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Humanity Teeters on the Brink of World War

PSU Urban Center, 506 SW Mill
506 SW Mill Street
Portland, Oregon 97201, United States (map)
Public WiFi

in the Parsons Gallery, 2nd floor

The PSU Urban Center is adjacent to SW 5th & Mill MAX Station



Under the cover of the pre-Winter Olympics thaw between North and South Korea and the momentary lull in the “fire and fury” rhetoric from the Trump White House, there are growing signs that the Pentagon and the CIA are pressing ahead with preparations for a preemptive war against North Korea, including the use of nuclear weapons.

The Economist magazine--the 175 years old mouthpiece of British capitalism--devoted its latest issue to discussing "The Next War" and "The Growing Threat of Great Power Conflict." It declared, "Conflict on a scale and intensity not seen since the Second World War is once again plausible." All the major powers are preparing for such a conflict. The United States has deployed nuclear-capable bombers to Guam for a possible war in North Korea, which could quickly develop into a conflict with China. In Syria, the ongoing war for regime change is bringing the US into conflict with Russia. Germany is remilitarizing and once again asserting itself as a European and global power.

In the US, the Democratic Party, just having voted for Trump's gargantuan military budget providing it with $1.4 trillion over the course of the next two years, has centered its opposition to Trump on claims that he is insufficiently aggressive against Russia. The Democrats have emerged as the most ferocious advocates of the military-intelligence apparatus, demanding censorship and militarism. Workers and youth need a new perspective to fight against war and the capitalist system that produces it.

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