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Community Service and Feed In

Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church, 111 NE Failing
111 NE Failing Street
Portland, OR 97212, US (map)



On the 3rd Saturday of every month the members of Hughes Memorial Church host a community meal. Last year we joined in to help! In one Year Community action Plans fed over 6k people hot and cold meals. Hundred of pounds of clothes given out to hundreds of families and house less youth.

Not everyone has access to food regularly and this is one way to help distribute and collect resources.

We have collaborated with Hughes Memorial to host an ongoing clothing and hospitality kits donation drop point while using Saturday's for neighborhood supported prep and distribution of warm meals!! On 3rd Saturdays we take to the streets #NVDA to deliver food to the houseless community. In APRIL we began gardening so that we can continue to distribute fresh food to those in need!!Join Us!!

Please join us on January 20th at 10:00 am to volunteer, donate, learn more!

#PersonalSafetyMatters #HandsUpForHouseless #ShelterIsLife #GardeningIsHealthy