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Smoke on the Waterfront

Waterfront Park
Naito Parkway at the Morrison Bridge
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

waterfront park is what it is



On April 21st, the Saturday between 4/20 and Earth Day, we propose an OPEN CARRY WEED MARCH.

The industrial, economic, legal, and health benefits of cannabis legalization are now well-documented. To celebrate cannabis culture in our bioregion we are planning a public event to venerate the herb, as well as to thank those who have fought for legalization, as well as those working in the industry.

We also plan to exercise our freedom granted to us by the laws passed by we, the people, and to protest those who wish to deny us our freedom to grow, distribute, and consume cannabis, such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who claims that "good people don't smoke marijuana," among others in office with hard anti-pot stances.

Legal notes: - Adults (those 21 and over) may legally carry 28g cannabis in public - Adults (those 21 and over) may legally gift each other cannabis

Milestones: - In 1973, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize cannabis - In 1998, Oregon was among the first states to legalize medical cannabis - In 2014, Oregon was the third state to legalize recreational cannabis, following Washington & Colorado - In 2017, Oregon raised over $100,000,000 in tax money through the legalization & regulation of cannabis (!) which was doled out to schools, rehabilitation & mental health services, regulatory boards, and the police.