenerational Queerstory Storysharing Finale

Q Center
4115 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR 97217, USA (map)

4115 N. Mississippi Ave



For the last month, we've been exploring intergenerational ties at the Q Center Gallery and collecting queer* anecdotes, fragments, rumors and speculations from contributors’ blood families. This is the wrap-up! Come share your own story or read aloud from our anonymous contributions. There will be food provided, feel free to bring something to add to the buffet!

For many of us, coming out as queer casts us out from our own 'official' family stories and leaves us searching for ancestors—for that larger web from which we draw strength and context. But for every famous historical queer, there are thousands more who lived un-famous, half-glimpsed, or closeted lives, under many different names.

Have some queer stories, rumors or might-have-beens to share from your own family or where you grew up? Contribute online at http://zephrocious.com/contribute. More info: zephrocious.com/glimpsePDX

*please substitute your preferred language for LGBTQIetc